Baptisms Marriages Deaths/Burials

Finnish Congregational Church
Oak (West 8th) Street
Ashtabula Ohio

Baptisms  February 1924 – August 1941 
Marriages  October 1923 – May 1942
Deaths/Burials August 1924 – September 1941 

Amendments to translation

Names, dates and places translated from the copy of records typed in the Finnish language, which is on file in the research room.  It is not known if these are the complete records.  This church began as a missionary arm of the Second Congregational Church in Ashtabula Harbor.  Researchers should go to the Finnish copy to obtain additional information (especially in the death section) about the person’s birthplace in Finland, cause of death and sometimes survivors.  Every effort was made to translate the dates correctly.  In a few instances where the burial date was earlier that the death date, or the same as an adjoining entry, “check dates” was typed in the last column to alert researchers.