Wayne Center (Lindenville) Cemetery
Wayne Township

East side of State Rt. 193 north of intersection with US Rt. 322, at Wayne Center (Lindenville Corners).  Coordinates:  41 32 10.6 N, 80 39 54 W

Ashtabula County Genealogical Society  - Gravestone Photos

Note: Names without photos were taken from earlier reading and their are no longer stones for them.

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Last First Middle DOB DOD Military Family Stone Comments
ADDICOTT Carl E. 9/July/1914 15/July/1983 World War II   Tec. 5  US Army
ADDICOTT Carl   19/Jul/1914 15/Jul/1938      
ADDICOTT Infant            
ADDICOTT Infant            
ADDICOTT Rachael   1923 1991      
ADDICOTT Rachel V. 1923 1991      
ALLEN Sarah M. Fobes 25/May/1838 14/May/1918   Family Stone His Wife
ALLEN William E. 24/Dec/1833 7/Feb/1908   Family Stone  
ALLEN William Harrison          
ALLEN,Jr. William E. 16/Oct/1867 11/July 1889   Family Stone  
BAINES Charles            
BARTON Curtis E.   14/Aug/1835   Family Stone son of Eli & Mercy BARTON
BARTON Eli     19/Feb/1854   Family Stone Ae 61 Years
BARTON Lois     15/Apr/1850   Family Stone Aged 81 Yrs. 5 mos.   Wife of Daniel BARTON
BARTON Mercy     27/Apr/1871   Family Stone Age 80 Yrs.   Wife of Eli BARTON
BEATTY Samuel            
BEATY Samuel     26/Dec/1889   Family Stone Aged 78 Yrs.
BENTLEY Eunice A.   8/Jan/1858   Family Stone Agd 44 Yrs., w/o L. Bentley
BLANCHARD Bernice B. 1880 1966      
BLANCHARD Walter L. 1882 1965      
BROCKWAY Philemon     3/Nov/1836   Family Stone Ag 57 yrs.
BROCKWAY Sally     27/May/1863     Aged 79 Years  Wife of Philemon BROCKWAY
BUNKER John     1835     Colored
CASE Elmer G.   12/Mar/1851   Family Stone Aged 8 ys 7 ms  Son of Lorren & Wealthy CASE
CASE Elmer     13/Jan/1940      
COLEMAN Albertus     1854     Infant of William and Emily Phelps COLEMAN
COLEMAN Infant     1809     Infant of Nathaniel COLEMAN and his wife Submit
COLEMAN Submit     21/Jan/1809   Family Stone Aged 24 Years   Wife of Nathaniel COLEMAN Jr.
COOKSEY Charles   1850 1888      
COOKSEY Iva   1860 1940      
DECKER Libbie     7/July/1861   Family Stone Aged 8 yrs &5 mos.  Only Daughter of G. & R. DECKER
DODRY Mary     25/Dec/1853     Ae 30 Yrs   Wife of David DODRY
FELKEY Donald            
FITCH Amanda     15/Jan/1892   Family Stone Aged 86 His Wife
FITCH Chauncey   1831 1904      
FITCH Chester   1832 1914   Family Stone  
FITCH Dea. Wm.     24/Mar/1876 War 1812 Family Stone Aged 94
FITCH Edward H. 1822 1939      
FITCH Edwin H.   12/Aug/1839   Family Stone Aged 10
FITCH Fidelia   1844 1905   Family Stone  
FITCH Hezekiah L.   9/Oct/1844   Family Stone Aged 27
FITCH Hezekiah Lee 1817 1844      
FITCH John S.   16/Dec/1857   Family Stone Aged 35
FITCH John S.   16/Dec/1857   Family Stone Aged 35 Yrs.
FOBES Abigail     13/Feb/1871   Family Stone Aged 72 Years  Wife of Oshea FOBES
FOBES Adella M.   23/Dec/1861   Family Stone Aged 2y 10 m   Daughter of E & C. FOBES
FOBES Alice L.   13/Feb/1890   Family Stone Aged 51 Yr
FOBES Allen   1823 1905      
FOBES Allen   1823 1906      
FOBES Alvin     17/May/1810   Family Stone Aged 56 years   He was the first child born in Wayne
FOBES Amanda S.   1854      
FOBES Anna     1863      
FOBES Anne     10/Sep/1839   Family Stone Aged 77 Yrs. 11 mos. 19 ds.  Wife of David FOBES
FOBES Aurora L.   24/May/1840   Family Stone Aged 20 yrs 6 mos.  Daughter of Lotan  & Dolly FOBES
FOBES Azel B. 11/Mar/1818 12/Jan/1888      
FOBES Azil B. 11/Mar/1818 12/Jan/1888      
FOBES Bert D. 1868 1901   Family Stone Brother
FOBES Bethiah     1836   Family Stone daughter of Capt. Simon & Mrs. Thankful FOBES
FOBES Catharine A. 1816 1901     His Wife
FOBES Child           child of Stiles FOBES, and grandchild of Lyman and Alice FOBES
FOBES Child            
FOBES Christina            
FOBES David       War of 1812    
FOBES Deidamia G.       Family Stone Wife of Simon FOBES
FOBES Dolly     1887   Family Stone His Wife
FOBES Dorothy     25/Jan/1873   Family Stone Aged 93 Years   Wife of J. FOBES
FOBES Elbert B.   16/Mar/1872   Family Stone Age 6 yrs 2 mos 23 Das Son of Orlando P. & Nancy L. FOBES
FOBES Eliphalet L.   6/May/1841   Family Stone Aged  2 mos. 6 das.  Son Of S. P. & C. A. FOBES
FOBES Eliza G. 1836 1906      
FOBES Elizabeth     --/Aug/1833   Family Stone Wife of Simon FOBES 2d
FOBES Emily B. 1874 1922   Family Stone "Miss Emily"
FOBES Emily     3/Feb/1817   Family Stone Aged 35 Years
FOBES Ethelinda           Children of Marvin and Lavina FOBES
FOBES Eunice   30/Nov/1793 4/Apr/1870   Family Stone His Wife
FOBES Ferdinand F.   1/Sep/ 1863 Civil War Family Stone ag 21 yrs s/o S. P. & C. A. FOBES Co. R 105 Reg O.V.I. D Murfreesborn, TE
FOBES Hazen           Children of Marvin and Lavina FOBES
FOBES Hettie L.       Family Stone Daughter of Orlando & Nancy L. FOBES
FOBES Infant     1812      
FOBES Jabez   1786 1857 War 1812 Family Stone  
FOBES Joshua     18/Sep/1854 War 1812 Family Stone The First Settler in Wayne. Year 1803
FOBES Joshua   1809 1907   Family Stone  
FOBES L. W.   4/Jul/1857     Agd 27 Yrs.
FOBES Lavina   1828 1912   Family Stone His Wife
FOBES Leonora A. 1881 1966   Family Stone  
FOBES Levi   30/Jun/1788 5/Nov/1869   Family Stone  
FOBES Levi J.   28/Nov/1856   Family Stone  Agd 41 yrs 7 ms
FOBES Lotan     4/Jun/1863   Family Stone Aged 67 Yrs.
FOBES Lucius L. 1844 1886   Family Stone  
FOBES Lyman H.   23/May/1924     35 yrs  Killed by lighting
FOBES Maggie A.   27/Sep/1877   Family Stone Aged 35 Years   Wife of L. L. Fobes
FOBES Mahala   18-- 1858      
FOBES Mahala Morrison   1858      
FOBES Martha L.   10/Sep/1844   Family Stone Aged 19 Years   Daughter of Joshua & Polly FOBES
FOBES Marvine   1829 19-- Civil War Family Stone  
FOBES Nancy B. 1840 1914   Family Stone  
FOBES Nathan     23/Nov/1833   Family Stone Departed this life in the 76th year of his age.
FOBES Orlando P. 1838 1903   Family Stone  
FOBES Oshea     10/Mar/1869   Family Stone Aged 70 Years
FOBES Phebe     17/Mar/1829   Family Stone Aged 9 ms   daughter of Levi & Euince FORBES
FOBES Philothite     2/Oct/1830   Family Stone Wife of Cap. Joshia FOBES
FOBES Rebecca     29/Aug/1827   Family Stone Died in the 70th year of her age.  Wife of Nathan FOBES
FOBES Rebecca C. S. 1869 1952   Family Stone  
FOBES S. Amanda   10/Dec/1854   Family Stone  
FOBES Sarah   1794 1837   Family Stone His Wife
FOBES Simon P. 1815 1891      
FOBES Simon   5/Arp/1756 30/Jan/1840 Rev War Family Stone Minuteman, Bunker Hill
FOBES Simon     8/Feb/1861 War 1812 Family Stone Aged 77 yrs
FOBES Stanley            
FOBES Stiles L.   8/Feb/1857   Family Stone Aged 2 Yrs & 6 mos   Son of LevI & Vashti FOBES
FOBES Sylvia H.   14/Dec/1842   Family Stone Aged 51 years  Wife of Simon FOBES
FOBES Thankful     1808   Family Stone d/o Capt Simon Fobes
FOBES Vashti     22/Sep/1872   Family Stone Agd 54 ys 5 ms   Wife of Levi J. FOBES
FOBES William H.          
FOBES Willie           Children of Marvin and Lavina FOBES
FOBES Wm. Hartson   28/Jul/1844   Family Stone Ag 16 mos Son of John & Dolly FOBES
FOBES       26/Mar/1848   Family Stone  
FOSTER Electa     4/Oct/185--   Family Stone wife of H. FOSTER
FRANKLIN Elizabeth   1880 6/Jan/1933      
FRAZIER Child            
FULLER Lathrop B.          
FULLER Sophronia Barton          
GANE Annie R.   1/Mar/1879   Family Stone Daughter of C.A. & N. E. GANE  Age 9 yrs.
GANE Cordelia R. 1838 1892      
GANE Saddie         Family Stone Daughter of J & J GANE
GANE Stephen D. 1832 1907      
GILBERT Betsy     1873      
HALLEK Child     1922      
HAMMOND       1935     6 yrs
HARPER Anna           Daughter of R. S. and E. HARPER
HARPER Elizabeth           Wife of Robert HARPER
HARPER Loa L. 10/Dec/1853 16/Apr/1887   Family Stone  
HARPER Mahtew A. 17/July/1882 18/Oct/1882   Family Stone  
HARPER Presley M.   2/Apl/1935     Killed by an auto in Big Rapids, Mich.
HARPER Robert S. 1825 14/Sept/1874 Civil War   Corp Co C II PA Res Inf
HATCH Dwight   1831 1917      
HATCH Ellen   1832 1873     His Wife
HATCH Loval     1887     1st Wife of Mathew HARPER
HATCH Rachael           Child
HATCH Sady           Daughter of Dwight and Ellen HATCH
HATCH Susan   1798 1889      
HATCH Walter           Son of Dwight and Ellen HATCH
HIGGINS Child            
HIGGINS Child            
HIGGINS Frank     1930      
HIGGINS Mary Harper         Daughter of R. S. HARPER   1st Wife of Frank HIGGINS
HIGGINS Melvina     1828      
HIGGINS Millie           Daughter of Francis HIGGINS
HOLCOMB Albert E.   12/Dec/1853   Family Stone Aged 1Yrs.   Son of Austin & Elizabeth HOLCOMB
HOLCOMB Austin   7/Nov/1822 25/May/18--   Family Stone  
HOLCOMB Elizabeth   20/Mar/1828 16/May/1891   Family Stone His Wife
HOLCOMB Flavius R.   26/Mar/1865     Aged 17 Yrs. 1 Mo. 17 Ds.  Son of A. & E. HOLCOMB
HUBLER Harriett Beatty          
HUBLER Mary           Sister of Harriett HUBLER
HUBLER Samuel            
HULVALCHICK Joe            
JEWETT Joseph Millen 1763 1847 Rev War   Pvt Connecticut Troops
JEWETT Rose Sisley         1 st wife of Peruna JEWETT
KNOWLES Arthur            
KNOWLES Christy            
KNOWLES Ellen E. 1847 1930      
KNOWLES Ervilla Pelton Riggs 1876 1920      
KNOWLES Nora Pruden 1850 1926      
KNOWLES Norris     1921     Infant
KNOWLES Ransom J. 1846 1908 Civil War    
KNOWLES Rosman A.       Family Stone  
LAMBE             Child
LAMBE             Child
LAMBE             Child
LILLEY Abraham            
LILLEY             Child
LILLIE Mary     26/Feb/1850   Family Stone Ag 12 yrs 1mo 8da    Daughter of M & Polly LILLIE
LILLIE Polly         Family Stone Wife of Abraham LILLIE
LVAS Frank     20/Dec/1936     Age 48
MALYK Lusia     29/Nov/1919      
MANN             Child of John MANN Jr.   Body later removed to Warren, Ohio
McGREGOR Rollin V. 1886 1906   Family Stone  
MINER A. P. 1830 1899      
MINER Celia F.   21/Feb/1862   Family Stone Aged 38 Yrs. Wife of O.H. MINER
MINER Clarence A.   3/Oct/1854   Family Stone Aged 3 Yrs.   Son of H. C. & C. F. MINER
MINER Electa Barton         Wife of Lt. G. Jerome MINER  Killed 8 Oct. 1962  1st Kansas infantry
MINER Elizabeth     24/May/1843   Family Stone Aged 24 Yrs   Wife of O. H. MINER
MINER Ella T.   1861     Children of Azariah and Hulda MINOR
MINER Hulda   1834 1879     His Wife
MINER Jerohed     16/Jul/1874   Family Stone Aged 11 Yrs. 6 ds.  Son Of A. P. & H. S. MINER
MINER Levina S.         Children of Azariah and Hulda MINOR
MINER O. H.   17/Apr/1887   Family Stone Aged 69 Yrs
MINER Sarah     11/Mar/1895   Family Stone Aged 74 Yrs.   Wife of O. H. MINER
MINER Walter H.         Son of Hori and Permelia MINOR
MINER William           Children of Azariah and Hulda MINOR
MONTA Mary           Wife of Luroff MONTA Killed 9 June 1962, 29th O. V. I.
MONTA             Child
MONTY Mary     18/Jun/1878     39 yrs
MULLETT Ben J. Aug/1781 26/AUG/1875   Family Stone  
MULLETT Charile A.   28/Jun/1875   Family Stone Son of R. A. & H. J. MULLETT   Aged 7 mos.
MULLETT Cordelia Pelton Riggs 1838 1892      
MULLETT Emelina            
MULLETT Emma D.       Family Stone  
MULLETT Maria            
MULLETT Mary   1800 29/Nov/1877   Family Stone born England
MULLETT Mary Ann   8/Jun/1876   Family Stone Aged 38 years   Dau of B. & M. MULLETT
MULLETT Stephen D. 1832 1907      
NILES Rachel Jettilla 1860 1889      
PALMER Charles     19/Jan/1841   Family Stone Ae 3yrs  Son of D & H PALMER
PALMER Mariam     15/July/1851   Family Stone Ae 40 yr   Wife of Daniel PALMER
PALMER Nathaniel     28/Feb/1848   Family Stone Ae 4 yrs  Son of D & H PALMER
PARTRIDGE Hannah     29/Mar/1814   Family Stone Wife of Thomas PARTRIDGE
PELTON Polly            
PETRIE B. M.          
PETRIE Richard            
PETRIE Sally            
PETRIE Sanford         Family Stone Son of Richard & Sally PETRIE
PETRIE             Child
PETRIE             Child
PHILLIPS Hannah M. 2/Jun/1811     Family Stone  
PHILLIPS Levi   8/Nov/1805 5/Dec/1880   Family Stone  
PORTER Ann R.   26/May/1890   Family Stone Aged  
PORTER Ira     9/Dec/1881   Family Stone Aged 81 yrs
PORTER Ira            
PORTER Rebecca Simons          
POUROSNIK Bertha            
RAY             Child
RIGGS Ervilla Knowles         Daughter of Rosmond and Nora KNOWLES
RUSELL Elizabeth     12/Jul/1850   Family Stone Aged 63 yrs 8 mos   Wife of Reugen RUSELL
RUSSELL Rueben     1865      
RUSSELL             Child
RUSSELL             Child
SACKETT Henry P. 16/Jun/1867 30/Nov/1897   Family Stone  
SACKETT Isaac   26/Feb/1773 29/Mar/1869   Family Stone  
SACKETT Jessie           Daughter of Henry and Emma SACKETT
SACKETT Joseph   17/Mar/1836 3/Feb/1881   Family Stone  
SACKETT Mary Ann 25/Feb/1831 8/May/1892   Family Stone His Wife
SACKETT Mercy   3/Mar/1794 26/Mar/1863   Family Stone His Wife
SACKETT Zaven   25/Mar/1834 13/Feb/1893   Family Stone  
SHAFER             Child
SHARP Pearl M.         Family Stone Daughter of A. L. & R. B. SHARP
SIRRINE Polly     28/May/1839   Family Stone Aged 68 year  Wife of Wm. SIRRINE
SIRRINE William     2/Jun/1842     Aged 82 years
SMIATOUSKI Edward     1922     Aged 4 Yrs
SZUZUSKOWSKI Steve            
TRAUTMAN Leona Fobes         Daughter of Lyman and Alice FOBES
UNKNOWN Bell     11/Jun/1873   Family Stone d/o Joshua & Hannah
UNKNOWN           Family Stone  
UNKNOWN           Family Stone  
WAKEMAN George     1/ Jun/1891   Family Stone Aged 84 Years
WAKEMAN Lovina E.   2/ Sep/1880   Family Stone Aged 49 yrs
WAKEMAN Oscar D.   2/May/1862 Civil War Family Stone Aged 23 yrs   Co. L 29 O. V. I.   Died at Winchester, VA
WAKEMAN Ruth            
WAKEMAN Samuel     31/Oct/1852     Aged 80 years 8 mo's & 6 ds   Good Friend a
WAKEMAN Sarah            
WAKEMAN Wealthy   25/Oct/1810 15/Jan/1880   Family Stone His Wife
WATTS             Child
WILDER Alonzo F.   30/Sep/1841   Family Stone Aged 18 months   Son of Henry & Henrietta WILDER
WILDER Dency A.   14/Jan/1862     Aged 8 ys 5 ms   Dau of H. P. & H. WILDER
WILDER Henrietta     3/Dec/1887   Family Stone Aged 67 Years   Wife of Henry P. WILDER
WILDER Henry P.   12/Mar/1875   Family Stone Aged 63 Yrs 10 ms
WILDER Isaac A.   26/Feb/1851   Family Stone A 7 ms 8 ds   Son of H. P. & H. WILDER
WOODWORTH G.   8/Dec/1848 21/Mar/1921   Family Stone  
WOODWORTH Lucie M. 5/Sep/1854 13/Nov/1892   Family Stone His Wife
WOOLSEY Phebe K.   21/Mar/1890   Family Stone Aged 75 yrs 11 mos 6 day   Wife of Wright WOOLSEY
WORKMAN Harry     12/---/1935      
WORKMAN Margaret Higgins         Daughter of F. D. and Harper HIGGINGS