Dart-Hale, Richmond Twp., Ohio

Dart Hale.  East side of and at 1744 Pymatuning Lake Rd. between N. Richmond Rd. (US Rt. 6) & Hall Rd.  Coordinates:  41 42 16.25 N, 80 32 16.7 W

Reading taken 2002, photo updates 2013.

Ashtabula County Genealogical Society  - Gravestone Photos
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BALSIGER Charles A. 6-Jul-1960 18-Dec-1983 Veteran Family Stone Chuck   Son
BALSIGER Edna L. 6-Dec-1937     Family Stone Mother
BALSIGER Jacob W. 8/21/1929 2-Jan-1996   Family Stone Father
BEAUDIN Andre Patrick 3/17/1933 7-Jun-1983   Family Stone Always Remembered
BOHAN George H. 5-May-1914 11-May-2006     I Cor 15:22 For As In Adam All Die. Even So In Christ All Shall Be Made Alive.
BOHAN Helen   1-Mar-1917 22-Oct-2008     I Cor 15:22 For As In Adam All Die. Even So In Christ All Shall Be Made Alive.
BOHAN Robert G. 31-05-1947       I Cor 15:22 For As In Adam All Die. Even So In Christ All Shall Be Made Alive.
BRADSHAW Eldon H. 1922 1988 Veteran   Husband   Father
BROCKS Gordon Lynn 12-Oct-1921 5-Apr-1978 World War II Family Stone CPL US Army  Son of L. E. & Otta BROOKS
BROCKS Graydon E. 9/13/1919 5-Oct-2004 Veteran   Marred Nov. 10, 1941
BROCKS Irene     11-Oct-1865   Family Stone Aged 1 Yr 1 Mo & 27 Ds
BROCKS Major   1868 1952      
BROCKS Mildred E. 4-Apr-1922 24-Oct-1998     Married Nov. 10, 1941
BROCKS Quentin         Family Stone  
BROCKS Robert G. 7-Oct-1949 9-Aug-1995 Veteran   SGT US Air Force
BROCKS Sarepta   1829 1915      
BROWN Nicole Eudora 8-Jun-1991 9-Jun-1991      
BURLINGHAM Adensa     20-Dec-1866   Family Stone Aged 25 Days  Daughter of Curtis & Sarah BURLINGHAM
BURLINGHAM Curtis       Civil War   Co. D.
BURLINGHAM Dimes     11-Oct-1865   Family Stone Aged 9 Mos 2 ds  Daughter of Curtis & Sarah BIRLINGHAM
BURLINGHAM Sarah     22-Jan-1871   Family Stone Aged 45 Yrs  Wife of Curtis BURLINGHAM
CALHOUN Charles E. 8/12/1976 26-Jan-1993     In God's Hands
CLARK Elihu   1835 1889   Family Stone  
CLARK Helen E. Stuart 1841 1922   Family Stone Wife of Elihu CLARK
DART Alden W.   1-Dec-1864   Family Stone Aged 20 yrs  Son of W. & G. DART
DART Almon   22-Aug-1827 11-Jul-1898   Family Stone  
DART Caroline   20-Jan-1816 17-Jun-1900   Family Stone  
DART Infant   22-May-1890 9-Jun-1890     Aged 17 D's  Son of L. & E. M. DART
DART J.       Veteran Family Stone  
DART Lovina         Family Stone  
DART Orson     24-Feb-1864   Family Stone Aged 12 Yrs 2 Mo's & 16 Days  Son of Warren & Caroline DART
DART Samuel     31-Jul-1850   Family Stone  
DART Warren     20-Jun-1869   Family Stone Aged 53 Yrs 1 Mo. & 9 D's.
DART William H.   20-Jun-1865 Civil War   Aged 22 yrs.  He was one of Co. K. 177 O. V.
FREEMAN Charlotte N. 2-Sep-1920 6-Aug-1988      
FREEMAN Keith A. 9-Jul-1955 26-Mar-2012     Brother
FREEMAN Osgood P. 13-Jun-1912 14-Jan-1994      
HALL Laurence C. 1906 1978      
HALL Mercy     22-Sept-1864   Family Stone Aged 42 Years  Wife of Phylarmon HALL
HALL William J. 3/22/1953 29-Oct-1994     Wild Bill  Loved By All
HARVEY Margret Maerie 1916 1919      
HARVEY Orvell            
HENIGER Krista M. 12/17/1976 4-Jul-2008     Beloved Daughter Of Rudy & Carol
HENIGER Rita Jean 3-Apr-1925 25-Aug-2002     Beloved Mother Of Connie & Rudy
HIGGINS Nina L. 1891 1992      
HUNTER Roy E. 1935 2001   Family Stone  
HUNTER Ruth F. 1939     Family Stone  
ISENBERG Donna G. 31-Jan-1935   Veteran Family Stone Married July 21, 1956
ISENBERG Edith M. 1898 1987      
ISENBERG Howard Joseph   30-Apr-1928      
ISENBERG James F. 1897 1983      
ISENBERG James Wilfred 1924 1987 World War II   PVT US Army
ISENBERG Mary Louise 1932        
ISENBERG Ronald G. 9/24/1932 27-Sep-2002 Korea Family Stone Married July 21, 1956
ISENBERG, Jr. James F. 1941 1999   Family Stone  
KEIFER Carl R. 16-Jan-1933       Luke 12:15
KEIFER Jo Ann 22-Jul-1934 30-May-1992     Rom 8:18
KEMP Kim E. Keifer 9/11/1965 20-Aug-1999     Romans 1:16
LUDWICK Patricia A. 1-Dec-1937 15-Jan-2000      
NORRIS Jairus   16-Feb-1804 24-Feb-1870      
NORRIS Martham     5-May-1864   Family Stone Aged 53 ys 8 ms 17 ds  Wife of Jairus NORRIS
NOWICKI James A. 12/13/1952     Family Stone Married June 13, 1987   Forever And Ever, Amen
NOWICKI Lois J. 9/28/1946 10-Jun-2003   Family Stone Married June 13, 1987   Forever And Ever, Amen
P U            
PETRE Ruth M. 24-Jul-1920 22-Sept-2006     A Mother's Love Is Never Ending
PLATT Ernest     5-Apr-1851     Aged 5 mo's  Son of Thayer & Nancy PLATT
PLATT Nancy     5-Oct-1879   Family Stone Aged 83 Years  Wife of Smith PLATT
PLATT Smith     11-Apr-1880   Family Stone Aged 92 Years
PLATT Thayer   3-Apr-1822 29-Nov-1885   Family Stone  
PLATT Uzial     11-Aug-1848   Family Stone Aged 8 mo's  Son of Thayer & Nancy PLATT
RAMM Frank A.     Civil War   Co. K. 4 N. Y. H. A.
RAMM Ruby   1882 1883      
RAMM       1889     Infant Son of Frank & Alda RAMM
ROCKWELL Clarissa   19-Jan-1818 12-Dec-1890   Family Stone  
ROCKWELL David     1853   Family Stone Aged 73 Yrs   Another Pioneer Has Gone
ROCKWELL Ellen O. 23-Jan-1846 4-Oct-1848   Family Stone Daugh of S. & C. ROCKWELL
ROCKWELL Harvey     9-Jan-1841   Family Stone  
ROCKWELL Horace       Civil War   Co. K. 177th Ohio Inf.
ROCKWELL John   27-Oct-1812 30-Apr-1906     Asleep In Jesus
ROCKWELL Maria     28-Mar-1863     Aged 38 yrs 6 mo & 8 ds  Wife of John ROCKWELL
ROCKWELL Phebe     1855   Family Stone Aged 65 Yrs  Wife of David ROCKWELL
ROCKWELL Sylvanus   11-Feb-1817 8-May-1879   Family Stone  
ROCKWELL           Family Stone  
ROHM Carol A. 1945 1983      
ROHM Robert E. 1930 2011      
SCHAEFER John P. 5-Feb-1941     Family Stone  
SCHAEFER Joyce A. 23-Oct-1941 7-Mar-2004   Family Stone  
SIMONS Fuller M. 8-Mar-1885 29-Nov-1885   Family Stone Son of Norman & Addie SIMONS
SMITH Jane A. 12-Jul-1924 2-Feb-1901   Family Stone  
STERLING Elisha   1835 1919      
STERLING Fuller     9-Jan-1883   Family Stone AE. 8 y's 4 M's & 7 d's   Son of E. & L. STERLING
STERLING Louisa     17-Aug-1832   Family Stone Aged 50 y's 2 M's 20 D's   Wife of Elisha STERLING
THOMAS Jesse C. 1939 1993 Veteran   US Army
TRASK Alice M. 9-Jun-1927 27-Oct-2009   Family Stone  
TRASK David A. 12-Feb-1857 6-Jun-1957      
TRASK Edwin C. 7-May-1924 25-Sep-2003   Family Stone  
UNKNOWN Hannah     24-Jan-1851   Family Stone Aged 55 years
UNKNOWN         Veteran    
UNKNOWN         Civil War    
VARGYAS Albert   1927 1982      
VARGYAS Mary   1906 1986   Family Stone  
VARGYAS Peter   1910 1985   Family Stone  
WOOD Kenneth E. 1906 1997   Family Stone  
WOOD Leah L. 1909 1992   Family Stone  
WOODARD Durward L. 1923 1980 Veteran Family Stone  
WOODARD Gary L. 1950 1994   Family Stone  
WOODARD Janice R. 1930 1987   Family Stone  
WOODARD Sharon L. 1950     Family Stone Teacher