Longview Cemetery


Longview. (Ashtabula County Home) part of Lulu Falls, south side. East side of Cemetery Rd. east of intersection with State Rt. 193, south of Kingsville.   Coordinates:  41 53 8 N, 80 39 59 W

Note: The burial grounds for the infirmary (was also known as the poor house and now is the Ashtabula County Home) are next to and just south of Lulu Falls Cemetery. The Infirmary Cemetery is owned and cared for by Ashtabula County. The records start on 30 July 1906 to 20 August 1924 with a gap of sixteen months, they start again on 26 January 1926 to 7 September 1972. We have yet to find any records prior to 1906. The Ashtabula County Home and Longview Hospital (Infirmary) was established in 1842 and operated till 1970 when it was moved across the road to its present location.

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Last First Middle DOB DOD Burial Military Family Stone Comments
AALTO Pekka     17/Feb/1940        
ADAMIC John      23/Apr/1958       Ducro, Undertaker
AFSCK  (??) Anel     24/Nov/1911       stone #61
ALANKO Isac       29/Jul/1920     stone #151
ALEXANDER David     24/Sep/1909       stone #30
ALEXANDROWICZ Frank     23/Dec/1963       Zaback, Undertaker (stone #580)
ALLYN Robert     14/Oct/1938        
ALMOND John     10/Mar/1930       stone #230
ALTO Frank       5/Oct/1920     stone #152
AMADON Anna     16/Jul/1910       stone #39
ANDERSON John     24/May/1910       stone #37
ANDERSON William       8/Sep/1916     stone #106
ANDERSON Kalle       10/Sep/1923      
ANTIN John Erick   23/Jun/1933        
ARTMAN Francis     31/Aug/1936        
AUSTIN William     6/Feb/1962       Zaback, Undertaker
BABCOCK Allie     17 or 29/Dec/1909        
BACK John     28/Dec/1934        
BAGLEY Bertha     24/Sep/1958       Ducro, Undertaker
BAMERUNAS Peter     1/Apr/1960       Ducro, Undertaker
BARNES Minerva     28/Feb/1910       stone #34
BARNES Albert       10/Feb/1919     stone #137
BARNHART John      17/Oct/1963       Ducro, Undertaker
BARNS Mrs. Albert     4/Jan/1928       stone #207
BARON George     3/May/1944        
BARRELL (TT) Gilbert J.     28/Dec/1918     stone #135
BARSTOW Kate       20/May/1918     stone # 124
BARSTOW Ramson     28/Jan/1929       stone #220
BATES Harvey L.     10/Oct/1914     stone #86
BAXTER Henry     15/Feb/1933        
BEACH Albert     10/Mar/1956       Ducro, Undertaker
BEATTY Miss Sarah     8/Jan.1914       Taken to Carlton, O   March 17  stone #78
BECKMAN Thomas     24/Oct/1932        
BECKWITH Mark       14/Apr/1920     stone #149
BENKA Mike     7/Jun/1942        
BENNETT David       18/Feb/1915     Burial on lot not county's  stone #89
BENNETT George       20/Jan/1916     stone #98
BENNETT Mrs. David       3/Sep/1919     Buried on own lot-stone #140
BENSON Edward     17/Mar/1927       no stone number
BENSON August     5/Jan/1942        
BENTON John     13/Feb/1937        
BERGNER William.     16/Aug/1942        
BERNODY Frank     15/Nov/1967       Ducro, Undertaker
BICKLEY Hazel     27/Dec/1954       Ducro, Undertaker
BILLS Allen     4/May/1961       Ducro, Undertaker
BJORN Thomas     3/Feb/1962       Potti, Undertaker (His stone would have been #551)
BLACHOL Steve     14/Jul/1965       Zaback, Undertaker
BLASZTZYK Mike     19/Apr/1947        
BLONZO David     8/May/1929       John Wilson's Lot-no stone #
BLOOD Orrin Guy   31/Jul/1937        
BLOOM Arthur F.   4/Jun/1954       Ducro, Undertaker
BLOOMQUIST Gus     28/Feb/1932        
BOGUE William C.     5/May/1924      
BOLSER Joe       11/Apr/1921      
BOTHWELL Esther     17/Jun/1970       Leo E. Paine Undertaker
BOUGHTER James D.   24/Oct/1952       Ducro, Undertaker He was an undentified body found at Geneva-on-Lake  On 11 November 1952 James was exhumed by Frederick Ebersold, undertaker.  Taken to Bedford, Ohio  Geneva Landon in charge. (stone #465)
BOYER John      7/Dec/1951       Ducro, Undertaker
BROCKWAY Florence     19/Jun/1949        
BROWN Anna     28/Jun/1909        
BROWN Peter     14/Feb/1927       no stone number
BROWN Emma     5/May/1927       no stone number
BROWN Henry     20/Nov/1929       stone #215
BROWN Mike     7/Mar/1939        
BROWN Maggie     23/Jun/1950        
BROWN Frank     3/Dec/1952       Ducro, Undertaker
BROWN Oliver     9/Jan/1957       John Ducro, Undertaker   Aid for Aged Burial
BURNETT Spencer     16/May/1932        
BURNETT Mfnnie     3/Mar/1940        
BURNS George W.     1/Jan/1924     stone #166
BURNS Charles W.   11/Jun/1967       Brink Funeral Home
BUTLER George     19/Mar/1909       stone #26
CAIN Charles Francis   31/Jul/1948        
CALL Avery     3/Mar/1933        
CAMP Elvra     17/Oct/1912        
CANDIE Joseph      8/Apr/1937        
CAPPILUTCH Enrice     6/Apr/1952       Ducro, Undertaker
CASE John  Alfred   28/Jun/1969       Ducro, Undertaker
CASPER Fred      8/Aug/1937        
CASTERLINE Charles     12/Jul/1962       Potti, Undertaker
CELMAR Joseph      1/Mar/1946        
CHEEK Wilbert Augusta   14/Nov/1952       R. C. Kennedy, Undertaker   Colored man
CHENEY Robert S.   2/Jun/1955       Ducro, Undertaker
CHERINSKI Joseph      24/May/1960       Ducro, Undertaker
CHRISTIAN John Watson   21/Aug/1948        
CHURCH L. D.   11/Sep/1911       stone # 60
CLARK Mrs. Hattie     28/Feb/1913        
CLARK Flora     18/Jan/1942       no stone number
CLARK Charles James   15/Oct/1948        
COLE Thomas       10/Aug/1918     stone #128
COLLINS Mat     4/Nov/1906       stone #1
COLORD Clara Lewis   28/Feb/1913       Taken ____ By Gregory  stone #72
COMICK John     16/Mar/1932        
CONANT Eliza     31/Oct/1911       stone #61
CONDI Alice     18/May/1950        
COOK Mrs. Ellen     9/May/1928       stone #209
COOKMAN Glenn L.   10/Mar/1970       Belding, Undertaker
COOLEY Lou     7/Nov/1947        
COOPER Gus      20/Oct/1955       Zaback, Undertaker  Colored   County case buried in County Cemetery
CORHAN Demetor     18/Jan/1931       stone # 238
COWOLL  (??) William     8/Mar/1907        
COYNE Margaret       5/Apr/1918     stone #120
CRAWFORD Lewis     6/Jun/1950        
CRITIES Frank     26/Sep/1929       stone #226
CRUDELLE Mary     2/Jun/1969       Turano Undertaker
CRUM Wayne     15/May/1954       Ducro, Undertaker
CURTIS John     6/Jan/1932        
CVIEKVOSKI Adam     1/May/1946        
CZYKOWSKI Stanley     21/Oct/1938        
DAIN Lamont     12/Jul/1936       stone #293
DANIELS Addie     27/Feb/1913       stone #71
DANIELS Joseph     18/May/1926       no stone number
DARCY Dan     14/Sep/1906        
DAVIS Eugene     24/Oct/1944        
DeLANCEY Henry     3/Feb/1953       Ducro, Undertaker
DEMISH Adam     22/Aug/1932        
DENNEE William Howard   7/Apr/1956       Ducro, Undertaker   Died at Green Springs of Pulmonary Tuberculosis
DEVERAUX Carl     4/Apr/1952       Ducro, Undertaker
DEVINE John     22/Feb/1949        
DHONENS Charles     1/Nov/1934       Transcient died at Ashtabula General Hospital  Age 68
DIBELL William     20/Feb/1944        
DISCIK John      12/Mar/1967       Zaback, Undertaker (stone #601)
DONAHUE John      6/Aug/1960       Ducro, Undertaker
DORSEY Martin J.   10/Jun/1954       Ducro, Undertaker
DOTY John     18/Nov/1928       Removed to King Lot (stone #215)
DREESBAUGH Helen     29/Jan/1943        
DRUBKO John      17/Aug/1955       Ducro, Undertaker
DUGLASS William       20/Jul/1918     stone #127
DWYER William     4/Nov/1939        
EBERHART Francis     14/Nov/1945        
ECHBARN Ornold     5/Oct/1910       stone #44
ECKHART Phillip       21/Nov/1915     stone #95
EDEN Walter     14/Jun/1960       Ducro, Undertaker
EDWARDS James     20/Sep/1943        
ELLIOTT Joe       22/Jan/1916     stone #99
EMMAN  (?) Adolf       11/May/1921      
ENSINGER George     9/Apr/1963       Lehnert, Undertaker (stone #576)
ERICKSON John       11/Nov/1921      
ERICKSON Victor     2/Mar/1937        
ERICSON Fred      1/Feb/1944       alias SMITH
ERVIN Gideon     24/Oct/1907        
ERVIN Elizebeth     12/Oct/1908        
ESPY Mrs. Sophia       29/Dec/1919     stone #143
FAGAS Antone       11/Apr/1918     stone #121
FARR George Dewey   5/Feb/1960       Marcy, Undertaker
FAY Alonzo     30/Apr/1934       stone #272
FEATHERS William     7/Feb/1937        
FEIK Andrew     29/Aug/1946        
FEKE Steve     1/Feb/1958       Ducro, Undertaker
FEKE Elizabeth     15/Apr/1960       Ducro, Undertaker
FELDHOUS Francis     15/Aug/1978       Anthony Guerriero, Undertaker   no stone number
FELKONIS Constantin     10/Mar/1953       Ducro, Undertaker
FINN T. B.   20/Apr/1926       stone #3 
FISHER Theodore     5/Aug/1940        
FOLDER John       29/Jun/1916     stone #104
FOLDESI John     13/Oct/1949        
FOOT Margreat     6/Nov/1913       Taken by C. Smith   Ashtabula  stone #77
FOOT Mrs. Margaret (John)     7/Dec/1918     stone #133
FORREST John       20/May/1922      
FOSTER Alto Venetia   19/Aug/1968       Ducro, Undertaker(stone 608)
FRENCH T. A.   23/Mar/1933        
FRISBEE Mary     29/Dec/1909       stone #33
FULLER Edgar       4/Feb/1918     stone #116
FULLER Abner       12/Dec/1920      
GAENTHER Agnes     5/Dec/1955       Ducro, Undertaker
GAREY George Washington   2/Dec/1928       stone #216
GARSHA Mike     3/Mar/1939        
GEORGE Leo      2/Mar/1952       Ducro, Undertaker
GIFFERD H. C.   11/May/1906       stone #3
GLYM John     3/Oct/1906        
GOLUB John     2/Feb/1946        
GOODRICH Lucy       2/Jan/1916     stone #96
GOODWIN George     25/Jan/1930       stone #229
GRANT John      29/Jun/1979       Ronald J. Belding, Undertaker   no stone number
GRAVELLE Maggie     10/Mar/1950        
GREEN John     10/Aug/1906        
GREEN Lee Allen   26/Jul/1953       Ducro, Undertaker   Colored
GRIFFIN Mary       2/Feb/1924      
GRISWOLD Carl     15/Dec/1949        
GULLEN Joseph      15/Jun/1960       Potti, Undertaker
GUSTIC Frank John   11/Feb/1963       Zaback, Undertaker   (GASTETIC)
GUTOWSKI John     12/Jan/1942        
HACKATHORN Wilbur     18/Oct/1950        
HAKKIO Nestor     6/Jun/1939        
HALONEN Oscar       25/Feb/1915     stone #90
HAMIL Joseph       1/Mar/1924      
HANDS William     3/May/1962       Ducro, Undertaker
HANEY Burton     2/Sep/1945        
HANN John     29/Jun/1931       stone #242
HANSON Claude       3/Jul/1915     stone #94
HANSON Oliver     3/Jan/1930       stone #228
HANSON John     14/Dec/1935        
HARDY Ida B.   1/Oct/1910       stone #43
HARJU Julia     30/Jul/1941        
HARRINGTON Sol     26/Jan/1926       stone #1
HARRIS George     23/Jan/1929       stone #218
HARRY Mathew     10/Nov/1910       stone #45
HART Lewis     27/Jun/1907       stone #12
HARTWILL  (?) Hance T.     17/Feb/1924      
HARVEY Fred      28/Jan/1960       Ducro, Undertaker
HAUKKALA Otto     25/Apr/1944        
HAUTAJOKI John  V.   22/Apr/1956       Potti, Undertaker
HAWES William     20/Jan/1953       Ducro, Undertaker
HEARNS Neather Barbara   11/Jan/1975       Charles Potti, Undertaker   no stone number
HEDNEY Isadore     4/Apr/1908        
HELENIUS Kalle     14/Mar/1952       Ducro, Undertaker
HENRY Monett     16/Mar/1910       stone #35
HERMANSON Herman     19/Jan.1958       Ducro, Undertaker
HERVEY Chas C.     7/Oct/1914     stone #85
HESS Ralph     29/Jul/1958       Ducro, Undertaker
HICKS Herbert   9/Jul/1873 1/Dec/1933     Family Stone stone #270
HICTIKKO Oscar     11/Jul/1931       stone # 243
HIGHLAND Joe     20/Aug/1926       no stone number
HIGHTREE W. W.     5/Jul/1918     stone #126
HILEMAN Harry     21/Feb/1968       Ducro, Undertaker
HILKEM Wilhelm     14/Jan/1914       stone #79
HILL Julia     1/Jun/1929       stone #221
HILL Charles     27/Apr/1946        
HILYIER Charles     8/Jul/1929       stone #222
HOBESCZ George     10/Mar/1955       Ducro, Undertaker
HOENIG Fred      28/Jun/1961       Ducro, Undertaker
HOKES John     28/May/1907        
HOLLAND John     31/Mar/1933       stone # 266
HOLOMA Matt      5/Jan/1931       stone #237
HOOBLER Charles     24/Feb/1960       Ducro, Undertaker (stone #539)
HOUGHTELLING Ella      8/Jun/1946        
HOWARD Martin     17/Sep/1950        
HOWLAND Mrs. John       2/Jan/1920     stone #144
HOYT Shep     18/Dec/1911       stone #62
HROVAT Anton      2/Feb/1943        
HUDSON Curtie P.   20/Nov/1939        
HUGHGART John E.   14/May/1940        
HUNGERFORD Howard H.   18/Oct/1951        
HVALA Joe      15/Feb/1955       Ducro, Undertaker
ILKKA Eveline       16/Dec/1918     stone #134
INGLES Clifford     28/Jul/1944        
IRISH George     21/Jun/1952       Ducro, Undertaker
JACK  Albert     31/Jul/1954       Ducro, Undertaker
JACKSON William     6/Feb/1948        
JACKSON Lillian     23/Jun/1961       Ducro, Undertaker
JALONEK Frank     11/Mar/1952       Ducro, Undertaker
JAMSON Lauri     30/Mar/1911        
JEBANSKI George     29/May/1969       Ducro, Undertaker
JENNINGS E. L.   1/Mar/1909        
JERIANIC Frank     31/Jan/1942        
JOHNSON William     30/Jul/1911        
JOHNSON Mrs. Martha       10/May/1914     stone #82
JOHNSON Mrs. Jennie       18/Feb/1916     stone #102
JOHNSON Charles       15/May/1917     Buried in No. 53 after Harret WHITON was moved
JOHNSON Jalmar       18/Feb/1921      
JOHNSON George     21/Jul/1931        
JOHNSON Burlin     30/Jul/1939        
JOHNSON August     27/May/1940        
JOHNSON Minnie     8/May/1965       Potti, Undertaker (stone #589)
JOHNSON Mildred     25/Oct/1965       Ducro, Undertaker   (Stevenson)
JOHNSON James     7/Jan/1968       Ducro, Undertaker
JOHNSTON Frank     18/Oct/1936        
JONAS Ed Andrew   22/Jan/1958       Ducro, Undertaker
JONES Flora     4/Mar/1941        
KAKELA Mrs. Lanna       2/Apr/1915     stone #77
KALUZA Frank     28/Oct/1959       Ducro, Undertaker
KANE Peter     14/Mar/1911       stone #50
KARHU Gotthard     14/Nov/1938        
KAUPPINEN Henry       29/Dec/1916     stone #109
KEIFER Charles     16/Aug/1942        
KEITH William     3/Apr/1962       Paine, Undertaker
KELLEY Patrick     25/Oct/1940        
KELLEY Evelyn     21/Oct/1964       Ducro, Undertaker
KELLY George     18/Sep/1941        
KELSEY William