~ ACGS Copying Service~

Ashtabula County Genealogical Society (ACGS) receives numerous requests from individuals to make copies of documents, please be patient.  Our volunteers are working hard to answer and respond to everyone’s request.

ACGS Volunteers will make copies of documents requested only when such requests do not require  research. Only requests that  include specific citations, e.g. Book name, title, and page number, microfilm reel and page number, etc. will be considered.  Any other request will be considered requests for research and will be referred to the appropriate individual for follow-up.


To request copies of documents please submit your request via e-mail and please include complete details and specific citations and include your name, mailing address and any other information you feel may be appropriate.

ACGS Members Request - include ACGS Membership Number

Non-ACGS Member Request

Revised October 2016