Simons Cemetery - Ashtabula County


Ashtabula County Genealogical Society  - Gravestone Photos
West side of Pymatuning Lake Rd. north of intersection with Slater Rd., in Simons.  (South of Deborah Lane.)  Coordinates:  41 32 59.1 N, 80 31 51.7 W

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Last First Middle DOB DOD Military Family Stone Comments
BELNAP C.  A.  7/Jun/1821 16/Nov/1878 Civil War Family Stone Co. C. 10 K. V. I.
BELNAP Elizabeth   7/Jul/1822 20/Jan/1902     His Wife
BELNAP Minerva   31/Aug/1842 2/Aug/1887      
BELNAP Clara   16/Oct/1842 5/Jun/1896      
BELNAP Ralph   1852 1925   Family Stone  
BELNAP Lida   1858 1915   Family Stone  
BELNAP Ethel   1887 1904   Family Stone  
BISSELL Gertrude M. E. 1880 1895      
BISSELL George  W. 1851 1929      
BISSELL Katz C. 1850 1917     His Wife
BISSELL Gertie M. 1880 1895      
BOLGER Lillian   1918 1977      
BUCHANAN Thomas Grant 1864 1947      
BUCHANAN Jennie R. 1863 1958      
CLARK Mary Emily   17/Jul/1872   Family Stone Aged 52 Yrs Less 12 ds  Wife of D. CLARK
CLARK Riley S.   19/Aug/1856   Family Stone Aged 11 Ms 2ds  Son Of E & D. R. CLARK
CLARK Sarah  A.  1838 1919     Wife of L. D. CLARK
CLARK Enoch S.   7/Jul/1854   Family Stone Aged 23 yrs 4 ms   Son of John & Sarah CLARK
CLARK John     10/Jan/1860   Family Stone Aged 74 yrs
CLARK Sarah      3/Apr/1866   Family Stone Aged 66 yrs  Wife of J. CLARK
CLARK Samuel B.   3/Feb/1845     Aged 5 yrs 9 m 25 ds   Son of John & Sarah CLARK
CLARK Samuel     23/Apr/1842     Aged 15 yrs  Son of John & Sarah CLARK
CLARK Maryett     15/Feb/1869     Wife of George CLARK
COOK Orra P.   6/Jun/1869     Age 6 yrs 4m 5d  Daughter of Lucinda and Morgan COOK
COOK Morgan   1/Aug/1815 8/Nov/1884   Family Stone  
COOK Lucinda   25/Feb/1825     Family Stone His Wife
COOK Cora A.  11/May1851 20/May/1860   Family Stone  
COOK Orra   8/Feb/1857 1859   Family Stone  
COOK James W. 29/May/1856 6/Mar/1859   Family Stone  
DANIELS Hallie R. 1893 1919   Family Stone  
DRAKE John Taft 20/Dec/1920 17/Nov/1973 World War ll   Ohio Pfc US Army
DRAKE Walter J. 23/Aug/1915 24/Jun/1979 World War ll   Capt US Army
FOBES Beulah A.  1920 1977      
FRENCH Sophia     21/Jan/1884   Family Stone Aged 57 yrs   Wife of J. B. FRENCH
FRENCH James B.   29/Nov/1900   Family Stone Aged 76 yrs 
FRENCH Frances     16/Sept/188?   Family Stone Aged 8 mos
FRENCH Lois A.    23/Apr/1877   Family Stone Aged 31  Wife of J. B. FRENCH
FRENCH Rachel A.  20/Jan/1835 28/Feb/1903     Gone But Not Forgotten
FRENCH Chauncey     Apr/1872     Wife of FRENCH
FRENCH Hannah            
FRENCH   D. 1839 1888      
FRENCH       1847     Wife of James D. FRENCH
GILLETT Harriet   1819 1896      
HALL Orrin M. 1838 1906 Civil War    
HALL Julia   28/Oct/1846 29/Nov/1874   Family Stone Wife of Orrin M. HALL
HALL Charles G. 19/May/1869 8/Oct/1898   Family Stone  
HALL Judson T. 9/May/1897 16/Feb/1898   Family Stone  
HALL Nina     10/Mar/1869   Family Stone Age 1 yr 1 mo 19ds  Daughter of Thos F. & Adelaide F. HALL
HALL Addie F. 1851 1924   Family Stone  
HALL Thomas  F. 1847 1927   Family Stone  
HALL Wm.   16/Aug/1814 18/Feb/1886   Family Stone  
HALL Orrinda   25/Jan/1817 29/Sept/1884   Family Stone His Wife
HALL Elmina M.   2/Apr/1856      
HALL Judson   --/Jan/1863 29/--/1863      
HALL E. Judson   29/Apr/1863     s/o ----HALL; 27 yrs 3 mos 16 das
HALL Orra   1860 1924   Family Stone His Wife
HALL Miner F. 1857 1941   Family Stone  
HALL Harry H. 1892 1968 World War l Family Stone  
HARRIS Clifton G. 26/Mar/1871 4/Jul/1891   Family Stone  
HARRIS J. W. 1842 1907   Family Stone  
HARRIS Harry H. 8/Apr/1877 25/Nov/1972   Family Stone  
HARRIS Joseph   5/Apr/1795 25/Aug/1867   Family Stone  
HARRIS Isabel   18/Aug/1805 28/Jun/1895   Family Stone His Wife
HARRIS M. L. 4/Jul/1843 27/Jul/1879   Family Stone Wife of J. W. HARRIS
HEATH Samuel Alonzo 18/Jan/1817 20/Nov/1897   Family Stone  
HEATH Maria Allen 12/Mar/1825 22/Feb/1879   Family Stone His Wife
HEATH King J. 10/Oct/1846 22/Oct/1858   Family Stone Children of S. A. and Maria HEATH
HEATH Sarah  J. 12/Sept/1848 30/Sept/1858   Family Stone Children of S. A. and Maria HEATH
HEATH Phynella C. 13/Aug/1852 14/Oct/1858   Family Stone Children of S. A. and Maria HEATH
HEATH Joshua     13/Jun/1868   Family Stone Aged 80yrs
HEATH Lucy     26/Sept/1869   Family Stone Aged 71 yrs  His Wife
HULL Elizabeth H.   185?     Daughter of Wm. & S. C. HULL
HULL Gershom     26/Nov/1866     Aged 92 yrs
HULL Nancy     18/Dec/1868     Aged 89 yrs  His Wife
HULL Isaac     23/Oct/1871     Aged 84 yrs
KOROSY     1952 1952     Our Darling baby Girl
LE? James F.   1859      
LEFFINGWELL Elisha S. 5/Oct/1818 17/Jan/1852      
LEFFINGWELL Lucia F. 25/Nov/1819 30/Oct/1895      
LEFFINGWELL Huldah     15/Apr/1850     Daughter of Gurdon & Huldah E.
LEFFINGWELL P. P.   15/Oct/1850     Aged 5
LEFFINGWELL M.     14/Apr/1852     Aged 2 months
LEONARD Milton N.   29/Apr/1845      
LEONARD Elizabeth W.         Wife of Bartlett LEONARD
LEONARD Lydia     Mar/1844     Aged 22yrs   Wife of Milton LEONARD
LEONARD Hannah C.   2/Nov/1848     Aged 61 yrs 11 days  Wife of Bartlet LEONARD
LEONARD Daniel M. E.   1/Aug/1820     Aged 1yrs  Son of B. & H. LEONARD
LEONARD Bartlett            
LEONARD Amelia B.         Wife of Bartlett LEONARD
MACK Julia     25/Mar/1861     Aged 69 ys 6 ms  Wife of Ezra MACK
MACK Ezra     25/Nov/1867     Aged 76 yrs 3 ms
MACK Dewitt L.   1819      
MACK Infant     21/Dec/1843      
MANNING Mary  A.  1836 1905     Mother
MANNING William M.    1827 1905     Father
MARTIN Jessie A.  1866 1941   Family Stone His Wife
MARTIN William F. 1865 1948   Family Stone  
MARTIN J. Nelson 1868 1907   Family Stone  
MARTIN James S. 29/Nov/1822 11/Feb/1902   Family Stone  
MARTIN Clarene French 5/Mar/1828 28/Apr/1902   Family Stone His Wife
MARTIN Beulah Buchanan 1898 1985     Mother
MARTIN Edson Elias 1888 1948     Father
MCCHESNEY William   1871 1950      
McCHESNEY J. Addison 1868 1959      
McCHESNEY Catherine   1876 1963      
McCHESNEY Eva Laverne 1900 1909      
McCHESNEY Vera  Bell 1895 1900      
NORTH Eliza F.   4/Apr/1829     Age 2 yrs 3ms 15 ds  Children of William and Minerva NORTH
NORTH Polly M.   9/Apr/1929     Age 4 yrs 6ms 9 ds  Children of William and Minerva NORTH
NORTH   L.         Son of Wm. & Minerva NORTH
NORTH Minerva           Wife of Wm. NORTH
NORTH William       Civil War    
NORTH Eveline C.   8/May/1861     Aged 9 yrs  Daughter of Salmon S. & Maria NORTH
NORTH Eliza   F.   11/May1860     Aged 16 yrs 5 ms 4ds  Daughter of S. & Maria NORTH
NORTH Salmon     18/Dec/1844      
NORTH Sally     15/Mar/1862     Aged 76 years  Wife of Salmon NORTH
PRIOR  Amanda     1/Feb/1865     Aged 51 yrs  Wife of O. PRIOR
PRIOR, Rev. Orlo     11/Apr/1862     Aged 54 yrs
REDMON Mike   1917 1992      
REDMON Julia E. 1916 1990      
REYNOLDS Sylvester   13/Dec/1829 29/Dec/1906      
SAVAGE Helen A. Drake 1926 2001     Beloved Wife and Mother
SIEKKINEN Onnie W. 30/Sept/1903 Mar/1918      
SIEKKINEN Maria   1884 1953     Mother
SIEKKINEN Antti   1883 1933     Father
SIEKKINEN Lena   1910 1955     Thank You
SIEKKINEN Andrew L. 3/Mar/1913 4/Jun/1934      
SIEKKINEN Arthur W. 1916 1938      
SIEKKINEN John   1888 1976     Father
SIEKKINEN Hilma   1887 1957     Mother
SIEKKINEN Edward O. 22/Dec/1917 25/Oct/1994      
SIEKKINEN John   12/Dec/1922 18/Sept/1991      
SIMONS Helen Barbary   11/Oct/1858     Aged 3 yrs 8m 3d  Daughter of Thomas L. & Charlote SIMONS
SMITH Inez Estella   22/Sept/1856     Aged 2 Yrs 2 Ms 11 ds  Daughter of W. R. & C. SMITH
SMITH Mary Emmaline         Daughter of __ & Mary SMITH
SMITH Daniel   1793 1878      
SMITH Mary   1794 1875     His Wife
SMITH Corintha M. 3/Jun/1854 29/Mar/1883   Family Stone  
SMITH Infant     15/Jan/18??     Aged 3 day   Son of D. N. & Mary SMITH
SPARKS William M.   19/Mar/1867      
SPARKS Mary  E.   5/Jul/1859     Aged 21 yrs 5 mos 1dy  Wife of John SPARKS
SPARKS John H.   21/Oct/1858     Aged 4 yrs 5 m 11 ds  Son of J. & M. E. SPARKS
SPARKS Isaac     5/Feb/1864     Aged 1 yr 1 mo 5 ds  Son of J. & C. A. SPARKS
SUKKINEN Vibi   13/Jun/1908 30/Mar/1909      
TITUS Ada L. 1891 19??     Mother
TITUS Blaine T. 1887 1968      
TUTTLE Theophilus      12/Mar/1880     Aged 76 yrs 8 mo 4d  Son of Elsie & Samuel TUTTLE
TUTTLE Irene     4/Nov/1874     Aged 72 yrs 7 mos  Wife of Theophilius TUTTLE
TUTTLE John W.          
TUTTLE Ira R.          
TUTTLE J.   30/Aug/1827 31/Aug/1889   Family Stone  
TUTTLE Dwight   18/Dec/1865 13/Mar/18??   Family Stone  
TUTTLE Nancy   1831 1905      
UNKNOWN Albert   6/Nov/1847 9/Aug/1869 Civil War   Co. D 105th O.V.I.
UNKNOWN             Aged 8 yrs 11ms
UNKNOWN           Family Stone  
UNKNOWN Carrie  L.          
WEAN Mary         Family Stone Infant Children of Abraham and Rebecca WEAN
WEAN Auly         Family Stone  
WEAN Rebecca   22/Jan/1806 11/Oct/1884   Family Stone Nee FONNER  Wife of Abraham WEAN
WEAN Abraham   5/Jun/1802 5/Jun/1848   Family Stone Son of Peter & Mary WEAN
WEBSTER Dwight W. 1821 1900      
WEBSTER Asenath L. 1821 1855     His Wife
WEBSTER Dwight W. 1821 1895      
WEBSTER Asenath L. 1821 1900      
WHITACRE Grover C. 16/Apr/1932 22/Aug/1989