ACGS Ancestor Certificate Program


The Ashtabula County Genealogical Society has established a continuing "ANCESTOR CERTIFICATE" PROGRAM for the SETTLERS OF ASHTABULA COUNTY, OHIO, prior to 1971.

PURPOSE & OBJECTIVES: The purpose of the "ANCESTOR CERTIFICATE PROGRAM", is to honor and preserve the memory and spirit of the men/women who settled or lived in Ashtabula County, Ohio prior to 1971; thereby creating a lasting remembrance of our forefathers, along with their commitment, courage, and contributions that shaped and developed our County.

To encourage the recording of family histories, providing a lasting memory for your descendants.

To provide a documented source of historical information for the use and education of the general public.

REQUIREMENTS: The "ANCESTOR CERTIFICATE PROGRAM" is open to any person who can prove that they are directly descended from an individual who settled/lived in Ashtabula County, Ohio prior to 1971.

Ashtabula County residence is NOT necessary, NOR is it necessary to be a member of the Ashtabula County Genealogical Society.

TO QUALIFY: Applicants must be able to prove descent from each ancestor in their line, including proof of the applicant.

ANCESTOR CERTIFICATES: Each of the five "ANCESTOR CERTIFICATES" is set up for a specific time period. The goal is to honor those particular people of that time period, along with their special culture, customs, etc.

Your earliest ancestor who settled in Ashtabula County will determine which Certificate/s you will be entitled to receive. (You may be entitled to receive more than one Certificate. Therefore, you may apply for more than one Certificate on several lines or for more than one family.)

APPLICATION & INFORMATION FORMS: Applicants must complete an APPLICATION FORM showing the line of descent of their Ashtabula County Ancestors, up to and including themselves.

COST OF CERTIFICATE: A Certificate Fee of TEN DOLLARS ($10.00) MUST BE SUBMITTED when submitting your completed APPLICATION FORM with your proof of descent.

To order additional Certificates for other descendants of the same ancestor, a fee of THREE DOLLARS ($3.00) per certificate, will be necessary. However, these ancestors MUST BE PROVEN with the original APPLICATION (i.e. to obtain a certificate for your son/daughter you would need to prove his/her descent from you by a birth certificate or other Primary Evidence). List these additional names on the ANCESTOR CERTIFICATE CLASSIFICATION form. Proof material may be attached to the CLASSIFICATION form. The fee for any additional certificates should be paid when submitting your APPLICATION FORM.

SUBMITTED MATERIAL: All verifying materials accompanying your completed APPLICATION & LINEAGE FORMS should be copies of your documents. NO ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS SHOULD BE SENT!

All APPLICATION FORMS and VERIFYING MATERIALS will become the property of the Ashtabula County Genealogical Society. The data furnished will be a valuable addition to the history of Ashtabula County, and a source of information for general public use.

INCORRECT OR INCOMPLETE APPLICATIONS: In the event of unclear or incorrect information, the application will be returned to the sender for clarification/correction changes and encouraged to re-submit. Where further proof is requested, the application shall remain inactive until the proof is received by ACGS. The APPLICATION will then be reactivated.

CERTIFICATE ELIGIBILITY: Eligibility is determined by a committee appointed by ACGS. The Committee's decision is final. The CERTIFICATE fee is not refundable.


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