Old Kingsville Corners


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3056 W. Main Rd. (South Ridge Rd. or State Rt. 84) south side, adjacent to Kingsville Presbyterian church, just west of intersection with State Rt. 193 at Kingsville.  Coordinates:  41 53 17.15 N, 80 40 40.13 W


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ATWATER Vhancey   22/May/1832       77 yrs
AUSTIN Lydia     18/Oct/1851     18 yrs; w/o Izaih AUSTIN; d/o William & Elizabeth EMERED
B. A.         Family Stone  
BAILEY Amy     21/Jan/1827     73 yrs; w/o Col. Silas BAILEY 
BARRETT David     10/Mar /840   Family Stone Aged 63 yrs
BARRETT Eliza     12/Aug/1849     48 yrs; w/o Oliver BARRETT
BARRETT       30/June/1853   Family Stone Aged 47 yrs
BAYNES Cora May   23/Aug/1861      
BECKWITH E. W.     Civil War   2nd Ohio Batt'y GAR
BENTON Charlotte     20/Jul/1861     58 yrs; w/o H.H. BENTON
BENTON Charoltte     30/July/1861     Aged 58 yrs 2 mos &14 ds  Wife of H. H. BENTON
BENTON Heman H.   14/Dec/1868     Aged 75 yrs
BENTON Herman H.   14/Dec/1868     75 yrs
BICKNEL Polly Hunt   25/Dec/1853     w/o Kent BICKNEL
BLAKESLEY Almira Webster   1875     w/o Alpheus BLAKESLEY
BLAKESLEY Alphues     1835      
BLAKESLEY Celia S.         d/o Almira & Alpheus BLAKESLEY
BOGUE Perry C.   17/Mar/1857   Family Stone Son of B. R. & H. M. BOGUE  Aged 10 yrs
BOYNTON David     15/Oct/1858     53 yrs
BOYNTON Philena            
BOYNTON Welthy M. Cook   10/Aug/1843     34yrs; w/o David BOYNTON
BROWN Ira     4/Feb/1861   Family Stone Aged 57 yrs
BROWN Sarah     15/May/1827     37 yrs; w/o Elias BROWN
BROWN Sarah  Ann   14/Aug/1855   Family Stone Aged 41 yrs  Wife of Ira BROWN
BUGBY Horace     16/Oct/1830     24 yrs
BUGBY Sarah  Ann Peck          
BUGGBEE Zaccheus     6/Oct/1863   Family Stone Aged 82 yrs
C. E. C.       Family Stone  
CAMP Ozias     21/Oct/1858     Aged 68 yrs
CLEVELAND Olive A.   15/Nov/1859   Family Stone  Wife of C. E. CLEVELAND M.D.
COMPTON Agness C.   10/Nov/1862   Family Stone Aged 16 yrs  Dau of Margaret COMPTON
COMPTON John D.   22/July/1864   Family Stone Aged 22 yrs
COOK Betsey     18/Mar/1829     34 yrs; w/o Roswell COOK
COOK Olive     18/April/1877   Family Stone Aged  -- yrs   Wife of Enos COOK
COOK Ruby  Olivia   8/May/1834     19 yrs. d/o Betsey & Roswell COOK; "Prepare to meet thy God"
CROWTHER Adaline N.   21/May/1896     w/o Samuel CROWTHER
CURTIS Harriet     4/Dec/1852     37 yrs; w/o Elijah CURTIS
DAVIS Emily     9/Mar/1850   Family Stone Aged 3 yrs 8 mos  Daughter of T. M. & E. B. DAVIS
DAVIS Eusebia R.   10/Mar/1837   Family Stone AE 8 y 8 m 21 d  Daughter of Francis M. & Emily H. DAVIS
DIBELL Jane Ann   10/Apr/1855   Family Stone 17 yrs; d/o Obed & Polena DIBELL
DIBELL Obed     23/Oct/1833     16 mos; s/o O & P DIBELL
E. J.            
ERIE Evelyn     19/Jul/1882     3 weeks; "Gone Home"
ERIE Lillian Ruth   11/Sep/1883     4 mos."Transplanted to bloom in Heaven"
FOWLER Mary Ann   7/Jul/1863     61 yrs; w/o Rev. Josiah FOWLER
FOX George A.   12/Oct/1865     4 yrs; s/o A & V FOX
FOX Philip O.   8/Oct/1865     12 yrs. S/o A & V FOX
FOX Roswell W.   13/Oct/1865     18 yrs; s/o A & V FOX
GILLETT Amerin     26/Sep/1828 War of 1812   63 yrs; "The Memory of the Just is Blessed"
GILLETT Catherine Ann         d/o G.G. & A.T. GILLETT
GILLETT Eunice     --/Jul/1845     75 yrs
GILLETT William           1 yr; s/o G.G. & A.T. GILLETT
GRIFFON Charity     1/May/1841     52 yrs.  W/o Lormer GRIFFON
GROVE Emeline Cornelia          
GROVE Infant            
GROVE Mary           w/o Ebenezer Grove
H. B.            
H. I.         Family Stone  
HALL Ira B.          
HANES Barbery           d/o D. & M HANES
HANES David     17/Jan/1845     72 yrs.
HANES Isaac           s/o D. & M HANES
HARVEY Almon R.         s/o William and Aurilla HARVEY
HARVEY Amanda E.         d/o William and Aurilla HARVEY
HARVEY Andrews     22/Jan/1851     63 yrs.
HAWKINS Josephine     2/Feb/1828   Family Stone Aged 22 yrs  Daughter of U. & S. A. HAWKINS
HAWKINS Julia A.   8/June/1851   Family Stone Aged 43 yrs  Wife of Joseph HAWKINS
HILL Harriet  L.         d/o Wayman and Betsy HILL
HILLS Lebert     5/Aug/1876   Family Stone 69 yrs
HOLDEN Lydia A.   17/Oct/1842   Family Stone 19 yrs; d/o J. & Emily HOLDEN
HOLDEN Mary A.   17/---/1856   Family Stone d/o J & Emily HOLDEN
HOWARD Joseph           34 yrs ( on TAFT stone)
HUBBBELL Harriet M.   25/Aug/1841   Family Stone 4 yrs 8 mos; d/o Moses & Sara HUBBELL
HUNT Anna     13/Oct/1844   Family Stone 51 yrs
HUNT Anna         Family Stone  
HUNT Unknown         Family Stone 16 das; s/o I. & L. TAFT
JONES Leonard D.   3/July/1865   Family Stone Aged 3 yrs   Son of J. &  R. Jones
JONES       19/Aug/1860   Family Stone Child of J. & R. Jones
KEZARTEE Flora E.   28/Mar/1863   Family Stone Aged 4 yrs 7 mo  Daughter of J. & M. J. KEZARTEE
KEZARTEE James     23/Mar/1860     Aged 52 yrs 5 m 28 d
KEZARTEE Jane     23/May/1851      Aged 50 yrs  Wife of Jas KEZARTEE
KEZARTEE Jane     9/Oct/1878   Family Stone Aged 45 yrs   Wife of Thomas KEZARTEE
KEZARTEE John W.   20/Feb/1863 Civil War   Died of wounds received Jackson, Miss. Co. F 23 Reg Wisconsin  Vol.   Aged 24 yrs 20 Days
KEZARTEE M.            
KEZARTEE Mary E.   28/Mar/1863     4 yrs  d/o J. & M. J. KEZARTEE
KEZARTEE Mary A.   12/April 1855   Family Stone Aged 23 yrs  Daughter of Ja & Jane KEZARTEE
KEZARTEE Mary     3/Nov/1867   Family Stone Aged  81yrs    Wife of T. W. KEZARTEE
KEZARTEE Thos W.   13/Oct/1861   Family Stone Aged 86 yrs
KNAPP Elihu     26/Aug/1864     70 yrs
KNAPP Nancy C.   15/Jan/1853     59 yrs; w/o Elihu KNAPP
L. E. G.          
L. J. E.       Family Stone  
LILLY Mary Amelia   26/Sep/1851     8 mos; d/o W & D. S. LILLY
LINN E. S.     Civil War   2nd Ohio Batt'y GAR marker
LYON Aaron     29/Jan/1857     83 yrs  Shed not for me the better tear Nor pine with vain regret Tis but  the casket which lies here The gem doth sparkle yet
LYON Chester W.   4/Feb/1861   Family Stone Aged 6 yrs
LYON Clarissa     6/Apr/1836     16 yrs  d/o Aaron and Malinda LYON
LYON Easter Ann   18/Jun/1848     d/o Aaron and Malinda LYON
LYON Emily G.   24/Nov/1843     22 yrs 7mo 6 das; w/o Alonzo T. LYNN
LYON John  F.   6/Feb/1861   Family Stone Aged 6 yrs
LYON Leeman     24/Nov/1854     17 yrs
M E.  J.       Family Stone  
M. L.A. M.A.          
M. L.A. L.          
M. M. L.       Family Stone  
MACOMBER Ann Maria         d/o M & A MACOMBER
MACOMBER Annie Thayer 29/Oct/1805 5/Jul/1868     w/o Melzer MACOMBER
MACOMBER Melzar     5/Feb/1859 Rev War   59 yrs.
MACOMBER Melzar   17/Sep/1799       d/o David MACOMBER;
MALTBY Daniel     21/Sep/1848   Family Stone 36 yrs 8 mos 5 das
MC ADAMS Daisy     7/Oct//1881     11 weeks; adopted daughter "Sweet Babe, She Sleeps"
MERRIMAN Charles     2/Dec/1816     84 yrs
MERRIMAN Electa     17/May/1858     72 yrs.; w/o Charles MERRIMAN
MITCHELL Louise J.   16/Feb/1860     27yrs; w/o C.P. MITCHELL
MITCHELL Mary I.   11/Apr/1850   Family Stone 3 yrs 8 mos; d/o S. & M. MITCHELL
MORSE Amos     26/May/1852     52 yrs 8 mos
MORSE Elizabeth     6/Apr/1879   Family Stone 91 yrs.;w/o Ives Morse
MORSE Ives     29/Aug/1846   Family Stone 79 yrs
MORSE Simon     1/Nov/1864     21 yrs
MUNSELL Anson     4/Jul/1856     69 yrs
MUNSELL Matilda C.   9/Jan/1869   Family Stone Aged 31 yrs
MUNSELL Polly B.   16/Aug/1869   Family Stone Aged 61 yrs  Wife of Anson MUNSELL
N. C.         Family Stone  
N. M.            
NENO Catherine     19/Dec/1852     41 yrs; w/o F. NENO
NEWTON Betsey     20/Jul/1819   Family Stone 19 yrs; Consort of Capt. Samuel NEWTON
NEWTON Burwell     18/Aug/1887     73 yrs
NEWTON Chloe     15/Oct/1862     w/o E. NEWTON
NEWTON Eliza A.   2/Jan/1848     23 yrs.; d/o Burwell NEWTON
NEWTON Eliza     2/Apr/1890     93 yrs; w/o Burwell NEWTON
NEWTON Matilda     11/May/1842     23 yrs.; d/o Samuel NEWTON
NEWTON Miles     7/Oct/1869     59 yrs
NEWTON Samuel     9/Jul/1845     57 yrs
NEWTON Sarah     27/May/1845     d/o Samuel NEWTON
NOYES Daniel     24/Jan/1852     86 yrs.
NOYES H.     3/Oct/---   Family Stone 1 mo; s/o A. & M. NOYES
NOYES Mary     6/Sep/1838   Family Stone 67 yrs.; w/o D. NOYES; d/o A. & M ARSTIN
PALMER Sally         Family Stone  
PARKER Mahala     8/Sep/1849   Family Stone 42 yrs.; w/o L. PARKER; d/o D & M NOYES
PHELPS Mary E.         Family Stone Aged 22 Yrs 5 Mos
PRESTON Stiles     4/Aug/1861     2 yrs 12 das; only child of Edwin S & Eliza PRESTON
R N. C.       Family Stone  
RANSOM Eleanor   30/Dec/1806 21/Jan/1888      
RANSOM Thomas J.   21/Jun/1867     45 yrs
RASSE Nathan            
RAWSON Ann     27/Sep/1863     46 yrs; w/o John RAWSON; "Gone to Rest"
RAYNER Laura A.   3/Dec/1866   Family Stone Aged 22 yrs
RICE Corinna     4/Dec/1851     w/o Samuel RICE
RICE Samuel     22/Dec/1853     81 yrs
RICHARDS Almira     28/Apr/1836   Family Stone 34 yrs.; w/o Rev. R.N. RICHARDS
RUNDEL Philena     24/May/1862   Family Stone Aged 53 yrs 2 mos 27 d  Wife of Milton E. RUNDEL
S. B. E.          
SHARP Albert M.    8/Feb/1815     10 yrs
SMITH Bernard J. 1887 1919      
SMITH Celestia A.          
SMITH Christine A.   29/Mar/1877     3 yrs; d/o J. & E SMITH
SMITH Ellen C. 1847 1926     w/o J.E. SMITH
SMITH Horace D.          
SMITH J. E. 1845 1909 Civil War   Co G 20HA, GAR
SMITH Nathanial     28/Mar/1832      
SMITH Susan M.   8/Dec/1888     36 yrs
SMITH Wilbur Jay   1864 Civil War   GAR marker
SNOW Polly           w/o Watson SNOW
SOUTHARD Aurelia   1841 1872      
SOUTHARD Charles F. 1821 1907      
SOUTHARD Eleanor H. 1882 1916      
SOUTHARD H. A. 1841 1874      
SOUTHARD Huldah     21/Mar/1861   Family Stone Aged 65 yrs  his wife
SOUTHARD Josiah     19/May/1857 War of 1812 Family Stone Aged 67 yrs  
SOUTHARD Lucita or Lusetta A. 1840 1887     w/o C.F. SOUTHARD
STANTON Anne            
STANTON Lucy     1848     w/o Andrew STANTON
STANTON Ruel     1882      
STANTON           Family Stone  
STRATTON Laura E.   4/Aug/1840   Family Stone 9 mos 2 das; d/o Unknown & Martha STRATTON
STRATTON Mary     3/Feb/1838   Family Stone 22 yrs; w/o James STRATTON
T. M. A.          
TAFT Betsey     10/Nov/1858     75 yrs
TAFT Ebenezer     29/Sep/1817     78 yrs
TAFT Ira     17/Apr/1863     58 yrs
TAFT Louisa D.   23/Mar/1858      
TINKER Elizabeth     16/Oct/1871   Family Stone 78 yrs  w/o Silas TINKER
TINKER Maria E.   9/Feb/1852     26 yrs; w/o C.B. TINKER; d/o Harvey & Esther SPERRY
TINKER Mary Ann   18/Aug/1838     21 yrs
TINKER Silas     28/Feb/1876 War 1812 Family Stone 89 yrs
TISDALE Celestia     13/Aug/1848     21 yrs. w/o W.M. TISDALE
TISDALE Margaret A.   3/Feb/1854     21 yrs; w/o W.M. TISDALE
TISDALE Sally     17/Dec/1860     31 yrs; w/o W.M. TISDALE
TITUS Agnes L. 1861 1929      
TITUS Pearl M. 1864 1922      
TITUS Walter J. 4/Sep/1889 20/Jul/1890     s/o J.H. & Agnes L. TITUS
UNKNOWN Amos     8/---/1834   Family Stone s/o 
UNKNOWN Ellen A.   8/May/1844   Family Stone 1 yr. 7mos 18 das; d/o 
UNKNOWN Esther J.   19/Mar/1842   Family Stone 26 yrs; w/o M.M. UNKNOWN
UNKNOWN Father            
UNKNOWN Mary E.          
UNKNOWN Mother            
UNKNOWN Rose            
UNKNOWN Smith            
UNKNOWN       9/Feb/1820   Family Stone 17 yrs
W D.P.W.G.T.           one head stone
W. C.            
W. M.            
WAKEFIELD Sarah Adelaide   15/Aug/1868     20 yrs. d/o N.B. & R.W. WAKEFIELD
WALKER Jemima  S. Wood 1798 1875   Family Stone w/o Josiah WALKER
WARD Albert E.   9/Feb/1865   Family Stone Aged 20 yrs  Son of L. & S. WARD
WARD L. J.   15/Dec/1883     Aged 66 years
WARD Mehitable     9/May/1863   Family Stone Age 69 yrs
WARD Samuel     17/Aug/1859   Family Stone Age 77 yrs
WARD Susan B. 1821 1922      
WARNER Willard A.   6/Aug/1855   Family Stone Aged 3 yrs  Son of Auga & Luedella Warner
WAY Emily D.   21/Sep/1852   Family Stone  
WAY Joseph L.   21/Mar/1844   Family Stone 30 yrs
WAY Julia H.   19/Dec/1850   Family Stone  
WAY Louisa D.   23/Mar/1858   Family Stone 49 yrs 8 mos
WAY Mary     15/Apr/1876   Family Stone d/o WAY
WAY Unknown     17/Sep/1851   Family Stone 4 yrs 8 mos; s/o WAY
WEBSTER Clark     1/Mar/1848     74 yrs 27 das
WEBSTER Dea. Luman     3/Apr/1853     72 yrs
WEBSTER Eadwin P.   25/Dec/1853     8 mos.; s/o E.M. & E.A. WEBSTER; 
WEBSTER Elijah     13/Jul/1843 Rev War   88 yrs
WEBSTER Eliza Gillette Hall         2nd w/o Luman WEBSTER
WEBSTER Elizabeth     19/Jul/1828   Family Stone 33 yrs 10 mos; w/o Silas WEBSTER
WEBSTER Elizabeth     15/Oct/1842   Family Stone 87 yrs 6 mos w/o Michael WEBSTER
WEBSTER H. O.     Civil War Family Stone Co I 87th Ohio Inf
WEBSTER Martha Clark   5/Nov/1824     69 yrs; w/o Elijah WEBSTER
WEBSTER Michael     15/Feb/1850 Rev War Family Stone 101 yrs 9 mos; no marked as veteran from reading not dated
WEBSTER Naamah     29/Sep/1843     Aged 69 yrs  Consort of Clark WEBSTER
WEBSTER Naamah Hall   20/Sep/1796     d/o Gersham WEBSTER; "Blessed are the Dead, Who Die in the Lord"
WEBSTER Ruth Ferris         1st w/o Luman WEBSTER
WEBSTER W. G.     Civil War   Co I 87th Ohio Inf. GAR
WELTON Ephron     2/Jan/1862   Family Stone Aged 61 yrs 9 mos & 11dys
WELTON Lucia       4/Aug/1855   Family Stone In the 50 yr of her age  Wife of E. WELTON
WELTON Willard A.   19/Feb/1862   Family Stone Aged 32 yrs
WHEATON Alfred H. Tracy 1838 1930      
WHEATON Alice S. Morse 1856 1929     w/o Smith WHEATON
WHEATON D. D.H. 1842 1871 Civil War   Co G 106th Reg 8th Vol
WHEATON Elizabeth   1808 1889     w/o John WHEATON
WHEATON Isaac W. 1835 1890 Civil War   2nd Lieut DOLA 1861-1865 GAR
WHEATON J. H. 1833 1919      
WHEATON John   1805 1883      
WHEATON Mary E. 1874 1889     d/o D. D. H. WHEATON
WHEATON Pearl B. Tracy 1841 1927      
WHEATON Unknown   1849 1875      
WOOD Cloe     21/Oct/1826   Family Stone 23 yrs; w/o David WOOD, Jr.
WOOD David Hudson   5/Jan/1863   Family Stone 25 yrs
WOOD Jr. David     4/Jun/1845   Family Stone Jr.; 51 yrs
WOODBURY Andrew     4/May/1851   Family Stone  
WOODBURY Marietta D.   18/Oct/1857     24 yrs; w/o George WOODBURY
WOODBURY Mary     24/Mar/1849   Family Stone 60 yrs
WOODBURY Wilford     27/Nov/1851   Family Stone 14 yrs; s/o D.& S. WOODBURY
WRIGHT Charles   17/May/1844 27/Aug/1865     s/o A.M. & J.T. WRIGHT
WRIGHT Ida Jane   1858     d/o A.M. & J.T. WRIGHT
WYMAN Clarissa     22/May/1829     25 yrs. w/o Guy WYMAN; d/o Timothy & Clarissa Flower of Rupert Vt.
  Philena         Family Stone