West Williamsfield Cemetery


 West side of Stanhope-Kelloggsville Rd. .38 mile north of intersection with US Rt. 322 & opposite Depot St.  Coordinates:  41 32 19.4 N, 80 36 36.37 W

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Last First Middle DOB DOD Military Family Stone Comments
ALLEN Ann     6 March 1890     Aged 84 Years  Wife of G. ALLEN
ALLEN Emery   6 August 1847 20-Mar-05      
ALLEN Guilford   18 Dec 1792 23 July 1881 War of 1812 Family Stone  
ARNER Hattie F. 1870 1931      
ARNER Lillian E. 1894 1965   Family Stone  
AVERY Hannah     10/Sept/1845     Aged 75 Yrs 6 mo's  Wife of Josiah Avery
BABCOCK Evelina           Aged 48 Years
BABCOCK Rachael     28/Sep/1831     In her 57 year  Wife of Silas BABCOCK
BACON Mary E.   19/Jul/1851     w/o Marquis D. BACON  d/o  E. & A. MORSE
BISHOP Harriet     22/Mar/1832     Daughter of Thomas & Phebe BISHOP
BISHOP Phebe     1/Sep/1854   Family Stone Aged 62 Years  w/o Thomas Bishop
BISHOP Thomas     25/Aug/1854   Family Stone Aged 67 Years
BRIDGMAN Anna     10/Nov/1865     Aged 72 Years  Wife of Asa BRIDGMAN
BRIDGMAN Asa     11/Dec/1848     Aged 64 Yrs
BRIDGMAN Hannah   1834 1922     His Wife
BRIDGMAN Julia Ann   8/Sep/1840     Aged 23 Years 10 Months
BRIDGMAN Lola     4/Sep/1864     w/o Henry BRIDGMAN; d/o C & A WOODWORTH; 21 yr.
BRIDGMAN Thomas   1834 1907      
BROOKS Chas     8/Jul/1851     A. 67 Yr
BROOKS Hiram     25/July/1822      
BROOKS Isabel     1/Dec/1847     Aged 49 Yrs  Wife of Charles BROOKS
BROOKS Mathew T.   18/July/1841   Family Stone Son of Charles & Isabel BROOKS
BUSH Charles N. 1865 1950      
BUSH Dale H. 1893 1966      
BUSH Gertrude Bates 1870 1961      
BUSH John   14/Oct/1829 21/Oct/1897   Family Stone  
BUSH Julia M. Leonard 17/Dec/1832     Family Stone  
FORD Charles   1854 1886      
FORD Charles D.          
FORD Hannah     10/Oct/1831     Aged 82 yrs  wife of Thomas FORD
FORD Harriett E.          
FORD Irwin J. 1823 1906      
FORD Maria A. 1826 1909      
FORD Sally   1830 1918      
FORD Thomas     13/Jul/1829 Revolution War   Aged 81 yrs
FRY Ella C. 1855 1935      
GIDDINGS Infant           d/o William & Maria GIDDINGS
GIDDINGS Maria Webber 26/Jul/1812 19/Aug/1897   Family Stone w/o William Giddings
GIDDINGS William E.   1844     aged 22 das s/o William & Maria GIDDDINGS 
GIDDINGS William   10/Jan/1810 26/Dec/1887   Family Stone  
HEATH Freddie H.   17/Mar/1865     Aged 5 Yrs & 8 Mos; Henry & Sandra Heath
HUBBARD Edwin S.   20/Mar/1855     Aged 1yr 1 mo& 18 ds  Son of Eri & Elvira HUBBARD
HUBBARD Elvira   1828 1909      
HUBBARD Eri   1818 1899      
HUBBARD Nathan       War of 1812    
KERR Thomas   6/May/1815 30/Nov/1887      
KINCAID Agens   1792 1867      
KINCAID Eliza A. 22/Dec/1822 30/Jun/1895   Family Stone  
KINCAID James H. 24/Feb/1813 4/May/1890   Family Stone  
KINCAID Lucy A.   5/Aug   Family Stone Wife of J. H. KINCAID
KINCAID           Family Stone  
LAKE Julia     25/Apr/1884   Family Stone Aged 79 Yrs
LEONARD Easter     --/Feb/--      
LEONARD G. B.   7/Oct/1884   Family Stone Aged 67 yrs
LEONARD Kate   1861 1935      
LEONARD Kezia     2/Oct/1851     Aged 83 yrs  Wife of Levi LEONARD
LEONARD Levi   1799 1879      
LEONARD Lucretia B.   29/Aug/1871     Aged 73 Years  Wife of Levi LEONARD
LEONARD Lucretia     1830     Aged 10 mo; d/o Levi & Lucretia LEONARD
LEONARD Jr. Levi     8/Dec/1856   Family Stone Aged 27 yrs 2 mo  Son of Levi & Lucretia LEONARD
LEONARD, Cap Levi     23/Jun/1832 War Veteran    
LESE Malvina            
LOOMIS Ida     4/Dec/1870     d/o M & S. Loomis 
LOOMIS Josiah     20/Nov/1851     Aged 73 years 3mo
LOOMIS Lucretia R.   9/Jan/1892   Family Stone Aged 45  years 
LOOMIS Mary     8/Jun/1849     In her 34 Year  Daughter of Josiah & Rebecca LOOMIS
LOOMIS Mervin C. 24/Jan/1853 2/May/1905   Family Stone  
LOOMIS Miranda     10/Aug/1885   Family Stone Aged  71 years 
LOOMIS Rebbcca     5/Aug/1827     Aged 64  years  Wife of Josiah LOOMIS
LOOMIS Rex     10/May/1835     In the 22 year of his age
LOOMIS Sophia Barton 14/Sep/1817 1/Dec/1901   Family Stone His Wife
LOOMIS Winfield S. 20/Nov/1841 26/Jan/1881     Aged 39 years
LOOMIS Jr. Josiah   30/Apr/1821 18/May/1881     Aged 60 years
MARVIN Eliza B. 1808 1892      
MARVIN Hannah     15/Feb/1877     Aged 21 Years
MARVIN Morgan A.   5/May/1857     Aged 24 yrs
MARVIN Unknown     6/Apr/1871      
MERRELL Tempie E.   12/Jan/1871     Aged 81 Years  Wife S. G. MERRELL
MORSE Abiah   29/Sep/1775 Dec/1872     Wife of Elias MORSE
MORSE Abiah         Family Stone Wife of Elias MORSE
MORSE Elias   6/Apr/1726 26/Dec/1856   Family Stone Aged 86 yrs   Born Mass.
MORSE Elias     26/Dec/1856     Aged 80 Years
MORSE Maria L.       Family Stone  
MORSE Milton     --/9/--     s/o Elias & -- MORSE
MORSE Unknown           Children of Marion & Electa Morse
P.. L.           (probably Thomas Percival)
PALMER  C. S. 1807 1846   Family Stone  
PALMER  Infant         Family Stone Children of Benjamin E. & ---- PALMER
PALMER  Infant         Family Stone Children of Benjamin E. & ---- PALMER
PALMER  Persis M. 7/Jan/1804 20/Nov/1877   Family Stone Wife of V. B. PALMER
PALMER  Rubie     20/Jun/1829     Wife of Mr. Gilbert PALMER
PALMER  S. E. 1803 1888   Family Stone  
PALMER  Varnum   22/Jun/1801 Dec/1876   Family Stone  
PALMER, Cap Gilbert     2/May/1828   Family Stone Aged 63 yrs  
PARKER Claudius L. 30/Dec/1845 30/Jul/1883   Family Stone  
PARKER Unknown   1850 1902   Family Stone His Wife
PERCIVAL Luther     22/Nov/1839     Aged 14 mo
PERCIVAL Thomas     27/Jan/1839     Aged 34 Years
PERCIVAL Warren     2/Jun/1841   Family Stone Aged 73 Yrs & 9 ms
PERINE Eliza J.   Mar/18     Wife of M. T. PERINE
SAWDEY Etta J. 1857 1894      
SNOW Albert   1832 1834      
SNOW Azro     11/Jan/1859     Aged 30 Yrs 27 ds
SNOW Blin   1797 1837      
SNOW Henry   1828 1832      
SNOW Luther   1830 1832      
SNOW Orpha   1799 1854      
SPELLMAN Abbie L.   13/Feb/1893   Family Stone Aged 75 Yrs  Wife of Henry SPELLMAN
SPELLMAN Abbie L.   February 189-      Wife of Henry SPELLMAN
SPELLMAN Anna   1807 1870      
SPELLMAN Castara  J.   9/Jun/1852     Aged 10 Years 9 Mo's 6d's  Daughter of Henry & Abbie SPELLMAN
SPELLMAN Charles   12/May/1810 9/Jan/1875   Family Stone  
SPELLMAN Emma   12 August 1847       His Wife
SPELLMAN Henry     27/Feb/1867     Aged 49 Yrs
SPELLMAN Henry     27 February 1867     Aged 49 Yrs
SPELLMAN Luther   1779 1863   Family Stone  
SPELLMAN Luther A. 4 September 1846 3-Jun-05 Civil War   Co C. 177 Regt. O.V.I.
SPELLMAN Luvina   29/May/1811 6/Aug/1840   Family Stone Wife of Charles SPELLMAN
SPELLMAN Sally   10/Nov/1865 18/Sep/1890   Family Stone  
SPELLMAN Truman F.   6 January 1870      
STANHOPE Charles B.       Family Stone  
T. E.            
TICKNOR Clarissa   30/Mar/1812 20/Jun/1892   Family Stone  
TICKNOR Herman C. 3/Jun/1873 2/Apr/1875   Family Stone  
TICKNOR Mary A. 13/Oct/1806 9/May/1871   Family Stone  
TICKNOR Sidney   23/Aug/1888 13/Jan/1890   Family Stone  
TOURGEE Clarrena Ann 2/Jun/1800 19/Jan/1873   Family Stone Born in Lee, Mass.  Wife of Cyrus TOURGEE
TOURGEE Cyrus W.       Family Stone  
TOURGEE Louisa E.   13/Feb/1843     Aged 33   Wife of V. TOURGEE
TOURGEE Ophelia A.   5/Jan/1858     Aged 22 yrs
TOURGEE Voluntine     6/Jul/1850     Aged 77 yrs
UKNOWN Emma            
UKNOWN Ruth            
UKNOWN William            
UNKNOWN           Family Stone  
UNKNOWN           Family Stone  
UNKNOWN       7/Jun/1891   Family Stone 38 yrs
WALKER Emeline   1821 1892   Family Stone  
WALKER Flora R.   1848      
WALKER Josiah   1817 1900   Family Stone  
WALKER Orrin   1844 1892   Family Stone  
WALKER Riley D. 1854 1929      
WALKER Stanley C.   1853     Aged 9 mos
WINEGAR Zach     28/Oct/1816     Died Williamsfield, Of Lee, Mass.
WOODWORTH Abby     21/Jan/1877   Family Stone Aged 35 Years
WOODWORTH Abel M. 1832 1923      
WOODWORTH Abigal M. 12/Sep/1803 14/Apr/1889   Family Stone His Wife
WOODWORTH Albigence   17/Nov/1788 30/May/1875 War of 1812 Family Stone  
WOODWORTH Alexander H.   8/Feb/1858     Aged 29  years 
WOODWORTH Almira Snow 1837 1917      
WOODWORTH Burton         Family Stone Infant Son Of L. Z. & E. WOODWORTH
WOODWORTH Catherine   27/Apr/1816 22/Feb/1884   Family Stone His Wife
WOODWORTH Charity     19/Jan1819   Family Stone Aged 49 Yrs  Wife of Horatio WOODWORTH
WOODWORTH Charles     09/Dec/1879   Family Stone  
WOODWORTH Cyril   21/Feb/1825 10/Apr/1865   Family Stone  
WOODWORTH Cyril   25/Jun/1819 9/Apr/1899   Family Stone  
WOODWORTH Darius   1826 1912     Rev.
WOODWORTH Diodate     28/Jan/1886 War Veteran   Aged 95 Years
WOODWORTH Electa A. 28/Jul/1835 21/Apr/1904   Family Stone His Wife
WOODWORTH Elizabeth   4/Mar/1806 11/Aug/1871   Family Stone  
WOODWORTH Emily     11/April/1850     2 yrs 7 mos; d/o C & A WOODWORTH
WOODWORTH Emily J. 1822 1892   Family Stone  
WOODWORTH Experence     2/Jun/1846     Aged 87 Yrs  Wife of E. WOODWORTH
WOODWORTH Ezra       Revolution War   Fitch's Co. 4 Conn. Regt. 
WOODWORTH Ezra   21/Feb/1817 3/Jun/1874 Civil War   Son of A. & S. WOODWORTH
WOODWORTH Freddie     12/Dec/1867     Aged 21 Da. J. H. & L. WOODWORTH
WOODWORTH Horatio     25/May/1863     Aged 67 Years
WOODWORTH Horatio   1822 1896   Family Stone  
WOODWORTH Julania     4/Mar/1868     Aged 67 Years   Wife of Diodate WOODWORTH
WOODWORTH Lamira     21/May/1869      
WOODWORTH Luther   15/Mar/1801 3/Aug/1875   Family Stone  
WOODWORTH Luther L.   28/Feb/1853     M.D.
WOODWORTH Lysander Z. 17/Aug/1836 22/Jun/1894   Family Stone  
WOODWORTH Maria     13/Nov/1865     Aged 39 Yrs  Wife of L. L. WOODWORTH
WOODWORTH Orrilla     7/Jul/1854     Aged 55 yr 3 m 7 d
WOODWORTH Phebe     18/Sep/1852   Family Stone Aged 49 Years  His Wife
WOODWORTH Rachael M. 21/Feb/1817 12/Mar/1897   Family Stone His Wife
WOODWORTH Roseltha I. 1847 1884     Wife of Judson H. WOODWORTH
WOODWORTH Rossel W.   16/Apr/1855     Aged 18 Yrs  Son of Rufus & Jane WOODWORTH
WOODWORTH Sally     25/Mar/1826     w/o Albigence WOODWORTH; 34 yrs
WOODWORTH Samuel     9/Mar/1872     Aged 73 yr 8 mon
WOODWORTH Sereno T.   1849      
WOODWORTH Tempy Ellen 14/Aug/1838 12/Feb/1841   Family Stone Their Daughter
WOODWORTH Wilmot S.   26/Feb/1858     Aged 5yrs 2 mos;s/o Horatio & Emily J.WOODWORTH
WOODWORTH Zelis L. 1832 1922