Hyde-Miller, New Lyme, Ohio

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Hyde Miller.  East side of Way Rd. south of US Rt. 6 intersection (opposite Crosby-Cook Rd.) or 1 mile north on Miller Rd. (to Way Rd.) from Dodgeville.  Coordinates:  41 36 2.5 N, 80 48 12.87 W
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CASE Asa       Civil War   Co. A. 6th Ohio Cav.
HUNTLEY Dan     14-Jul-1835     Aged 80 Yrs.
HUNTLEY Lovisa     6-Aug-1828   Family Stone Aged 72 Trs.  Wife of Dan HUNTLEY
HYDE Roscoe W. 1882 1908     Interment At West Laurel Hill Cemetery Phila., Pa.
HYDE Ursa A. 1871 1951     "Jesus Never Fails"
HYDE John  Nelson 1868 1944   Family Stone  
HYDE Albert Marion 27-Sept-1867 28-Mar-1939   Family Stone Reverend  D. D.  Interment East Lawn Cemetery Ithaca, N.Y.  He Burned Out His Famous Life Roe Christ and Others
HYDE Forest E. 9-Oct-1874 15-May-1932   Family Stone Rev.  He Was A Benadiction To The Town. 
HYDE Nelson  G. 1834 1909   Family Stone  
HYDE Laura A. Waldorf 1843 1924   Family Stone Wife of Nelson HYDE  Praise The Lord
HYDE Nelson    26-Aug-1807 18-Feb-1885   Family Stone  
HYDE Temperance E. 3-Feb-1816 17-Feb-1899   Family Stone  
MILLER Griswood A.   4-May-1842   Family Stone Aged 18 Yrs.  Son of Joseph and Elizabeth Miller
MILLER Joseph     1-Nov-1825   Family Stone Aged 39 Years
MILLER Elizabeth M. Hyde   31-May-1872   Family Stone Aged 79 Years  Wife of Joseph MILLER
MILLER Marsena V. 1822 1897   Family Stone  
MILLER Griswold A.   4-May-1842   Family Stone Aged 18 Yrs.
MILLER Phebe Elizabeth   29-Mar-1828   Family Stone Aged 2 Yrs.
MILLER Angelline M.   3-Sept-1870   Family Stone Aged 60 Yrs.
MILLER Dan H.   27-Apr-1874   Family Stone Aged 62 Yrs.
MILLER Louisa F.   10-Nov-1876   Family Stone Aged 62 Yrs.
MILLER Temperance E. 1816 1899   Family Stone  
MILLER Eliza Arvilla   16-Mar-1819   Family Stone Aged 1 Yrs.
MILLER J.         Family Stone  
MILLER Elmina A.   17-Mar-1884   Family Stone Aged 52 Years  Wife of Joseph MILLER Jr.
MILLER Mary A.   18-Apr-1859   Family Stone Aged 37 Yrs.  Wife of Joseph MILLER Jr.
MILLER Marian H.   3-Oct-1858   Family Stone Aged 18 Yrs.  Son of Joseph & Maary A. MILLER
MILLER Elizabeth   P.   29-Mar-1828     Aged 2 Yrs.
MILLER, Jr. Joseph   1820 1899   Family Stone  
PECK Dan   17-Apr-1762 16-Jan-1839 Rev. War   Connecticut Pvt. S Conn. Regt. Revolutionary War