Gageville, Sheffield Twp.


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Gageville.  North side of Plymouth-Gageville Rd. west of State Rt. 193 intersection at Gageville.  Coordinates:  41° 50’ 42.68” N, 80° 40’ 7.3” W
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ADAMS Laura M. 8-Apr-1919 10-Sep-1991      
ALLEN Saloma T. 7-Oct-1886 3-Oct-1892   Family Stone Born at Danby, Vt.  Wife of W. ALLEN
ALLEN William   16-Jun-1835 14-May-1886   Family Stone Born at Danby, Vt.  
AMIDON Ethel Fassett 1889 1957      
ANDREJACK Robert J. 25-Apr-1940        
ANDREJACK Roberta J. 17-Jan-1952
ANTHONY Ardys M. 1907 1996      
APP Jason     18-Apr-1980      
ARCARO William A. 21-Mar-1961 10-Apr-1974      
ARCARO Anthony R. 1927        
ARCARO Joyce L. 1935 1994      
ARCARO William V. 1901 1982      
ARCARO Clara M. 1908 1983      
ARCHIBALD Agnes Cowan 1873 1953      
ARMSTRONG Gertrude   1874 1954   Family Stone  
ARMSTRONG Alvie L. 1895 1919 World War I Family Stone Co. B  51st INF. 6th DIV.
ARMSTRONG Charlie   1870 1913      
ARTMAN Mindy Suzanne 25-Sep-1979 4-Dec-1996   Family Stone Class Of 1997  DCHO DHO ACJVS  Edgewood  ACMC Lab Tec  First Baptist Church  Camp Koinonia Youth
ASHLEY Alma   1878 1963      
ASHLEY Brid   1875 1948      
ATKINS Esther Newton 1848 1940      
ATWATER Matilda     27-Aug-1864   Family Stone Aged 54 Y's 10m.  Wife of J. T. ATWATER
ATWATER John T.   22-Feb-1839   Family Stone Aged 43 y's 3 m. 15 d.
ATWATER John C.   14-Apr-1838   Family Stone Aged 17 days  Son of John T. & Matilda E. ATWATER
ATWATER           Family Stone Infant Son of John T. & Matilda E. ATWATER
ATWATER Babbiet A.   12-Oct-1854   Family Stone Ae. 3 m.  11 d.  Son of Chancy W. & Elizabeth ATWATER
ATWATER Chancy W. 1836 1885   Family Stone  
ATWATER Eliza Kemp 4-Dec-1830 10-Jan-1907   Family Stone His Wife  Born Dorshire, Eng.
ATWATER Matilda   Oct-1887 Jun-1890   Family Stone Dau. Of John & Nellie ATWATER
AU David E. 15-Oct-1942 2-Oct-1998 Vietnam Family Stone RM1  US Navy  Beloved Papa
AU Beverly Jean 2-Sep-1945 23-Jan-2015   Family Stone Beloved Wife
AUSTIN Mother   1810 1907      
AUSTIN Martha E. 1844 1921      
AUSTIN Laura E. 1850 1886   Family Stone  
AUSTIN James W. 1849 1930   Family Stone  
AUSTIN John J. 1884 1966   Family Stone  
AUSTIN Olive R. 1877 1962   Family Stone  
AUSTIN Laura E. 1911 2001   Family Stone  
AUSTIN Clem L. 1875 1950   Family Stone  
AUSTIN Edgar L. 1915 2003     Married September 15 1940
AUSTIN Evelyn W. 1918       Married September 15 1940
AVERILL Henry   1825 1887   Family Stone Gone Home
AVERILL Eunice   1828 1877   Family Stone His Wife   Gone Home
AVERY Porter A. 1852 1919   Family Stone  
AVERY Helen   1849 1914   Family Stone His Wife
AVERY Nellie P. 1886 1953      
AVERY Lloyd H. 1888 1980      
AVERY Mary F.   11-Mar-1863   Family Stone Aged 39 yrs  Wife of J. P. AVERY
AVERY Frankie     18-Jan-1867   Family Stone Aged 1 yrs 6 ms 11 ds.  Daughter of J. P. & Belinda AVERY
AVERY Belinda     28-Jun-1868   Family Stone Aged 29 Yrs.  Wife of J. P. AVERY
AVERY J. P. 25-Nov-1825 19-Apr-1912   Family Stone  
AVERY Ann Eliza   14-Nov-1891   Family Stone Aged 57 Yrs.  Wife of J. P. AVERY
AVERY Charles C. 1858 1938     Father
AVERY Walter G. 1893 1917      
AVERY Ernest E.   5-Sep-1895   Family Stone Aged 2 Dys.  Son of C. C. & E. K. AVERY
BABCOOK Dolly     1907     Mother
BAKER W. H. 1860 1918      
BAKER C. L. 1862 1918   Family Stone Son
BAKER Ammi     17-Jun-1865   Family Stone  
BAKER Betsey     9-Aug-1853   Family Stone Aged 66 Years 5 Ms  Wife of Ammi BAKER
BAKER Lovinda M.   12-Sep-1813   Family Stone Ae. 21 yrs 2 m's & 6 ds     Daughters of Ammi & Betsey BAKER
BAKER Amy A.   11-Aug-1814   Family Stone Ae. 19 yrs 6 ms & 7 ds   Daughters of Ammi & Betsey BAKER
BAKER Eliza M.   13-Mar-1815   Family Stone Aged 8 yrs 7 m's  Dau. Of L. W. & Nancy BAKER
BAKER J. F. 1858 1913      
BAKER Antoinette Rugg 1885 1943     Wife of J. F. BAKER
BAKER Clifford J. 1891 1943      
BALDWIN Chas. W.     Civil War   2 Minn. Cav.
BALDWIN Edythe G. 1907 1964      
BALDWIN Naomi R. 21-Apr-1936 21-Oct-1995   Family Stone  
BALDWIN Richard J. 14-Jan-1939 18-Aug-2001   Family Stone  
BANCROFT Jay H. 1919 1921   Family Stone  
BANCROFT Lynn T. 1896 1919   Family Stone  
BANCROFT Otis I. 1891 1947     Father
BANCROFT Margaret M. 1892 1930     Mother
BANCROFT Herbert F. 1882 1958   Family Stone  
BANCROFT Lysle   1919 1920   Family Stone Son
BANCROFT Edith   1879 1973   Family Stone Wife
BANCROFT           Family Stone Our Baby
BANCROFT Eva M. 1859 1947      
BANCROFT Fred   1861 1942   Family Stone And Children
BANCROFT Mary L. 1861 1934   Family Stone And Children
BANCROFT Frank L. 1859 1917      
BANCROFT Merle L. 1911 1987      
BANCROFT Arletta   1918 2008      
BANCROFT Robert D. 11-Jan-1927 3-May-2003 World War II Family Stone TEC 4 US Army  Military Policeman
BANCROFT Corinne J. 1927     Family Stone  
BANCROFT Barbara A. 18-Jul-1927 24-Sep-2007   Family Stone  
BANCROFT, Jr. Otis I. 13-Jul-1924 16-Apr-2009 World War II Family Stone TEC 5  US Army
BATES Francis   1814 1890   Family Stone  
BATES Sarah   1829 1887   Family Stone His Wife
BATES John   1861 1881   Family Stone Their Son
BAUGHER Richard E. 2-Jul-1940 22-Feb-1999 War Veteran   A2C  US Air Force
BAUGHER Joanne L. 20-Jan-1941        
BAUGHMAN Myrl E. 3-Jan-1907 8-Jun-1958 World War II Family Stone Chief U.S.N.   Ohio BTGC US Navy
BAUGHMAN Hazel E. 1901 1974   Family Stone  
BECK David O. 21-Sep-1895 21-Jan-1965 World War I Family Stone Ohio Pfc  US Army
BECK Mary C. 1900 1969   Family Stone  
BENETKA Maria   1851 1928   Family Stone  
BENETKA James   1856 1932   Family Stone  
BENETKA Bertha   1894 1968      
BENETKA James   1892 1958      
BENETKA Pauline V. 1920 1967      
BENETKA Frank   1914 2008      
BENETKA Ann Rose 4-May-1915 9-Jun-1988      
BENETKA Randy P.   19-May-1956     Beloved Brother
BENNETT Ruth E. 1904 1922   Family Stone  
BENNETT Edith K. 1910 1919   Family Stone  
BENNETT Mary M. 1875 1951   Family Stone  
BENNETT William H. 1878 1913   Family Stone  
BENNETT Frances R.     Aug-1863   Family Stone Aged 14 yrs.  Dau. Of E. S. & E. G. BENNETT
BENNETT Ezra G.   Feb-1864   Family Stone Aged78 yrs.
BENNETT Martin       Civil War   Co. R 33rd Ind Inf.
BENNETT Clifford L. 5-Aug-1910 6-Jul-1940   Family Stone  
BENNETT Minnie B. 1893 1971      
BENNETT W. Dee 1891 1963 World War I    
BENNETT James I. 12-Mar-1951 10-Apr-1959      
BENNETT Dale L. 23-Dec-1952 23-Apr-1957      
BENNETT Jay Charles 12-Aug-1927 26-Sep-1954 World War II   Ohio  Cpl  Army Air Force
BENNETT William H. 1878 1913      
BENNETT Mary   1875 1951      
BIRCH Geo. W.     Civil War   Co. A  29th Ohio Inf.
BLAKE Grace M. 1882 1961      
BLISS Beriah     9-Oct-1870   Family Stone Aged 64 Years 6 Mos.
BLISS Byron B.   11-Dec-1859   Family Stone Aged 1 years 11 mo. & 11 ds.  Son of Beriah & Mary BLISS
BLISS Mary     25-May-1884   Family Stone Aged 77 yrs 10 m. 18 d.  Wife of Beriah BLISS
BLISS Jr. Beriah     23-Jan-1865   Family Stone Aged 8 yrs
BLODGETT Sherman E.   1-Jul-1863   Family Stone Aged 15 years  Son of Ira A. & Alice  BLODGETT
BOJANOWSKI Clementine J. 1927 1988 War Veteran Family Stone Buddy
BOJANOWSKI Theresa C. 1931     Family Stone  
BONNELL Ellsworth B. 1863 1937      
BONNELL Elizabeth   1806 1888      
BOUDEMAN Sarah   1850 1937   Family Stone  
BOUDEMAN Henry J. 1850 1923   Family Stone  
BOWDEN J. L. 1871 1934     V. S. V. D.
BOWDIN J. L. 1871 1934   Family Stone V. S. -- V. D.
BOYNTON Lyman     15-Apr-1869   Family Stone Aged 52 Yrs.
BOYNTON Mary     17-Sep-1863   Family Stone Wife of Lyman BOYNTON
BRADEN Craig S. 14-Sep-1969 18-Nov-2013     Love Without End, Amen
BRADEN Darlene A. 8-Apr-1949        
BRADEN Larry D. 30-Oct-1949 21-Feb-2007      
BRADEN Jessica Nicole 20-Sep-1994 22-Sep-1994      
BRAINARD Jennie L.   28-Jun-1891   Family Stone Age 24 Years  Dau. Of Austin & Laura BAINARD
BRAINARD Levi   4-Feb-1928 2-Jun-1896   Family Stone  
BRAINARD Laura A. 10-Aug-1832 19-Jan-1903   Family Stone His Wife
BRAINARD Jane L.   17-Nov-1862   Family Stone Aged 30 Yrs.  Wife of Levi BRAINARD
BRAINARD Jabez     24-Mar-1830     Ae. 61 yrs.
BRAINARD Abigail     14-Nov-1854     Ae 82 yrs.  Wife of Jabez BRAINARD
BRAINARD Lucretia     1-Oct-1863   Family Stone Aged 57 Yrs.  Wife of Ira BRAINARD
BRAINARD Ira     4-Dec-1880   Family Stone Aged 80 Yrs. 10 M. 4 Days
BRAINARD Susan     1835     Ae. 39 Yrs.  Wife of Ira BRAINARD
BRAKE H. J. 23-Apr-1864 30-Dec-1916      
BRAKE Alice E. 23-Jul-1871 14-Jan-1931      
BRAKE Mabel S. 3-Oct-1904 15-Oct-1905      
BRANARD Henry     2-Nov-1865   Family Stone Aged 32 Yrs.
BRATCHER Terry Dean 27-??-1960 5-Nov-2011      
BRISTOW Jane A.   29-Jan-1892   Family Stone Aged 64 Yrs. 6 M 21 D.
BRISTOW James     18-May-1896   Family Stone Aged 71 Yrs.
BROUGHTON Samuel K. 1825 1903   Family Stone  
BROUGHTON Lydia   1821 1904   Family Stone His Wife
BROWN Mildred   1904 1993      
BROWN Merle B. 1899 1965      
BROWN Clara K. 11-Nov-1913 1-Apr-2014      
BROWN Joseph N. 22-May-1903 18-Aug-1977      
BUMPUS Lottie S. 1877 1952      
BUMPUS Charles H. 1877 1933      
BURCH Harold E. 9-Apr-1899 8-Jan-1989 World War II Family Stone Pvt  US Army
BURCH Amelia   1881 1963   Family Stone  
BURCH Henry F. 1876 1942   Family Stone  
BURCH Reed H. 1907 1987 War Veteran Family Stone  
BURCH Agnes B. 1914 1995   Family Stone  
BURGE James H.   1843     Ae. 2 Yrs.  Son of Wm. & Melinda BURGE
CALAWAY Rufus W. 1835 1898   Family Stone  
CALAWAY Clara A. 1840 1916   Family Stone His Wife
CAMPBELL Clyde H. 25-Mar-1904 26-Dec-1985 War Veteran Family Stone Married Aug 14, 1926
CAMPBELL M. Nora 9-Jul-1906 22-Feb-1987   Family Stone Married Aug 14, 1926
CAMPBELL Stephen   R. 1956 1979      
CAMPBELL Richard E. 17-Dec-1931     Family Stone Married Sept 10 1950
CAMPBELL Lola L. 1-Feb-1933 6-Jan-2006   Family Stone Married Sept 10 1950
CAMPBELL Leory C. 13-Oct-1937     Family Stone Proud Parents Larry, Debbie, Jerry, Doug, Sharon, Dale, Susan, Dana, Bob, Darren
CAMPBELL Ruth Ann 8-Jul-1940     Family Stone Proud Parents Larry, Debbie, Jerry, Doug, Sharon, Dale, Susan, Dana, Bob, Darren
CAMPBELL Dale A. 24-Jul-1962 6-Mar-1989   Family Stone Brother-Son   "See Ya Later Buddy…. Luv Ya"
CANARO Luman A.          
CANARO Eliza            
CARLSON Lena M. 1898 1979   Family Stone  
CARLSON Henry   1892 1990 World War I Family Stone Sgt 19th Eng.  France Enl June 5 1917  Dis May2 1919
CARTER Lawrence K. 1851 1917   Family Stone  
CARTER Eliza E. 1848 1932   Family Stone  
CARTER Henry C. 1892 1953   Family Stone  
CARTER John H. 1890 1914   Family Stone  
CARTER Harlow W. 1845 1915   Family Stone  
CARTER Lovina B.       Family Stone His Wife
CARTER Irene J. 1910 1969      
CASE Harold M. 1916 2007      
CASE Arlene   1921 2003      
CASE Virgil E. 20-May-1915 4-Nov-1982 World War II   US Army
CASSIDY Patrick   18-Mar-1803 26-Apr-1856   Family Stone Born in Ontario
CASSIDY Hannah Herrick 20-Dec-1811 13-Oct-1887   Family Stone Born in Ontario
CEVELAND D.       Civil War   Co. F. 2 Ohio Cav.
CHAMBERS Mary Mae 28-May-1942 18-Nov-2013   Family Stone Ducro Funeral Home
CHAPIN Elva Adella 1825 May-1877   Family Stone Daughter of Asil & Asenath SHAW  Wife of Sam G. CHAPIN
CHAPIN Grace     1877   Family Stone Infant Daughter of Elva SHAW CHAPIN
CHAPIN Earl D. 1879 1962   Family Stone  
CHAPIN Mabel M. 1880 1963   Family Stone  
CHAPIN Royden D. 1904     Family Stone  
CHAPIN Bertha R. 1909     Family Stone  
CHAPIN Lila Mae 1911 1914   Family Stone  
CHAPIN R. S. 1846 1893   Family Stone  
CHAPIN Laura   1848 1935   Family Stone  
CHAPIN Christiania Clute 1826 1904   Family Stone Wife of C. S. CHAPIN
CHAPIN Charles S.   16-Oct-1851   Family Stone Aged 29 Yrs. 6 Ms. & 5 Ds.
CHAPIN Anna         Family Stone Aged 7 Yrs.
CHAPIN Royden D. 1904 1991      
CHAPIN Bertha R. 1909 1993      
CHAPMAN Little Johney   18-Mar-1866   Family Stone Aged 7 Mos   Son of J. D. & L. C. CHAPMAN
CHEBRA John C. 1910 1982      
CLARK Grace A. 1893 1936      
CLARK Azro M. 1851 1917   Family Stone  
CLARK Mary E. 1850     Family Stone His Wife
CLARK Frank H.       Family Stone There Son
CLARK Marion O.       Family Stone His Wife
CLARK Erastus     9-Sep-1883   Family Stone Aged 78 Yrs. 1 M. 21 D.
CLARK Harvey N. 13-Jun-1831 1-May-1908   Family Stone  
CLARK Irene E. 7-Jan-1832 31-Aug-1914   Family Stone His Wife
CLARK Willis H. 1868 1931   Family Stone  
CLARK Ella   1865 1937   Family Stone  
CLARK Lester A. 1824 1904 Civil War Family Stone Co. B. 6 Ohio Cav.
CLARK Clementine   1830 1881   Family Stone His Wife
CLARK Arthur     17-Oct-1889   Family Stone  
CLARK Celestia M.   Oct-1811     Ae. 11 Yrs.  Dau. Of Nathaniel & Mary CLARK
CLARK'S Erastus     30-Sep-1851   Family Stone Memory of Family
CLEVELAND Howard   1850 1939   Family Stone Father
CLEVELAND Sarah   1853 1909   Family Stone Mother His Wife
CLEVELAND June H. 1882 1956      
CLEVELAND Grace S. 1887 1976      
CLEVELAND Otto E. 1909 2002      
CLEVELAND Phylena E. 1914 2003      
CLEVELAND Kenneth Roy 1906 1926      
CLEVELAND Henry D. 1844 1906 Civil War Family Stone  
CLEVELAND Caroline A. 1845 1920   Family Stone His Wife
CLEVELAND     1809 1856   Family Stone Father
CLEVELAND     1810 1885   Family Stone Mother
CLEVELAND Lena M. 1870 1872   Family Stone  
CLEVELAND Carl P. 24-Mar-1878 30-Jan-1958   Family Stone  
CLEVELAND Maggie A. 28-Sep-1875 21-Dec-1966   Family Stone  
CLEVELAND Dale H. 31-May-1906 16-Jun-1933   Family Stone  
CLEVELAND G. Mabel 1903 1997      
CLEVELAND Nancy L.   1947      
CLEVELAND Floyd M. 1908 1994      
CLEVELAND Cleo M. 1912 2009      
CLEVELAND Raymond H. 1911 1994      
CLOSE Henry P. 1847 1924   Family Stone  
CLOSE Clarisa L. 1855 1928   Family Stone  
CLOSE M. S.     Civil War   Co. I. 109th N. Y. Inf.
CLUTE Abram   1821 1906   Family Stone  
CLUTE Lauray E. Inman 1825 1858   Family Stone Wife
CLUTE Betsey L. Brake 1831 1913   Family Stone Wife
CLUTE Laura A. 1861 1862   Family Stone  
CLUTE Milo C. 1863 1928   Family Stone  
CLUTE Mary Crist   19-Jan- 1871   Family Stone Aged 36 yrs. 2 m. 11ds.  Wife of R. S. H. Clute
CLUTE Rd S. H. 1819 1895   Family Stone  
CLUTE John E. 20-May-1858 15-Nov-1885   Family Stone Son of Jacob & N. M. CLUTE
CLUTE Charles   16-Oct-1860 12-Mar-1866   Family Stone  
CLUTE Jacob   13-Jan-1830 11-Dec-1908   Family Stone  
CLUTE Nancy   24-Nov-1837 3-Feb-1898   Family Stone His Wife
CLUTE Caroline     8-Sep-1879   Family Stone Aged 81 Yrs. 8 Mo. 21 Ds.  Wife of John D. CLUTE
CLUTE John D.   22-Aug-1875   Family Stone Aged 77 Yrs. 5 M. 12 Ds.
CLUTE Roxana Averill 1848 1921   Family Stone Gone Home
CLUTE Ome   1833 1912 Civil War Family Stone  
CLUTE Caroline   1832 1902   Family Stone His Wife
CLUTE Wilber M. 1858 1881   Family Stone  
COLBGROVE Mary A.   7-Nov-1865   Family Stone Aged 46 Years  Wife of Lewis CPLBGROVE
COLBURN Elisha     6-Dec-1880   Family Stone Aged 79 Yrs. 10 M. 4 D.
COLBY Eletha I. 1908 1989      
COLBY James   1802 1876   Family Stone  
COLBY Abigail   1790 1874   Family Stone His Wife
COLBY John F. 1823 1903   Family Stone  
COLBY Esther   1836 1902   Family Stone His Wife
COLBY James F. 14-Jan-1932 23-Oct-2008 War Veteran Family Stone Pfc  US Army   "The Agitator"
COLBY Loretta P. 19-Nov-1936     Family Stone  
COLE Diane M. 28-Nov-1951 13-May-2011     Beloved Mother, Grandmother, Daughter, Sister and Friend  In God's Care
CONARO Celestia     28-Mar-1869   Family Stone Age. 19 yrs. 1 mo 23 ds.  Wife of Luman L. CONARO
CONRAD Addie B.   2-Jan-1874   Family Stone Aged 26 Ys 4 Mo's  27 D.  Wife of Luman CONRAD
COOK Dannie J. 1939 2009      
COOK Barbara M. 1939        
COOLEY Harriet T.   10-Sep-1857   Family Stone Aged 25 Yrs  Wife of Hiram COOLEY
COOLEY Hiram     31-Dec-1889   Family Stone Aged 65 Yrs 1 M 28 D.
COOLEY Reuben     27-May-1866   Family Stone Aged 86 Years
COOLEY Symthia     7-Jan-1862   Family Stone Aged 76 Years
COOLEY Lyman     17-Apr-1871   Family Stone Aged 61 Yrs
COOLEY S.   1816 1894   Family Stone  
COOLEY Harriet   1828 1921   Family Stone His Wife
COOLEY Emily     2-Sep-1861   Family Stone Daughter of S. COOLEY
COOLEY Eva     11-Jul-18??   Family Stone Age 3 Ys. 3 Ms  Daughter of S. COOLEY
COOLEY S.     11-Mar-1856   Family Stone Age 21 days
COPELAND Penny L. 28-May-1932 1-Sep-1999   Family Stone  
COPELAND Robert L. 29-Dec-1931     Family Stone  
COSNER Hazel K. 1914 1921      
COSNER Alta M. 1886 1973      
COSNER Charles W. 1883 1970      
COSNER Caroline S. 1859 1913      
COSNER William W. 1856 1936      
COWAN George     13-Feb-1903   Family Stone Iron City Lodge No. 318, B. of L. F., Pittsburg, Pa. Son of R. H. & M. J. COWAN Aged 33 Years, 11 Mo's and 17 Days.
COWAN Robert H. 26-Mar-1836 24-Jul-1913   Family Stone Aged 77 Years, 3 Mos., 28 Days. Devoted Father. Asleep In Jesus.
COWAN Martha Jane       Family Stone Devoted Wife - Loving Mother.  Asleep In Jesus.
COWELL Hiram   1860 1923      
COWELL Augusta   1875 19--      
CRANE Hobert E. 11-Feb-1926 54-Dec-1996 World War II   PFC  US ARMY
CRAVER Daniel   1847 1921      
CRAVER Martha   1843 1927     His Wife
CRAWFORD Hazel W. 1857 1931   Family Stone  
CRAWFORD Mary E. 1861 1935   Family Stone  
CROSBY Calvin   9-Oct-1822 23-Feb-1897   Family Stone  
CURRY Hazel E.   3-Oct-1905   Family Stone Aged 8 M.  Dau. of L. & P. CURRY
CURRY Luther   1881 1950      
CURRY Pearl   1882 1958      
CURTIS Azuba     15-Nov-1843     Aged 32 Years  Wife of Charles CURTIS
CURTIS Ann Tyler 1800 1889      
CURTIS Luther   1795 1962      
CURTIS Albert   1824 1856      
CURTIS Harriet N.   24-Apr-1844   Family Stone Ae. 2 Yrs. 10 ms.  Daughter of Luther & Ann CURTIS
CUSANO Andrew J.   1986      
CUSANO Lawrence D. 1936 2003   Family Stone  
CUSANO Ann K. 1943 2006   Family Stone  
CUSANO Rhonda K. 1950 2005      
CUSANO William D. 1943        
CUSANO Sandra L. 4-Apr-1939        
CUSANO, Sr. John G. 5-May-1934 14-Nov-2010      
CUTLIP Sarah E. 1836 1907   Family Stone At Rest
DALRYMPLE Cleora     1928   Family Stone  
DALRYMPLE Harklas   8-Aug-1880 19-Dec-1887   Family Stone  
DALRYMPLE Alvira   1819 9-Apr-1888   Family Stone Second Wife
DALRYMPLE Louis   1797 15-Mar-1857   Family Stone First Wife
DANIELS Hannah     1-Dec-1865   Family Stone Aged 78 Yrs. 8 ms.   Wife of Timothy DANIELS
DAVIES Timothy            
De GENNARO Steven F. 1920 1988 World War II   Sgt  US Army  Ranger
De GENNARO Evelyn M. 1920 1999      
DEAK Steven M. 1917 1978      
DELISADE Lucy A. 1836 1907   Family Stone Wife of Wm. DELISADE  Asleep in Jesus
DEPUE David A. 11-Oct-1935 3-Aug-2009      
DEPUE Kathryn S. 24-Jul-1935        
DEWEY Dora A. 1862 1936      
DEWEY Eugene   1888 1889      
DEWEY David   1891 1893      
DEWEY Lavant W. 1849 1925      
DEWEY Fred   1881 1952      
DEWEY Ida J. 1888 1951      
DEWEY Raymond H. 1928 2011      
DEWEY Mary Jeanne 1925 1992      
DEWEY John H. 1907 1987      
DEWEY Tina J. 1907 1989      
DICE William K. 1917        
DICE Cora Lee 1916 2011      
DICKINSON Ozias   9-Sep-1784 15 Feb-1881   Family Stone  
DICKINSON Chloe   10-Oct-178? 15-Jan-1885   Family Stone His Wife
DICKINSON Julia   13-Oct-1808 28-Jan-1892   Family Stone  
DICKINSON Edward     Apr-1846     Ae. 32 Yrs.
DICKSON James     12-Jun-1869   Family Stone Aged 83 Years
DICKSON Jennie     27-Jan-1882   Family Stone  
DICKSON James O. 1841 1922 Civil War Family Stone 196 O.V.I.C.K.
DICKSON Susan A. 1850 1926   Family Stone  
DICKSON Raymond   1884 1953   Family Stone Father
DICKSON Lora   1883 1944   Family Stone Mother
DICKSON Frances A. 1912 1989   Family Stone  
DICKSON Claire   1919 1963   Family Stone Daughter
DICKSON Hugh G. 1915 1978   Family Stone  
DICKSON Bertty J. 1918 1963      
DICKSON James B. 1909 1988      
DICKSON James D. 10-Sep-1942 28-Jun-2005 Vietnam Family Stone A2C  US Air Force
DODD Jane E. 14-Apr-1943     Family Stone  
DODD Richard L. 8-Mar-1940 28-Sep-1999   Family Stone  
DOMAN Wanda B. Bancroft 1921 1996      
DOMAN John G. 1916 1991      
DONAHOE Tim   12-Nov-1952 20-Dec-1990   Family Stone In Loving Memory
DOUGLAS Sarah E. 1864 1937      
DRAKE Malenda M. 1809 1877   Family Stone  
DRAKE Lucy   1839 1856   Family Stone  
DRAKE Julia   1844 1869   Family Stone  
EASTMAN Hiram     30-Apr-1891   Family Stone Aged 83 Yrs. 10 Mo.
EASTMAN Polly     12-Nov-1879   Family Stone Aged 79 Yrs. 9 M. 14 D.
EATON H.     10-Apr-1871   Family Stone Aged 76 yrs  Dr.
ECKHARDT Ella M. 1890 1975      
ECKHARDT John B. 1917 1974      
EDIXON Donald   1936 2014   Family Stone Parents of Donald Jr., Daniel & Denis
EDIXON Nancy   1938 2011   Family Stone Parents of Donald Jr., Daniel & Denis
EDWARDS James Wesley 12-Dec-1920 3-Sep-1986 World War II Family Stone US Army
EDWARDS Ida L. 8-Apr-1924 7-Aug-2013   Family Stone  
ENOS Marion F. 1910 1957     Mother
ENOS Eugene   1960 1966     Our Son  Angle Of God
ENSELL Robert B. 1914 1994      
ENSELL Mary Jean 1919 1994      
ENSELL Robert Allen          
ENSELL Rose M. 1944        
ENSELL John Allen 8-Dec-1943 29-Dec-2013 Vietnam   SP5  Us Army
ENSELL, Sr. Robert G. 1941 2006      
ERNST James A. 1-Oct-1929 13-Sep-1998   Family Stone "Big Jim"
FARR Mary E. 1860 1910   Family Stone Wife of H. N. FARR
FARR Harry   1860 1949   Family Stone  
FARR Eva B. 1889 1955     Wife of Harry N. FARR
FARR Jessie G. 1890 1955      
FARR Walter H. 1887 1983      
FASSETT Edwin     1903   Family Stone  
FASSETT Anna   1872 1952   Family Stone  
FASSETT Frank E. 1869 1950   Family Stone  
FASSETT John   1837 1914   Family Stone  
FASSETT Lydia Maria 1844 1909   Family Stone His Wife
FASSETT Elsie   1891 1966   Family Stone  
FASSETT Archie   1885 1958   Family Stone  
FASSETT Tula   1887 1916   Family Stone  
FASSETT Gordon E. 1906 1958      
FEDDISH Betty Mae 1921 1998   Family Stone  
FEDDISH Peter   1917     Family Stone  
FELDE John   1894 1973      
FELDE Helen M. 1914 1975      
FELDE Jeanette V. 1930 2010   Family Stone  
FELDE Edward C. 1930 1986 War Veteran Family Stone  
FIELD Ethel L. 1894 1961      
FIELD Clarence W. 1894 1969      
FINK John H. 1889 1951      
FINK Edna O. 1892 1959      
FINK Golda     1910      
FINK Reed W. 1925 1930      
FINK John W. 1927 1933      
FINK Emery R. 1844 1899      
FINK Frank D.   20-Mar-1893   Family Stone Aged 36 Y's
FINK Catharine   29-Mar-1810 4-Oct-1890   Family Stone Wife of John FINK  With Jesus
FINK Irene A. 1894 1944   Family Stone  
FINK Melvin   1886 1964   Family Stone  
FINK Harold C. 1924 1982   Family Stone  
FINK Frank E. 1916 1995      
FINK Arvilla C. 1920 2006      
FINK Elmo G. 1915 1990 World War II Family Stone  
FINK Alice A. 1914 1994   Family Stone  
FINK David J. 1992 2008   Family Stone  
FINK Gerald M. 1920 1987 World War II   Cox  US Navy
FINLAYSON Anita Helmbreck 1905 1941      
FISCHER John J. 30-Oct-1925 27-Mar-1945 World War II Family Stone Ohio  PVT  546 INF  87 INF DIV
FISCHER James George 2-Jul-1924 9-Jul-1924   Family Stone  
FISCHER Julia   1898 1975      
FISCHER John M. 1894 1960      
FISCHER Viola B. 26-Sep-1925 18-Apr-2013     Married May 12 1945
FISCHER Elmer J. 6-Jun-1922 11-Mar-1966     Married May 12 1945
FISHBACK Curtis S. 1870 1957      
FISHBACK Cora B. 1869 1943      
FISHER Phyllis L. 15-Apr-1938 17-Oct-1997      
FISHER Connie Sue 18-Sep-1964 19-Sep-1964     Our Beloved Angel
FISHER Connie Lee 13-Dec-1956 11-Dec-2013      
FISHER Kenneth J. 13-Sep-1948 24-Aig-2004     Married May 23 1981
FISHER Patricia M. 6-Oct-1949       Married May 23 1981
FISHER, Sr. Edwin A. 3-Aug-1936        
FOX Florence G. 1896 1973   Family Stone  
FOX Frank L. 1888 1966   Family Stone  
FOX Henry E. 1938 1951   Family Stone  
FOX Olive M. 1867 1928   Family Stone Mother
FOX Henry E. 1863 1956   Family Stone Father
FOX Michael J. 1898 1956      
FOX Michael   1846 1916      
FRAZEE       10-Jul-1920     Twin Boys
FRAZEE Carl Henry 1885 1946      
FRAZEE Hattie R. 1888 1964      
FRAZEE Russell G. 1921 1965      
FREEMAN Hugh J. 6-Mar-1921 2-Mar-2001 World War II Family Stone Pfc  US Army
FREEMAN Alice M. 1-Aug-1924 29-Jul-2015   Family Stone  
FULLWILER Elizabeth A.   1900   Family Stone Aged 64 yrs.  Wife of P. FULLWILER
GAGE Joshua L. 25-Dec-1796 3-Feb-1881   Family Stone Born in Aackworth, N. H.
GAGE Anna Taft 27-Dec-1800 24-Nov-1857   Family Stone His Wife
GAGE Albert J. 11-Aug-1842 12-Nov-1868   Family Stone  
GAGE Freddie C.   12-Jan-1864   Family Stone Aged 1 year 10 ms  Son of A. W. & A. L. GAGE
GAGE Stephen T.     15-Jun-1874   Family Stone Aged 74 Yrs
GAGE Almira C.   23-Nov-1857   Family Stone Aged 18 Years ? Mos & 10 ds  Daughter of S. T. & H. GAGE
GAGE Ruth A.   15-Oct-1861   Family Stone Aged 13 years 10 mo & 15 ds  Daughter of S. T. & H. GAGE
GAGE Huldah Taft   8-Aug-1886   Family Stone Aged 82 Yrs  Wife of S. T. GAGE
GAGE Harriet   1-Oct-1824 2-Mar-1901   Family Stone His Wife
GAGE Lucian H.   15-May-1871   Family Stone Aged 40 years
GAGE Ruth R.   1860   Family Stone Aged 60 y's 7 ms  Wife of John R. Gage
GAGE John R.   7-Aug-1878   Family Stone Aged 85 years
GAGER             Infant Daughter of J. D. & D. M. GAGER
GASKELL Cynthia   1843 1916      
GERSMEHL Noah M. 1887 1959      
GERSMEHL Mary F. 1897        
GETSEY Ida Luce 1914 1967      
GILLETT Ruth ADELL 7-Mar-1887 19-Aug-1887   Family Stone  
GILLETT Mary E. 1861 1919   Family Stone  
GILLETT Eddie B. 1863 1918   Family Stone  
GILLETT Reuben   1807 1863   Family Stone  
GILLETT Susan   1806 1891   Family Stone His Wife
GILLETT Melvin L. 1845 1921 Civil War Family Stone Soldier War 1861-1865  Co. E 196 O.V.I.
GILLETT Susan Adell       Family Stone Infant Daughter
GILLETT Caroline     Oct-1866   Family Stone Aged 36 Yrs 8 Mos  Wife of Nelson GILLETT
GILLETT Nelson     26-Sep-1862   Family Stone Aged 33 Years
GILLETT David     27-Feb-1841   Family Stone Ae 75 Yrs. & 12 D's
GILLETT Johnson   1-Jul-1820 9-Oct-1891   Family Stone  
GILLETT Sophia     15-Jan-1857   Family Stone Ae 32 Yrs.  Wife of Johnson GILLETT
GILLETT Vernon A.   22-Sep-1864   Family Stone Aged 3 Yrs 1 M's & 10 d.  Son of Edward & Eliza GILLETT
GILLETT           Family Stone Infant dau. Of Edward & Eliza GILLETT
GILLETT Edward   1826 1901   Family Stone  
GILLETT Eliza J. 1929 1920   Family Stone His Wife
GILLETT Albion E. 1850 1970   Family Stone Their Son
GILLETT Crawford     15-Nov-1859   Family Stone Age 5 Mo's  Son of J. & S. GILLETT
GILLETT Wilber F.   11-Mar-1864   Family Stone Age 18 Y's  Son of J. & S. GILLETT
GILLETT Louisa   1877 1896     Wife of George A. GILLETT
GILLETT Laura E.   1858   Family Stone Ae. 4 Yrs.
GILLETT             Infant Daug. Of E. & E. J. GILLETT
GILLICH Nancy L. 1937 2009   Family Stone Married May 17 1958  Parents Of Peter J. Jr.  Bonnie L.  Grandparents Of Lisa, Jill, Corey, Jody
GILLICH Peter J. 1935     Family Stone Married May 17 1958  Parents Of Peter J. Jr.  Bonnie L.  Grandparents Of Lisa, Jill, Corey, Jody
GODENSCHWAGER Edward C. 13-Mar-1949 30-Jan-1985   Family Stone Daddy," We Miss You"  Love XOXO  Tami, Sheri
GORNICK Marian   1930 1998      
GREEN Ettie L. 30-Jun-1868 8-Dec-1932   Family Stone  
GREENOUGH Erastus   1796 1842   Family Stone  
GREENOUGH Almira   1800 1852   Family Stone His Wife
GRIGGS Homer E. 1903 1996   Family Stone  
GRIGGS Nellie M. 1903 1979   Family Stone  
GROVER Bertha   1874 1924      
GUY Mary E. 1847 1933      
HADLOCK David     11-Apr-1939      
HADLOCK Baby Girl   11-Sep-1951      
HADLOCK Sue L. 1913 1953   Family Stone Wife
HADLOCK Glade S. 12-Oct-1909 20-Oct-1978 World War II Family Stone PFC  U. S. Army
HAKUNDY Philip G. 19-Jan-1960 24-Jan-2002      
HAKUNDY Ronald   1929 1979 War Veteran   Pfc  US Army
HALE Louise E. 1909 1986   Family Stone  
HALE John W. 1897 1967   Family Stone  
HALE       1936   Family Stone Baby
HALE Royal   1907 1920      
HAMILTON John   17-Sep-1913 22-Jan-1956 World War II Family Stone Ohio Pvt  2 Tfc Reg Bn Tc
HARDISKY Clara M. 12-Jan-1921 24-Jul-2010   Family Stone  
HARDISKY William C. 9-Mar-1929 15-Nov-1997   Family Stone  
HARDY Carrie E. 1856 1943   Family Stone  
HARDY Henry C. 1853 1929   Family Stone  
HARDY John   1824 1903   Family Stone Father
HARDY Jerusha   1825 1897   Family Stone His Wife Mother
HARE Leonard L. 1867 1888   Family Stone  
HASKINS Ralph A. 21-Nov-1917 18-Jul-2010 World War II Family Stone 2nd Lt  US Army Air Forces
HASKINS Janet E. 30-Dec-1918 6-Aug-2008   Family Stone  
HAWES Laura L. 1914 2000      
HAWES Clarence A. 1912 1991      
HAWES Alonozo L. 1868 1934   Family Stone  
HAWES Ninaetta   1874 1903   Family Stone  
HAWES Alta M. 1902 1959      
HAWKE Stacey Lynne 7-May-1970 9-Oct-1990     The Difference In Me Is Jesus
HAWKINS Horace Amds 1887 1899      
HAWKINS Erastus   1822 1909      
HAWKINS Polly   1829 1915     His Wife
HAWKINS George E.   6-Dec-1851   Family Stone Ae. 1 Year  Son of E. & Polly HAWKINS
HAWKINS George         Family Stone Ae. 10 Y's  6 Ms
HAWKINS Freddie R.   23-Feb-1867   Family Stone Aged 12 yrs. & 6 Mos.  Son of DeWitt C. & Julia R. HAWKINS
HAWKINS Buel C. 1861 1842   Family Stone  
HAWKINS Alona B. 1857 1937   Family Stone  
HAWKINS Oscar E. 15-Dec-1885 1-Nov-1912   Family Stone Oldest Son of B. C. & L. B. HAWKINS  Husband of Grace HAWKINS
HAWKINS             Infant Son of B. C. & L. B. HAWKINS
HEADLEY Robert E. 27-Dec-1930       Married Oct 29 1949
HEADLEY Alice L. 23-Dec-1929       Married Oct 29 1949
HEADLEY Phyllis Lee   23-Nov-1950   Family Stone  
HEADLEY Joseph Lynn 2-Dec-1987 21-Oct-1988     Here Lies A Little Angel…
HEADLEY Patricia   16-Mar-1941 1-Jan-2007      
HELMBRECK Jennie L. 1896 1981      
HELMBRECK Fred E. 1874 1959      
HERB Rose Ann 1942 2014     Married Sept. 24, 1966  Beloved Parents of Justine and Richard
HERB Russell Norman 1942       Married Sept. 24, 1966  Beloved Parents of Justine and Richard
HIBBARD Jedeoiah   1809 1889   Family Stone  
HIBBARD Mary   1817 1896   Family Stone His Wife
HIBBARD Evalyn A.   19-Dec-1865   Family Stone Aged 20 Ys. 2 Ms. 1 D.  Daughter of J. & Mary HIBBARD
HIGLEY Esther M. 1893 1964      
HIGLEY George   7-Oct-1892 20-Jul-1954 World War I   Ohio  1st Lt. 304 Repair Unit Mtc.
HILL Harriet Westcott   7-Mar-1865   Family Stone Aged 40 Years & 6 Mos  Wife of Harvey Hill
HILL Wyman     18-Oct-1857   Family Stone Aged 75 t's 3 m. & 11 D's
HILL Joanna     26-Feb-1854   Family Stone Ae. 66 yrs & 3 m.  Wife of Wyman HILL
HILLIKER Abbie   1892 1942   Family Stone  
HINES Francis M. 1841 1932 Civil War Family Stone Father  6 O. V. CAV.
HINES Fidelia Carter 1844 1909   Family Stone Mother   His Wife
HINES Charlotte   1856 1904   Family Stone  
HINES Charles   1856 1930   Family Stone  
HINES Julia D.   29-Aug-1853   Family Stone Ae. 2 ys & 3 m.  Daughter of Henry G. & Mariah H. HINES
HINES H. G.   26-Feb-1892   Family Stone Aged 78 yrs 8 m 7 d
HINES Mariah H.   2-May-1878   Family Stone His Wife  Aged 63 yrs 2 m 9 d
HINES Evelyn   1866 1944   Family Stone  
HINES Elbert   1867 1960   Family Stone  
HINES William E. 1882 1962      
HINES Jr. Henry     17-Sep-1858   Family Stone Ae. 5 Yrs.  Son of Henry G. & Mariah H. HINES
HIRSCH Genavieve S. 29-Sep-1920 16-Apr-1972      
HOARE Benjamin J. 1880 1964      
HOCHSCHILD Helen A. 1915 1994     Beloved Mother   Rest In Peace
HOCHSCHILD Ronald W. 1940 10-Sep-1980   Family Stone Precious Memories   See You In The Morning Love Sept. 10, 1980  Morning Was Broken
HOCHSCHILD Linda C. 1940     Family Stone Precious Memories
HOLLEY Ida Olin 1881 1950   Family Stone  
HOLLIDAY Estelle M. 1913 1953      
HOLLIDAY William R. 22-Mar-1901 4-May-1962 World War I & II   Massachusetts  TMSI  US Navy
HOLLY Ida Olin 1881 1953      
HOMMES Daniel A. 29-Dec-1950 8-Jul-1993 Vietnam Family Stone Pfc  US Marine Corps
HOMMES Daniel L. 14-Nov-1927 19-Jun-2003 World War II Family Stone In Gods Care  BT3  US Navy
HOMMES Joanne   30-Nov-1931 21-Oct-2004   Family Stone In Gods Care
HOOVER Aaron D. 27-Jan-1892 14-Jul-1985 World War I Family Stone Married June 19, 1918  Pvt  US Army
HOOVER Mabel G. 1895 1987   Family Stone Married June 19, 1918   
HOROWSKI Joseph   6-Jun-1912 6-Jul-2005 World War II Family Stone Married Apr 13 1967   TEC $ US Army
HOROWSKI Rose Hobe 25-Aug-1917 8-Mar-2011   Family Stone Married Apr 13 1967
HOUSE           Family Stone  
HOUSE G. A.     Civil War   Co. H  18th Mich Inf.
HOWARD Wille   1857 29-Sep-1858   Family Stone Aged 3 Yrs  Son of W. R. & J. T. HOWARD
HOWARD Wm. R. 1817 1877   Family Stone  
HOWARD Jane T. 1818 1909   Family Stone His Wife
HOWARD Willie   1857 1858   Family Stone  
HOWARD Helen   1840 1925      
HOWARD C. H. 1841 1921      
HOWARD Fred C. 1866 1938      
HOWARD Flora G. 1868 19--      
HOWARD Huber   1841 1885 Civil War   J. U. C. A. 85th Ohio Inf.
HOWE Samuel     11-May-1844   Family Stone Aged 85 yrs
HUFFMAN Elmer L. 1937 1965      
HUNT Anson   1823 1898   Family Stone  
HUNT Sylvia   1824 1885   Family Stone His Wife
HYATT Albert N. 1870 1943      
HYATT Mary M. 1871 1958      
HYRES Nancy     20-Oct-1857   Family Stone Aged 30 Yrs 8 ms 20 ds  Wife of John HYRES
HYRES Eliza   31-May-1842 24-Apr-1885   Family Stone Wife of John HYRES
HYRES John   13-May-1816 3-Oct-1904   Family Stone  
INEMAN John     1919     Father
INEMAN Mary     1918     Daughter
JACKETT Ruby Bumpus 1897 1950      
JAKERBOWSKI Julia   1906 2001      
JEFFORDS Eber   1898 1930      
JOHNSON Philo   1826 1919   Family Stone  
JOHNSON Philinda   1831 1901   Family Stone His Wife
JOHNSON Jennie May   27-Sep-1874   Family Stone Aged 3 Y'rs 9 Mo. 5 D'ys  Dau. Of P. & P. N. JOHNSOM
JOHNSON Orrie R. 1912 1982      
JOHNSON Florence C. 1906 1988      
JOHNSON Albert S. 1882 1960      
JOHNSON James Alvin   1961      
JOHNSTON Albert S. 1882 1960      
JOHNSTON James Alvin 5-Sep-1961 5-Sep-1961      
JOHNSTON Jr. John Raymond 15-Dec-1934 21-Dec-1934      
JONES Carroll R. 1939 1982 War Veteran Family Stone  
JONES Viola J. 1945     Family Stone  
KAHOUN Jerry C. 1902 1960   Family Stone  
KAHOUN Frank K. 1877 1923   Family Stone  
KAHOUN Mary   1877 1951   Family Stone  
KAHOUN Chrisrine H. 1920 1968      
KAHOUN Alfred W. 1911 1964      
KALINOWSKI Peter   25-Feb-1919 13-Oct-1989 World War II   Pfc  US Army  Purple Heart
KALLSTROM Ruth E. 1902 1949      
KALLSTROM William C. 27-Nov-1924 12-Oct-1996 World War II   SM2  U. S. Navy
KALLSTROM Peter E. 1901 1968      
KALLSTROM Clyde E. 1922 1945 World War II    
KANACK Patricia A. 8-Apr-1946       Married May 5, 1990
KANACK Stephen   A. 7-Nov-1944 25-Jul-2015 Vietnam   Married May 5, 1990  AG2  US Navy  Beloved Husband Father & Grandfather
KANGAS Samuel W. 18-Apr-1906 29-Dec-1960 World War II   Ohio Cpl. 1596 Base Unit AAF
KAPEN Joseph   21-Nov-1914 5-May-1990      
KAPEN Mildred E. 25-Apr-1920 12-Aug-1993      
KAPEN Patricia A. 20-Apr-1951        
KELLY Barbara J. 16-Oct-1942     Family Stone Married Nov. 24, 1962  "Till We Meet Again"
KELLY III James P. 2-Sep-1940 16-Jun-1995   Family Stone Married Nov. 24, 1962  "Till We Meet Again"
KEMP John D. 1800 1875      
KEMP Kezia Sibley 1803 1870      
KEMP John   1827 1909      
KEMP Elizabeth Stagg 1823 1901      
KEMP Mary E. 1835 1891     Mother of W. R. KEMP
KEMP Ida M. 1859 1931   Family Stone Mother
KEMP William R. 1862 1938   Family Stone Father
KEMP John S. 1853 1932   Family Stone  
KEMP Effie A. 1872 1960   Family Stone  
KEMP John W. 1901 1971      
KESTER Lottie E. 1876 1961      
KESTER Rosabelle   1905 1916      
KESTER Harry            
KESTER, JR. Harry   1903 1904      
KEYES Charles H. 1915 1981 War Veteran Family Stone  
KEYES Inez F. 1923 1994   Family Stone  
KEYES Charles Herbert 1915 1981 World War II   TEC5  US Army
KIDDER Marion Hines 1906 1972      
KINGSBURY Rexford L.   17-Dec-1850   Family Stone Age 8 Yrs 8 Mo. 7 D.  Son of Pierce & Mary Ann KINGSBURY
KINGSBURY Caroline     27-Jan-1842   Family Stone  
KINGSBURY Billings O.       Family Stone Aged 7 mos & 2? D.  Son of Samuel D. & Clarissa KINGSBURY
KINGSBURY Ira     2-Jun-1838   Family Stone Aged 61 Yrs  Born in Covington Ct.
KINGSBURY Caziah Richmond   18-Nov-1843   Family Stone Aged 58 Yrs   Born in Herkimer N. Y.
KINGSTON Philip   27-Nov-1933       Buck'
KINGSTON Sharon A. 21-Nov-1946 24-Feb-2004      
KNOWLES Tom   1905 1989     Married 61 Yrs.
KNOWLES Florence K. 1907 1988     Married 61 Yrs.  Flory
KOLASINSKI Bernice   1909 1996      
KOLASINSKI Stanley   1902 1986      
KOZAK Gloria F. 1932 1995   Family Stone Married June 2 1957
KOZAK Donald A. 1930 2014 War Veteran Family Stone Married June 2 1957
KRAMER Anthony   1870 1955      
KUBICHEK Ladimir   23-Dec-1904 24-Jun-2002   Family Stone Married July 27 1935
KUBICHEK Mary   25-Nov-1909 15-July-1999   Family Stone Married July 27 1935
KURTZ Mary   1870 1895   Family Stone  
KURTZ Charles   1889 1954     Dad
LAGONI Sarah Marie   6-Mar-1981      
LAIOSA Christopher Michael 9-Apr-1990 1-Feb-1995   Family Stone God Is Our Refuge And Our Strength
LAMONT Solomon     14-Dec-1844   Family Stone Aged 50 yrs.
LAMONT Betsey     30-Nov-1844   Family Stone Aged 52 yrs.  His Wife
LANE Fidelia A. 1894 1970      
LANE Levi H. 1890 1959      
LANE Floyd E. 24-May-1929 21-Apr-2002 World War II Family Stone Pfc  US Army Air Forces
LANE Lillian   15-Dec-1923 6-Oct-2005   Family Stone  
LARABEE Lovina E.   3-Feb-1842   Family Stone Aged 21 years and 8 mos.  Wife of Nathan C. LARABEE
LARGE Thomas Washington 16-Nov-1844 24-Jul-1882   Family Stone Son of Esther G. & Daniel R. LARGE
LAWRENCE Rose B. 1881 1940      
LAWRENCE Earnest N. 1877 1937      
LAWRENCE Lucy   1875 1959      
LAWRENCE Lucy   1875 1959   Family Stone  
LAWRENCE Eugene   1869 1944   Family Stone  
LAWRENCE Albert         Family Stone 10 Mos.
LAWRENCE Jesse         Family Stone 4 Yrs.
LAWRENCE Harry A. 1902 1953      
LAWRENCE Gordon P. 1904 1948      
LAWRENCE Mildred M. 1909 19--      
LEAP Otto   1888 1952      
LEE Marian S.   19-Sep-1881   Family Stone Aged 60 yrs.
LEE Catherine     16-Nov-1856   Family Stone Dau. Of M. S. & E. A. LEE
LEE John G.   20-Aug-1872   Family Stone Aged 47 yrs.
LEKANDER Swen D.     War Veteran Family Stone Married 1919
LEKANDER Ruby M.       Family Stone Married 1919
LETAK James   1912 1982      
LETAK Alice   1914 2007      
LETAK Vaclav   1874 1947      
LETAK Rosalie   1885 1969      
LEWIS Lucy Ruth 1915 1916   Family Stone  
LEWIS Charles F. 1909 1920   Family Stone  
LEWIS Isabella H. 1905 1922   Family Stone  
LEWIS Gertrude E. 1878 1966   Family Stone Mother
LEWIS Herbert W. 1871 1950   Family Stone Father
LILJA Helena E. 1911 2000      
LILJA Henry J. 1908 1979      
LILLIE Orson A. 1855 1923   Family Stone  
LILLIE Julia A. 1861 1944   Family Stone  
LILLIE Helen M. 1917        
LILLIE Alta M. 1891 1933      
LILLIE Roy A. 1889 1980      
LILLIE Howard V. 1903 1977      
LILLIE Belle E. 1907 1986      
LILLIE Leonard J. 24-Dec-1927 28-Dec-2009 World War II   AT2 US NAVY
LILLIE Renae Rogers 1937        
LILLIE Inez A. 1904 1925      
LILLIE Phebe A. 1860 1955      
LILLIE Ray O.   1889      
LILLIE Sidney S. 1851 1930      
LILLIE William O. 12-Mar-1823 19-Sep-1882   Family Stone  
LILLIE Emeline Peck 22-Sep-1826 1-Jan-1878   Family Stone Wife of Wm. LILLIE
LILLIE Esther E. 1890 1962      
LILLIE Harry A. 1886 1963      
LILLIE Maynard S. 1923        
LILLIE Lois M. 1925        
LILLIE Hazel A. 1897 1988      
LILLIE Edgar C. 1892 1963      
LILLIE Duane S. 1949     Family Stone  
LILLIE Sharon M. 1958     Family Stone  
LILLY Ethel M. 1883 1958      
LILLY Ralph D. 1887 1973      
LONG Inez H. 1873 1942      
LONG Otis L. 25-Feb-1906 4-Dec-1988 World War II Family Stone Pfc  US Army
LONG Edle E. 1907 1983   Family Stone  
LOUER Theodore H. 27-Dec-1875 8-Jan-1932      
LOYD Ruth A. 2-Feb-1931 8-May-2009      
LOYD, Jr. Wayne R. 24-Oct-1939        
LUCAS John S. 1875 1955   Family Stone  
LUCAS Elizabeth   1888 1983   Family Stone  
LUCE Eliza     10-Apr-1858   Family Stone Aged 25 yrs 9 mos  Wife of Mar??? B. LUCE
LUCE Bert E. 1870 1957   Family Stone  
LUCE Gracie Ufford 1877 1962   Family Stone  
LUCE Baby         Family Stone  
LUCE John   7-Mar-1943       Married Mar 12 1966
LUCE Susan   6-Dec-1946       Married Mar 12 1966
LUTE Alan M. 4-May-1962 24-Dec-1981     Fred
LUTE Otto C. 1889 1971      
LUTE Mildred E. 1926 2003     Daughter
LUTE Signe H. 1889 1983     Mother
LUTE Charles M. 31-Dec-1927 14-Aug-1989 War Veteran Family Stone  
LUTE Delores V. 18-Jun-1940     Family Stone  
LYONS Barnabus     11-May-1883   Family Stone Aged 76 Yrs.
LYONS Olive   1812 1893   Family Stone  
LYONS Hiram       Civil War   Co. C. 29 Ohio Inf.
LYONS Arthur B. 1866 1931   Family Stone  
LYONS Jennie     22-Jul-1880   Family Stone Aged 2 M.  Dau of O. & D. LYONS
LYONS Robert   17-Feb-1940 19-Nov-1941      
LYONS Bessie I. 1903 1975      
LYONS Alton L. 1899 1976      
MACEY Nelly D. 1898 1967      
MACEY Henry C. 1893 19--      
MACK Charlotte     15 Feb-1817   Family Stone Aged 58 years  Wife of John MACK
MACK Albert O.   14-Jun-1852   Family Stone  
MACK Raymond     18-Jun-1882   Family Stone Aged 9 Months  So of A. A. & E. V. MACK
MACK Essie V.   13-Jun-1882   Family Stone Wife of Ashley A. MACK
MAKI Lorna Mae   10-May-1998   Family Stone Here for an instant loved for eternity
MAKI Norman   5-Oct-1929        
MAKI Dolores   13-Mar-1930 7-Feb-2007      
MAKYNEN Thomas   1921 1941     Tommy
MAKYNEN Edward W. 1909 1953      
MAKYNEN Glade A. 1911 1995      
MAKYNEN Herbert W. 1915 2003      
MANGUS Charlotte Moses 1847 1904      
MARR Susan     1-Aug-1850   Family Stone Ae 39 Yrs  Wife of Wm. MARR
MARR Ernest     14-Jan-1890   Family Stone Aged 18 Yrs.
MARR Julia A. Colburn   25-Apr-1896   Family Stone Aged 59 Years  Wife of John MARR
MARR John     27-Jul-1873   Family Stone Aged 35 Years
MARR Matilda   1816 1884   Family Stone At Rest  Wife of Freeman MARR
MARR Freeman L. 1822 1897   Family Stone  
MARR John R. 1850 1918   Family Stone  
MARR Maggie   1853 1883   Family Stone  
MARSHALL Gary James 31-Jul-1965 27-Nov-1967     Son of Robert and Darlene
MARSHALL Sketter   9-May-1964     Family Stone  
MARSHALL Jack   19-May-1954 18-May-2010   Family Stone  
MARUNOWSKI Joseph John 21-Mar-1958 5-Apr-1991     In Loving Memory  Rest In Peace
MARUNOWSKI Cynthia Ann 8-Jan-1961 22-May-1976     In Loving Memory  Rest In Peace
MASLER Anna   1873 1932   Family Stone  
MASLER Mathew   1874 1937   Family Stone  
MAYKNEN Robert L. 1917 1961      
MAYKNEN Hilja   1889 1970      
MAYKNEN John   1886 1967      
MAYKNEN Ina M. 30-Aug-1911 29-Dec-1981      
MAYKNEN John Gusraa 14-Dec-1907 21-Dec-1979 World War II   F2  US Navy
MAYKNEN Michael S. 22-Jul-1958 30-May-1980 War Veteran   Beloved Son & Brother
MAYKNEN John A. 21-Jul-1930 18-Mar-1979 Korean War   Pfc  US Army
McCROSKEY Bessie W. 14-Oct-1934 7-Aug-2008     Married Aug 2 1953
McCROSKEY Harold F. 6-Mar-1929       Married Aug 2 1953
McCROSKEY Lori E. 27-Nov-1966 20-Oct-2005     Beloved Daughter, Sister and Aunt
McCROSKEY Gregory L. 19-Oct-1959 23-Oct-1959      
McCROSKEY Charles R. 24-Apr-1925 6-Nov-2014     Married Mar. 31 1944
McCROSKEY Margaret A. 30-Oct-1923       Married Mar. 31 1944
McCROSKEY Emily Paige   4-Feb-2009      
McCROSKEY Dessie M. 2-Jan-1894 3-Aug-1990      
McCROSKEY George W. 12-Oct-1891 4-Oct-1977      
McCROSKEY Jack C. 1923 2007 World War II Family Stone Married Feb. 27, 1944
McCROSKEY Cyril M. 1920 2007   Family Stone Married Feb. 27, 1944
McMANNERS Jno       Rev. War   U.S. Soldier
MENSER Emeline   1839 1922   Family Stone  
MICHONIE Arthur George 25-Sep-1925 4-Jul-1989 World War II Family Stone Pfc  US Army
MICHONIE Eleanore I. 17-Jun-1928 29-Mar-2003   Family Stone Loving Wife
MILLER Wanda L. 18-Jul-1941 12-May-2004      
MILLER Gary T. 12-Aug-1964 29-Oct-2010      
MILLER Upton Cission 8-Nov-1919 13-Nov-2012 World War II   Pvt  US Army
MILLS Joseph J. 1850 1912   Family Stone  
MILLS Ellen D. 1853 1912   Family Stone His Wife
MILLS Joseph J. 1850 1912   Family Stone Father
MILLS Elizabeth     18-Dec-1885   Family Stone Wife of J. S. MILLS
MOLSEY Tessie   20-Oct-1926 18-May-1994      
MOLSEY II James D. 1-Nov-1982 3-Sep-1988      
MOORE Lillian V. 16-Feb-1899 13-Dec-1986      
MOORE Charles E. 1920 1975 World War II Family Stone  
MOORE Lois M. 1924 2000   Family Stone  
MOROSS Joseph William 1927 1981     Dad
MOROSS Mary Wilkinson 1926 1993     Mon
MORTON Lena B. 1890 1964     Mother
MOSLEY Theodora L. 5-Sep-1942 19-Aug-2003     Our Beloved Teddi
MOSLEY Sr. Tharp   16-Jan-1924 24-Feb-2006 World War II   Fleming & Billman F.H.
NAGLE George P. 1926 2003      
NAGLE Virginia I. 1928 2004      
NEJBAUER William J. 19-Jun-1945 24-Mar-1995 War Veteran Family Stone PV!  US Army
NELSON Vernon Jack 11-Apr-1948 6-Nov-2004 Vietnam Family Stone M. D.   US Air Force
NEMITZ Frederick W. 1915 1987     Fritz
NEMITZ Eileen E. 1915 2012     Lillie
NEMITZ Deborah     7-Dec-1953     Baby Girl
NEMITZ Barbara Amelia 23-Oct-1921 10-Oct-2000      
NEMITZ Mary J. 1898 1972      
NEMITZ Henry H. 1893 1955      
NEMITZ Jo Ann   1921 1989   Family Stone  
NEMITZ Eugene H. 11-May-1926 10-Mar-2005 World War II Family Stone Married June 21 1947  WT2  US  Navy
NEMITZ Shirley L. 24-Jan-1929 9-Dec-2013   Family Stone Married June 21 1947  Beloved Mother
NEMITZ Eleanore S. 1929 1981   Family Stone Married Oct. 6, 1951
NEMITZ Jim Bo   1977      
NEMITZ John F. 1932 1983      
NEMITZ, Jr. Henry H. 3-Apr-1924 22-Mar-2000 World War II Family Stone MM2  US  Navy
NEMITZ, Sr. Larri D. 1930 1979 Korean War Family Stone Married Oct. 6, 1951
NEWBOLD Bessie F. 25-Jun-1914 27-Dec-1954      
NEWBOLD Elton J. 1-Dec-1891 17-Sep-1963      
NEWTON Charlotte   1826 1855     Wife of Geo. NEWTON
NEWTON Geo.   1822 1891   Family Stone  
NEWTON Julia A. 1825 1901   Family Stone His Wife
NICKA Theresa M. 1931 1935   Family Stone  
NICKA Helen   1909 1995   Family Stone  
NICKA Frank   1907 1992   Family Stone  
NORTON Frances   1863 1946      
NORTON Vernon L. 1884 1909      
NORTON Lewis E. 1857 1907      
NORTON Vernon L. 16-Jun-1884 14-Jan-1909   Family Stone Our Son
NORTON Lewis     Mar-1849   Family Stone Aged 61 yrs.
NORTON Emily     27-Jul-1837   Family Stone Aged 38 yrs.
NORTON Stephen   O. 1831 1906      
OBELZ Joseph   1854 1939   Family Stone  
OBELZ John L. 1881 1948   Family Stone  
OBELZ Anna   1883 1948   Family Stone  
OBELZ Helen M. 1900 1977   Family Stone  
OBELZ Steve F. 1904 1973   Family Stone  
OCKMAN Robert J. 2-Apr-1929       Married Mar. 31, 1979
OCKMAN Jean E. 6-Nov-1932 22-Jun-2015     Married Mar. 31, 1979
OLDAKER Mattjew Keith 21-Dec-1971 9-Oct-1990     Beloved Son and Brother
OLEKSHUK Steve N. 1888 1961 World War I Family Stone  
OLEKSHUK Anna S. 1890 1964   Family Stone  
OLEKSHUK Philip   27-Nov-1916 30-Sep-2011      
OLEKSHUK E. Alice 2-Nov-1925        
OLEKSHUK Nicholas A. 1921 2007      
OLEKSHUK Marian E. 1936 1979      
OLIN Earnest A. 1866 1956      
OLIN Ora K. 1872 1933      
OLIN Lynn L. 1889 1962      
OLIN Dan   1842 1909   Family Stone  
OLIN Martha   1846 1933   Family Stone His Wife
OLIN Helen A. 1845 1892   Family Stone Mother
OLIN Horace B. 12-Jun-1840 14-Nov-1916      
OLIN Edna Lewis 1886 1943   Family Stone His Wufe
OLIN Lewis Jay 1874 1947 Spanish War Family Stone Co. K 31st S. N. V. I.
OLIN William       Civil War   Bty. F 1 Ohio L. A.
OLIN Arnold   1909 1978   Family Stone  
OLIN Bertha E. 1878 1966   Family Stone Mother
OLIN James G. 1878 1947   Family Stone Father
OLIN Neal L. 1912 1952      
OLIN Elwin A. 1918 2003     Married Nov. 8, 1939   Braldy
OLIN V. Charlotte 1920 1994     Married Nov. 8, 1939  NEE DEWEY
OLIN John C. 1877 1942      
ONION Larry D. 19-Jul-1960 21-Jul-1977      
OSBURN Elum   20-Mar-1794 22-Nov-1845      
OSBURN Almira   9-May-1799 2-Mar-1844      
OSBURN M. Wavelette 1904 1985      
OSBURN Glen V. 1900 1960      
OWENS Sadie L. 1-Jul-1923 9-Mar-2009     Beloved Sister & Aunt
OWENS James N. 9-Nov-1895 16-Jul-1977     The Lord Is My Shepherd I Shall Not Want
PARKER Roy W. 3-Jan-1930 26-Jul-2002     Together Again Forever
PAYNE Mildred K. 1908 1954   Family Stone  
PAYNE Hershel H. 1931 1998      
PAYNE Viola J. 1932 1992      
PEASE Rollin F. 1836 1917   Family Stone  
PEASE Cynthia M. 1841 1909   Family Stone His Wife
PECK Sidney S.   22-May-1852     Son of Elijah & Adaline PECK
PECK Elijah   1818 1869   Family Stone  
PECK Adaline M. 1826 1891   Family Stone  
PECK Laura A.   1861   Family Stone Aged 3 yrs.  Dau. of D. W. & M. A. PECK
PECK Mary A.   1861   Family Stone  Dau. of D. W. & M. A. PECK
PECK Laura A.   1861   Family Stone Aged3 yrs.  Infant of D.W. & M. A. PECK
PECK Clarrissa A.   7-Sep-1836   Family Stone Ae 18 Yrs. 10 m's & 24 d's.  Dau of Elijah & Clarrissa PECK
PECK Elijah     7-Jun-1840   Family Stone Aged 58 yrs.
PECK William E. 13-Jul-1936 28-Aug-2008 Veteran Family Stone Bill   ACT3  US Navy
PECK Marion B. 13-Mar-1937     Family Stone  
PEEBLES William   20-Aug-1811 4-Feb-1892   Family Stone  
PEEBLES Anna M. 8-Dec-1811 3-Jul-1905   Family Stone Wife of William PEEBLES
PHILIPPS Loretta S. 1923 1995     May the lord hold you in the hollow of his hand.
PLITT Alexander Peter 26-May-1911 14-May-1967     Ollie
PLITT Eleanor   9-Feb-1917 12-Mar-1993     (Finger)
PORTER Clara J. 1855 1934   Family Stone  
PORTER Sidney D. 1851 1930   Family Stone  
PORTER Adelaide   1889 1955      
PORTER John T. 1864 1945      
PORTER Caroline   1859 1942      
PORTER Robert S. 1913 1992   Family Stone  
PORTER Nell E. 1921 2003 War Veteran Family Stone  
PORTER Howard S. 1947 1967   Family Stone  
PORTER Maude L. 1888 1943   Family Stone  
PORTER Allie A. 1886 1972   Family Stone  
PORTZER Jeffrey Todd 8-Jan-1968 4-Mar-1982      
PRUDY James   26-Nov-1836 9-Sep-1906   Family Stone Father
PRUDY Lucy B. 2-Apr-1860     Family Stone Mother
PRUDY Mytle E. Mar-1890 Sep-1890   Family Stone Dau. of James & Lucy B. PRUDY
PRUDY James   1836 1906      
PRUDY Lucy B. 1860 ??      
PRUDY Myrtle E. 1890 ??90      
PURDEE Alonzo     20-Sep-1830   Family Stone Aged 5 Years  Son of Austin & Abigail PURDEE
PURDY Harcy   1799 1876   Family Stone  
PURDY Mary Jane   10-Dec-1868   Family Stone Age 56 Y'rs & 1 mp.  Wife of Harcy PURDY
PURDY Matilda     9-Dec-1852   Family Stone Age 20 Yrs    Daughters of Harcy & Mary Jane PRUDY
PURDY Jannett     3-Aug-1870   Family Stone Age 35 Yrs & 9 Mo's  Daughters of Harcy & Mary Jane PRUDY
QUINN Louisa Dorothy   22-May-1860   Family Stone Aged 44 Years  Wife of John QUINN
RANDALL Susie E. 1863 1933   Family Stone  
RANDALL Warren W. 1867 1955   Family Stone  
RAU Dorthy F. 1923 2013      
REYDAK Stephen     1919 2001 World War II Family Stone Married May 29, 1948
REYDAK Frances T. 1929     Family Stone Married May 29, 1948
RHODES Betty J. Hamilton 22-Feb-1922 14-Apr-2014   Family Stone Burch
RICH John R. 24-Jun-1927     Family Stone  
RICH Doris L. 12-Nov-1927 10-Apr-2004   Family Stone  
RICHARDS Miller H. 1844 1923 World War I Family Stone  
RICHARDS James H. 1878 1960   Family Stone  
RICHARDS Inez F. 1879 1933   Family Stone  
RICHARDS Daniel     21-Oct-1854   Family Stone Aged 53 yrs 1 mos. & 2 dys.
RICHARDS Maria H.   1-Jan-1877   Family Stone Aged 72 Years & 27 dy  Wife of Daniel RICHARDS
RICHMOND Otis O. 16-Sep-1882 13-Mar-1932   Family Stone  
RICHMOND Ethel E. 1888 1919   Family Stone Wife of Otis RICHMOND
RICHMOND Blanch   1885 1910   Family Stone Wife of Otis RICHMOND
RICHMOND Sena W. Woodburn   8-Apr-1861   Family Stone Aged 79 Years 2nd Wife of E. RICHMOND
RICHMOND John C.   25-Aug-1876   Family Stone Aged 57 yrs.
RICHMOND Judah L.   11-May-1868   Family Stone Aged 61 yrs  Rev.
RICHMOND Horace     4-Sep-1844   Family Stone Aged 34 years  Son of E. & R. L. RICHMOND
RICHMOND Edward     24-Jan-1861   Family Stone Aged 80 Years
RICHMOND Ruth     8-Feb-1838   Family Stone Aged 57 Years  Wife of E. RICHMOND
RICHMOND Mary J. Stevens   19-Apr-1866   Family Stone Aged 25 Years  Wife of D. Y. RICHMOND
RICHMOND M. N. Ward   9-Jul-1861   Family Stone Wife of D. Y. RICHMOND
RICHMOND Hannah E. 1840 1915      
RICHMOND Frank A. 1877 1898      
RICHMOND Lorena E. 1847 1904      
RICHMOND Henry A. 1842 1935      
RICHMOND Esther M. 1918 1988     Married Oct. 7 1939
RICHMOND Herman L. 1911 2005     Married Oct. 7 1939
RICHMOND Amy D. 1868 1971      
RICHMOND George S. 1868 1944      
RICHMOND Ada M. 1903 1964      
RICHMOND Raymond W. 1899 1989      
RICHMOND Glen A. 1905 1985      
RICHMOND Helen L. 1905 1986      
RICHMOND Gaziah     1871     Ae. 58 yrs.. Born in New York
RICHMOND Ellen F.   ??     Born in Alberta
RICHMOND Lura   1802 1893     Dau. of Hank WESTCOTT
RIGGLEMAN Wilfred L. 12-Mar-1954     Family Stone Married Jan 5 1973
RIGGLEMAN Linda S. 4-Aug-1953 5-Feb-2013   Family Stone Married Jan 5 1973
ROGER     1942 1943     Baby
ROGERS Thomas H.   16-Oct-1879 War of 1812 Family Stone Aged 84 yrs
ROGERS Lucina     13-Jun-1858   Family Stone Wife of Thomas ROGERS
ROGERS James H. 1918 1896   Family Stone  
ROGERS Rachel F. 1829 1899   Family Stone His Wife
ROGERS MARYLON     1854   Family Stone Ae 39 Yrs.
ROGERS William J.   12-Jul-1832   Family Stone Aged15 Years ? Mo's & 12D's  Son of P. L. & Jannet ROGERS
ROGERS Phineas L.   15-Aug-1844   Family Stone Aged 62 Years
ROGERS Jannet     20-Mar-1869   Family Stone Aged 74 Years  Wife of Phineas L. ROGERS
ROGERS Harriet   1816 1901   Family Stone  
ROGERS P. L. 14-Dec-1814 1-Sep-1884   Family Stone  
ROGERS Wm. J. 10-Sep-1844 14-Sep-1873 Civil War Family Stone Co. C 105th Ohio Inf.
ROGERS Amelia C. 22-Nov-1927     Family Stone  
ROGERS Max N. 24-May-1924 23-Jun-2006 World War II Family Stone Pfc  US Army  Bronze Star Medal  Anti Tank Company  399th Infantry  100th Div
ROGERS Matilda E. 1848 1939      
ROOD Benager C. 1817 1895   Family Stone Father
ROOD Hannah E. Norton 1827 1913   Family Stone Mother   His Wife
ROOD John C. 1820 1899   Family Stone  
ROOD Polly A. 1814 1895   Family Stone His Wife
ROOD Orbu C. 1846 1864 Civil War Family Stone Co. M  2D Ohio H.A.
ROOD Anson   1850 1897   Family Stone  
ROSEBERRY Blanche   11-Apr-1928 28-Jun-1966      
ROSEBERRY Mary E. 11-Dec-1893 27-May-1964      
ROWLES Audrey M. 1914 1980      
RUGG Joseph M. 7-Mar-1869 5-Jul-1947   Family Stone  
RUGG Elizabeth Tanner 16-Dec-1832 24-Jun-1923      
RUGG Samuel S. 2-Jul-1827 20-Jul-1872      
RUGG Perry   17-Mar-1871 3-Aug-1871      
RZESZUTEK Frank   16-Oct-1920 3-Oct-2005 World War II Family Stone Sgt  US Marine Corps
RZESZUTEK Mildred M. 1909 1982   Family Stone  
SACKETT Claude P. 1879 1929      
SACKETT Edytha   1884 1966      
SACKETT Abagail     1856   Family Stone Wife of Daniel SACKETT
SACKETT Lawrence Byron 1912 2005   Family Stone  
SACKETT Anna Mary 1914 1973   Family Stone  
SACKETT Berel L. 2-Aug-1935        
SACKETT Twila M. 24-Oct-1937 14-Nov-2012      
SCHERMERHORN Ann     27-Jan-1853   Family Stone Ae. 95 y. 10 m. 10 d.  Wife of R. SCHERMERHORN
SCHMELZER Gary Lynn   2-Jul-1941      
SCHMELZER Walter G. 22-Feb-1911 24-Jun-1981 War Veteran Family Stone M Sgt.  US Army
SCHMELZER J. Eileen 1915 2005   Family Stone  
SCHUMANN Henry A. 9-Feb-1892 4-Aug-1960 World War I   Family Stone Ohio  Sfc Med Det 303 Field Arty
SCHUMANN Rhoda D. 1901 1963   Family Stone  
SCHUMANN Shuart            
SCOTT Margaret   21-Dec-1926 8-Jul-1994     Peggy
SENSKY F. Betty 1929 2008   Family Stone Married Aug. 17, 1946  Beloved Mother and Father
SENSKY Peter C. 12-Nov-1914 11-Feb-1966 World War II Family Stone Married Aug. 17, 1946  Beloved Mother and Father  Ohio Cpl Co. B 143 Infantry  BSM
SEYMOUR Arrella   1892 1955      
SEYMOUR       1910     Infant Daughter
SEYMOUR Demaris Elliott 1912 1937      
SHAFER Mable M.   Dec-1893   Family Stone Aged 18 yrs.  Dau. Of J. R. & Cath SHAFER
SHAFER Mary I. 1874 1943      
SHAFER Charles   1870 1919      
SHAFER Hazel     1903      
SHANK Rex R. 1904 1992      
SHANK Mildred M. 1914 2002      
SHANK Mabel M. 1884 1963      
SHANK M. H. 1874 1940      
SHANK Laura J. 1929     Family Stone  
SHANK Ralph E. 22-Mar-1925 29-Jun-1998 World War II Family Stone F1  US Navy
SHARP Debra Marie 14-Jun-1954 31-Jan-1976      
SHARP Marie E. 31-Dec-1934 12-Aug-1999     Together Again Forever  "Smokie"
SHARP Vernon Allen 16-Feb-1930 31-Jul-2003 Korean War Family Stone Cpl  US Army   Dad We Love You.  Debbie, Connie, Ray & Wayne
SHAUBERGER Raymond G. 1956 1982   Family Stone  
SHAUBERGER Leroy J. 1954 1982   Family Stone  
SHAUBERGER Margaret S. 1930     Family Stone  
SHAUBERGER Leroy R. 1-Jan-1927 5-Dec-1969 World War II Family Stone California  PFC  8TRY  D 787  AAA Bn CAC
SHAUBERGER Robert F. 17-Feb-1953 22-Nov-2006 Vietnam Family Stone SR  US Navy
SHAUBERGER David Henry 27-May-1964 6-Feb-1992      
SHAW T. B.          
SHAW Mary Ann          
SHAW Alfred S. 1893 1963      
SHAW Sarah A. 1860 1944      
SHAW Orson S. 1847 1902 Civil War   Corp. REG 27 Co. D
SHAW Orson       Civil War   Co. H  18th US INF.
SHAW Polly     1-Sep-1844   Family Stone Ae. 37 Yrs. & 21 ds.  Wife of Horrace SHAW
SHAW J. W.     Civil War   2D Ohio Batt'y
SHAW Marshall     1850   Family Stone Children of Truman & Mary Ann SHAW
SHAW Eudora     1850   Family Stone Children of Truman & Mary Ann SHAW
SHAW Wesley     1850   Family Stone Children of Truman & Mary Ann SHAW
SHAW John     10-Apr-1870   Family Stone Aged 78 yrs. 9 ms.
SHAW Almira     20-Oct-1865   Family Stone Aged 70 yrs. 1 m.
SHAW Adelia Johnson   13-Apr-1872   Family Stone Aged 41 yrs. 2 mos.  Wife of Amos SHAW
SHAW S. M.   23-Oct-1889   Family Stone Aged 23 Yrs.  Gone but not forgotten
SHAW Oliver R. 5-Nov-1881 11-Nov-1911      
SHAW Iris A.   6-Nov-1887   Family stone Aged 29 Yrs. 6 M. 25 D.  Wife of Andrew J. SHAW
SHAW Ellen M. 1846 1915     Mother
SHAW Asil B.   24-Apr-1889   Family Stone Aged 67 Years & 4 Ds.
SHAW Asenath   1822 1904   Family Stone His Wife
SHAW Milford O. 11-Mar-1909 30-Sep-1931      
SHAW Rexford D. 20-Nov-1906 10-Jun-1971      
SHAW Edith C. 29-Dec-1908 21-Nov-1986      
SHEARS Eunice M.   22-Jan-1901   Family Stone Aged 70 Years  Wife of Abram SHEARS
SHEARS Abram     29-Jan-1880   Family Stone Aged 51 yrs
SHEARS Vernif   1875 1968      
SHEARS G. Lee 1878 1958      
SHEPARD Horace       Civil War   Co. G 101 Ohio Inf.
SHEPARD Wm. M.   9-Feb-1871   Family Stone Aged 61 Yrs
SHEPARD John     26-Dec-1856   Family Stone Aged 22 Yrs 2 M.  Son of Wm. M. C. & Lucy SHEPARD
SHEPHARD Wm.     9-Feb-1837   Family Stone Aged 62 yrs
SHEPHARD Lucy     1881     Ae. 61 yrs  Wife of Wm. Shephard
SHIPMAN Sylvia     13-Feb-1891   Family Stone Aged 71 Yrs 8 m  Wife of Elias SHIPMAN
SHIPMAN Elias     25-May-1894   Family Stone Aged 77 Yrs
SHUART Eda May 1866 1943      
SIEF Isabel Westcott 16-Nov-1907 29-Apr-1994      
SIGLEY Donna Sue 29-Dec-1958 29-Jul-1977     In Loving Memory  Sue We Love You
SIMMONS Ada Olin 1870 1949      
SIMMONS Charles H. 1868 1929      
SIMMONS John   1810 1888      
SIMMONS Eveline   1811 1895     His Wife
SIMMONS Laurice   17-Oct-1925 17-Aug-1932      
SIMMONS Raymind R. 8-May-1902 3-May-1982      
SIMMONS Laura M. 8-May-1902 28-Dec-1991      
SIMMONS Margaret E. 1887 1962      
SIMMONS Arthur C. 1902 1973      
SIMMONS William W. 11-Sep-1933 6-Apr-2012      
SIMMONS Marian H. 21-Nov-1935        
SIPPOLA     1852 1928   Family Stone Father
SIPPOLA     1850 1928   Family Stone Mother
SIPPOLA Olga   1886 1973   Family Stone  
SISSON Reubin J.   1858   Family Stone  
SLAPNICKER Wayne Louis 8-Jul-1964 25-Feb-1981      
SLAYBAUGH Grant   1877 19??   Family Stone  
SLAYBAUGH Loulie   1882 1964   Family Stone  
SLAYBAUGH Frances     1912 1943   Family Stone  
SLEEPER George A. 1856 1913      
SLEEPER Susie A. 1859 1884      
SLEEPER Henry F. 1883 1884      
SLEEPER G. W.   12-Jan-1877   Family Stone Aged 52 Yrs.  Rev.  Of W. R. Con. U. B. C.
SLEEPER Effie   1867 1933      
SMITH Louise   1877 1898   Family Stone Wife of Geo. A. SMITH
SMITH Laura A.   13-Apr-1868   Family Stone Aged 55 Yrs.  Wife of S. J. SMITH
SMITH           Family Stone Infant Son of ?? & J. SMITH
SMITH Esther C.   28-Sep-1874   Family Stone Aged 64 Yrs.
SMITH L. C.   30-Oct-1872   Family Stone Aged 58 Yrs.
SMITH Mary     29-Jul-1894   Family Stone Aged 75 Yrs.  His Wife
SMITH Sally     26-Nov-1861   Family Stone Aged 51 yrs
SMITH Timothy     15-Dec-1845   Family Stone Died in the 58 years of his age.
SMITH Gertrude I. 1897 1934      
SMITH Ellen B. 1858 1940      
SMITH David W. 1849 1926      
SMITH Marguerite B. 1895 1922      
SMITH Elnora   1867 1939   Family Stone Mother
SMITH Arthur W. 1864 1949   Family Stone Father
SMITH Roy L. 1900 1984   Family Stone  
SMITH Lena R. 1902 1988   Family Stone  
SMITH Arthur G. 1936       Sheffield Township Trustee 22 Yrs.
SMITH Barbara A. 1938        
SMITH Michael W. 17-Feb-1975 26-Feb-1975      
SMITH Mary C.   31-Mar-1992      
SMITH Harry G. 1930 1986   Family Stone Married July. 2, 1949
SMITH Jennie A. 1932 2008   Family Stone Married July. 2, 1949
SMITH Earl Glenn 1905 1981 World War II   Pfc  US Army
SMITH Earl B. 5-Dec-1924 5-May-2000 War Veteran Family Stone Married Sept. 17 1946
SMITH M. Marie 9-Dec-1926 4-Jul-2008   Family Stone Married Sept. 17 1946
SMITH W. E.   1874     Ae. 28 yrs.
SNIDER Justin P. 1834 1909      
SOPKA Luella Porter 1899 1975   Family Stone  
SOPKA Martin M. 1900 1979   Family Stone  
SOWRY Janet E. 1924 2005   Family Stone Beloved Sister & Aunt  29 And Still Holding
SPRINKEL Moses     7-Mar-1882   Family Stone Aged 10 yrs 4 ds
SPRINKEL Clarence M. 1890 1970      
SPRINKEL Flossie M. 1893 1969      
SPRINKEL Morton M. 15-Apr-1917 15-Oct-2003     Husband of Lena
SPRINKLE Rebecca   1847 1907      
SPRINKLE Elias   1840 1923      
SPRINKLE Rolland   1878 1940      
SPRINKLE Lewis C. 1850 1929      
SPRINKLE Hortensia A. 1865 1954      
SPRINKLE Rose Mace 1888 1982      
SPRINKLE Earl E. 1885 1953      
SPRINKLE Clyde L. 1887 1968      
SPRINKLE Alma E. 1891 1982      
STANTON Maria L.   1844     Aged 1 yr. 2 mo.  Daughter of Jonathan & Abigail STANTON
STANTON Jonathan     4-Dec-1887   Family Stone Aged 73 yrs.
STANTON Julia     3-Mar-1889   Family Stone His Wife  Aged 73 yrs.
STANTON Howard B. 3-Apr-1921   World War II Family Stone Married Oct 21 1944   T 4
STANTON Lucille B. 4-Feb-1924     Family Stone Married Oct 21 1944
STASKO Donald   25-Mar-1934        
STASKO Luigina   16-Aug-1932 11-Feb-2001     Jean
STASKO John J. 1895 1980      
STASKO Mary M. 1906 1988      
STERN Eleanor   1918 1997     Daughter
STERN Diane L. 30-Nov-1952 19-Dec-1977     Our Beloved
STERN Verna M.         Married Oct 14 1978
STERN, Jr. William A. 26-May-1953 6-Jul-1993     Married  Oct 14 1978
STEVENS Rosella   11-Jul-1913 13-Jul-1913     Dau. Of L. & M. STEVENS
STEVENS Eula Crawford 1886 1908   Family Stone  
STEVENS Silvia   1906 1906   Family Stone  
STEVENS Ludella   1907 1908   Family Stone  
STEVENS H. S.   15-Jul-1895   Family Stone Aged 91 Yrs.  Asleep in Jesus
STEVENS Melisa     May- 1882   Family Stone Aged 64 Yrs.  Wife of Hathion STEVENS  Asleep in Jesus
STEVENS Eliza J.   10-May-1883   Family Stone Aged 45 Yrs.  Asleep in Jesus
STEVENS Wm.     19-Mar-1903   Family Stone Aged 89 Years
STEVENS Emeline     20-Mar-1855   Family Stone Aged 31 yrs.
STEVENS Gracie L.   3-Dec-1870   Family Stone Aged 1 yr 1 m. & 3 ds.  Daughter of John E. & Eliza E. STEVENS
STEVENS John E.   11-Mar-1872   Family Stone Aged 28 yrs.
STEVENS Leory H. 1883 1890   Family Stone Of such is the Kingdom of heaven
STEVENS Amos C. 1832 1824      
STEVENS Eliza M. 1833 1917     His Wife
STEVENS Harland B. 1861 1885   Family Stone  
STEVENS Frank L. 1865 1891   Family Stone  
STEVENS Oscar H. 1850 1946      
STEVENS Julia A. Kemp 1854 1922     Wife of Oscar STEVENS
STEVENS       1870     Ae. 1 yr.  Dau. Of F. E. & E. STEVENS
STEVENSON Martha L. 1913 1962   Family Stone  
STEVENSON Richard M. 1908 1962   Family Stone  
STEVENSON Larry Bradley 1962 1984      
STEVENSON Madilyn Shay 11-Nov-2006 12-Dec-2006   Family Stone Ducro Funeral Home
STEWART Mae Byrd 1902 1953      
STEWART Ralph F. 1935 1980 War Veteran Family Stone A Father, A Friend, Our Love For You Will Never End
STILLMAN Ryan Rex 25-Nov-1982 26-Nov-2011     To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die.
STOW Malissa Jane   28-Sep-1814   Family Stone Aged 16 years  Daughter of Samuel & Louisa STOW
STRAIGHT Henry     10-Jan-1858 Rev. War Family Stone Aged 97 yrs. 6 ms.  A soldier under Washington.
STRAIGHT Mary     12-Aug-1861   Family Stone Aged 24 yrs  Daughter of J. & L. STRAIGHT
STRAIGHT John     22-Oct-1850     Ae. 64 Yrs.
STURGILL David P. 2-Dec-1971 23-Oct-1998     We Will Be Together Soon
SUMMERS Victor J. 10-Nov-1932        
SUMMERS Joan M. 18-Jul-1933        
SWAN Johnathan William 17-Dec-2012 17-Sep-2013     Aged 9 months  Marcy Funeral Home Conneaut, Ohio
SWAN Allan   1908 1981      
SWAN Nellie   1909 2006      
SWANSON Ella E.   27-Mar-1892   Family Stone Aged 34 Yrs.  Wife of G. A. SWANSON
SWANSON Julius     22-Feb-1891   Family Stone Aged 81 Yrs.
SWANSON Anna     7-Jun-1890   Family Stone Aged 26 Yrs.
SWIFT Oliver W.   Nov-1836   Family Stone aged 2 yrs
SWIFT Anna R.       Family Stone Wife of ? ? Swift
SWIFT Mersey     23-May-1876   Family Stone Aged 76 yrs 3 ms  Wife of Dan SWIFT
SWIFT Dan     12-Jan-1872   Family Stone Aged 75 Yrs 6 ms & 16 ds.
SWIFT Horace F.   26-Feb-1866 Civil War Family Stone Aged 27 Yrs & 6 ms.  Co. K  125 Reg. O. V. I.
SWIFT George A.   4-Oct-1873   Family Stone Aged 40 ys 1 ms & 2? ds.
SWIFT Amy E.   31-Mar-1872   Family Stone Wife of G. A. SWIFT
SZASZ Magda   3-Oct-1923 22-Jul-2014      
TAYLOR Adeline     1852     Ae. 7 yrs  Dau. Of E. H. & Elizabeth TAYLOR
TERRILL Olive   1866 1901   Family Stone Wife of D. S. TERRILL
TERRILL Clarissa A. 1852 1912   Family Stone  
TERRILL David C. 1808 1888   Family Stone  
TERRILL Susan   1828 1907   Family Stone His Wife
TERRILL John D. 5-Jan-1857 23-Jan-1878   Family Stone Aged 21 Yrs. 23 ds.  Son of D. G. & S. TERRILL
TERRILL Robert E. 16-Jul-1935 12-Mar-1986   Family Stone  
TERRILL Alice Lucile 17-Feb-1911 23-Mar-1995      
THOMAS Herbert James 8-Aug-1930 15-Jul-2011      
THOMPSON Byron     Jan-1810     Age 12 yrs.
THORN Thomas   1879 1964      
THORN June   1882 1969      
TIFFANY Diana     6-Aug-1884   Family Stone Aged 71 Yrs. 10 M. 25 D.  Wife of Curtis TIFFANY
TIFFANY Curtis     10-Feb-1884   Family Stone Aged 77 Yrs. 8 M. 15 D.
TISCH Butch   19-Sep-1940        
TISCH Winnie   5-Oct-1940 19-Apr-2014      
TODD Almon   1849 1911   Family Stone  
TODD Inez Luella 1857 1909   Family Stone  
TODD Adeline   1847 1914   Family Stone  
TODD William   1817 1899   Family Stone  
TODD Huldah   1819 1906   Family Stone  
TODD Mary S. 1854 1926      
TODD Melzo L. 1854 1927      
TODD Carl   1876 1918      
TODD Otis R. 1874 1960      
TODD Henrietta   1874 1964      
TOMSIC James J. 31-Dec-1928 5-May-2006      
TOMSIC Sarah J. 6-Feb-1932        
TURNER Ronald J. 12-Jan-1930        
TURNER Beverly J. 30-Apr-1941        
UFFORD Oscar L.   4-Aug-1873   Family Stone Our Birdie  Son of A. J. & C. S. UFFORD
UFFORD Charles     4-Aug-1878   Family Stone Son of A. J. & C. S. UFFORD
UFFORD George W. 4-Mar-1807 19-Feb-1888   Family Stone  
UNKNOWN           Family Stone  
UNKNOWN Albert A.   8-Oct-1850   Family Stone  
UNKNOWN   F.   23-Apr-1854   Family Stone  
UNKNOWN           Family Stone  
UNKNOWN           Family Stone  
UNKNOWN Drusilla   22-Apr-1841 23-Jan-1885   Family Stone  
UNKNOWN J. L.     Civil War   Co. A 85th Ohio Inf.
UNKNOWN Victor J.       Family Stone  
UNKNOWN Pauline   1947 2000   Family Stone  
UNKNOWN   Larry 1958        
VAN SLYKE James W. 1856 1928   Family Stone  
VAN SLYKE Ida I. 1857 1933   Family Stone  
VAN SLYKE IDA M. 1859 1939   Family Stone  
VAN SLYKE Lewis M. 1848 1914   Family Stone  
VAN SLYKE Fredereka   1850 1879   Family Stone  
VAN SLYKE S. Mack 1892 1957   Family Stone  
VAN SLYKE Millie   1892 1975   Family Stone  
VAN SLYKE George C. 1874 1956   Family Stone  
VAN SLYKE Eva I. 1880 1968   Family Stone  
VAN SLYKE Douglas E.   1952   Family Stone  
VAN SLYKE Eleanor E. 1914 1996   Family Stone  
VAN SLYKE Cyril R. 1914 1995   Family Stone  
VAN SLYKE Eleanor V. 1920 2013      
VAN SLYKE Joe L. 1920 1957      
VANEK Frances M. 1871 1948   Family Stone  
VANEK Joseph J. 1870 1955   Family Stone  
VANEK John G. 15-Jul-1892 24-Nov-1968 World War I Family Stone Ohio  Pvt. US Army
VANEK Joseph   1896 1981   Family Stone  
VANEK Georgia I. 1918 2010      
VANEK Fred F. 1912 1997      
VANEK Barbara M. 1878 1965      
VANEK Frank F. 1876 1956      
VANSLYKE George D. 1825 1914   Family Stone  
VANSLYKE Mary   1830 1915   Family Stone His Wife
VANSLYKE Wm.     15-Nov-1883   Family Stone Aged 82 yrs. 9 m 14 d
VANSLYKE Susannah     26-Feb-1882   Family Stone His wife  Aged 85 yrs 9 m 12 d
VANSLYKE           Family Stone Our Baby W. & S. VANSLYKE
VANSLYKE A.   1829 1899   Family Stone  
VANSLYKE Jane   1831 1905   Family Stone His Wife
VANSLYKE Darius   1837 1919      
VANSLYKE Julia A. 1845 1926     His Wife
VANSLYKE May     6-Aug-1885   Family Stone Aged 14 Yrs.  Dau. Of D. & J. VANSLYKE
VANSLYKE       1882   Family Stone Son
VANSLYKE Deloss W. 1855 1932   Family Stone  
VANSLYKE Bertha U. 1856 1938   Family Stone  
WADDLE Mary Bennett 1902 1924   Family Stone  
WADLEIGH Garth R.   23-Mar-1961     (Watts)
WAGONER Ralph R. 1916 2004     Dad  (Russ)
WAGONER Elsie A. 15-Sep-1917 2-Jun-1976      
WALDRON Ray   30-Jun-1933       Father
WALDRON Freda   22-Mar-1935       Mother
WALDRON Robert   10-Oct-1958       Son
WALDRON Anita   9-Mar-1960       Daughter
WALKER E. P. 1833 1915 Civil War Family Stone 14 Indp Batt. O. V. A.
WALKER Nancy   1839 1899   Family Stone His Wife
WALKER Hattie         Family Stone  
WARD Polly     12-May-1876   Family Stone Aged 86 Years  Wife of Obadiah WARD
WARD Obadiah     12-Sep-1865   Family Stone Aged 79 yrs.
WARD Ann M.   1-Oct-1830   Family Stone Aged 37 years His Wife
WARD Mary     1835      
WARREN Malinba   1834 1900   Family Stone Wife of G. F. WARREN
WARREN Elbert            
WARRING Fanny V. 7-May-1884 17-Sep-1959      
WARWICK James   1821 1910   Family Stone  
WARWICK Mary E. 1827 1892   Family Stone His Wife
WARWICK Agness   1862 1917      
WARWICK Henry   1860 1910      
WARWICK James E. 1865 1900      
WARWICK John Andrew 1854 1947   Family Stone  
WARWICK Ann Jane 1857 1936   Family Stone  
WATROUS Jason N. 1834 1886 Civil War Family Stone In the U. S. Navy Steam Sloop Kearsarge 1862-1864
WATSON Helen E.       Family Stone Daughter of Horce & Elvire WATSON
WATSON Elvira     24-Sep-1875   Family Stone Aged 62 Years 11 mo's & 3 D's  Wife of Horace WATSON
WATSON Horace   1-Sep-1814 10-Dec-1879   Family Stone  
WATTS Minnie Cooley 1871 1959      
WATTS Martha A. 1886 1974      
WATTS Frank O. 1886 1910   Family Stone  
WATTS W. J. 1842 1909   Family Stone  
WATTS Phoebe A. 1845 1928   Family Stone His Wife
WATTS Elmor W. 1892 1978     Married 1912
WATTS Stella L. 1894 1972     Married 1912
WAYMAN Kaye E. 8-Oct-1943 28-Mar-2008   Family Stone Love Forever Aug 26 1967
WAYMAN Nicholas W. 27-Jul-1939     Family Stone Love Forever Aug 26 1967
WEAVER Eugene E. 14-Jan-1925 7-Feb-1944 World War II   Ohio PFC 135 INF
WEAVER John A. 1860 1931      
WEAVER Lucinda B. 1863 1935      
WEAVER Dorthy L. Ray Carlson 2-Jan-1904 29-Oct-1949      
WELLS Perry     1870   Family Stone Age 4 Mo.
WELLS L. W. 1837 1905   Family Stone  
WELLS Harriet A. 1850 1916   Family Stone His Wife
WENTZ Esther M. 1919 2011   Family Stone  
WENTZ Roy E. 1907 1985   Family Stone  
WENTZ William R. 16-Jun-1945 14-Dec-1984     "Bill"
WEST Ross   1886 1930      
WEST Henry   1846 1903      
WEST Anna   1864 1922      
WEST Margie S.   28-Feb-1862   Family Stone Aged 3 ys 7 m ? Ds.  Daughter of Wm. & C. G. WEST
WEST Fannie E.       Family Stone Daughter of Wm. & C. G. WEST
WEST Wilber C.   17-Jan-1859   Family Stone Aged 2 ys. 6 m.  Son of Wm. & Cornela C. WEST
WEST Ross     11-Apr-1886   Family Stone Aged 78 years
WEST Mary     10-Feb-1844   Family Stone  
WEST Susan     17-Nov-1876   Family Stone Aged 65  Wife of Ross WEST
WESTCOTT Susan Brainerd   30-Aug-1870   Family Stone Aged 39 yrs.  Wife of Rufus WESTCOTT
WESTCOTT Rufus   2-Jan-1800 13-Aug-1874   Family Stone  
WESTCOTT Dora   1856 1922      
WESTCOTT Susan Brainard   30-Aug-1870   Family Stone Aged 39 Yrs. 6 Mos. & 17 Ds.  Wife of Austin WESTCOTT
WESTCOTT Martha J.   11-Sep-1864   Family Stone Aged 15 Mos.  Daughter of Austin & Susan WESTCOTT
WESTCOTT Dwight C.   7-Sep-1861   Family Stone Aged 9 Yrs.  Son of Austin & Susan WESTCOTT
WESTCOTT Anna R.   20-Apr-1860   Family Stone Aged 2 Yrs.  Daughter of Austin & Susan WESTCOTT
WESTCOTT Wilbur S.   21-Aug-1872   Family Stone Aged ? Yrs 5 Mo & 3 Dys.  Children of Adison R. & Louisa WESTCOTT
WESTCOTT Ellen L.   8-Oct-1861   Family Stone Aged 10 Yrs 5 Mos. & 12 Dys.   Children of Adison R. & Louisa WESTCOTT
WESTCOTT Ada     15-Oct-1860   Family Stone Aged 1 Yr. & 7 Mos.  Daughter of A. R. & Rosannah WESTCOTT
WESTCOTT Austin   1826 1915   Family Stone  
WESTCOTT Janet Udell 1839 1916   Family Stone  
WESTCOTT Rufus A. 1875 1950   Family Stone  
WESTCOTT Maude E. 1877 1974   Family Stone  
WESTCOTT Paul R. 1909 1988     Married Sept 25 1931
WESTCOTT Marvel H. 1914 1986     Married Sept 25 1931
WESTCOTT Darrell E. 25-Jun-1932 29-Jan-1989   Family Stone Loving Father Grandfather Friend
WESTCOTT Russell A. 16-Jan-1937     Family Stone Married Apr 14 1956  "Russ"   Our Children Diane, Judy, Sharon And Larry
WESTCOTT Claudette J. 10-May-1938     Family Stone Married Apr 14 1956  (Slater)    Our Children Diane, Judy, Sharon And Larry
WHALEY Elizabeth     27-Jan-1879   Family Stone Aged 95 Yrs. & 1 Day   Wife of Thomas WHALEY Jr.
WHIPPLE Guy   1889 1941      
WHIPPLE Hattie   1888 1925      
WHIPPLE Lydia Russell 1770 1863     Wife of Zebulon WHIPPLE  AM. Rev. Soldier Buried Canton, Ohio
WHIPPLE Zebulon     7-Jun-1879   Family Stone Aged 83 years 10 ds.
WHIPPLE Avaline     5-Jun-1897   Family Stone Aged 93 yrs 5 m. 26 d.  Wife of Zebulon WHIPPLE
WHIPPLE Perry M.   3-Jan-1869   Family Stone Aged 32 y's 11 m's & 28 d's  Son of Z. & A. WHIPPLE
WHIPPLE Susan C.   11-Aug-1847   Family Stone Aged 23 Years  Daughter of Z. & A. WHIPPLE
WHIPPLE Wilson S. 1843 1916   Family Stone  
WHIPPLE Leona   1841 1919   Family Stone His Wife
WHIPPLE John P. 1881 1952   Family Stone  
WHIPPLE Katherine H. 1875 1956      
WHIPPLE Aldin R. 1873 1956      
WHIPPLE Andrew J. 1832 1914   Family Stone  
WHIPPLE Martha J. 1837 1923   Family Stone His Wife
WHIPPLE Carlosse Zeb   29-Jan-1860   Family Stone Aged 2 M. 21 D.  Son of A. J. & M. WHIPPLE
WHIPPLE Fred G. 1866 1939      
WHIPPLE Louise F. 1867 1943      
WHIPPLE Harriet T. 1841 1899      
WHIPPLE Gilbert   1826 1884      
WHITE Polly   25-Jan-1795 2?-Jun-1871   Family Stone  
WHITNEY Germain     7-Sep-1893   Family Stone Aged 53 yrs.  His Wife
WHITTON Wm. W. 1832 1889   Family Stone  
WICK Ursul   1906 1981      
WICK Hugh F. 1895 1933      
WICK       1930     Baby Daughter
WILEY Wm.   1796 1875 War of 1812 Family Stone Soldier of 1812
WILKINSON Doris C. 1923 2006      
WILKINSON Albert   5-May-1924 12-Oct-2008      
WILLIAMS Roger A. 1922 1966      
WILLSON Eliza     18-Sep-1857   Family Stone Wife of L. WILLSON
WILLSON ?         Family Stone  
WILLSON Luther       Civil War Family Stone Co. F 39th Ohio Inf.
WILSON Edgar R. 17-Mar-1925 19-Feb-2005 World War II Family Stone S2  US Navy
WILSON Margaret L. 1-Aug-1928 23-May-1995   Family Stone  
WINCH Ena Belle 1890 1944      
WINCH William M. 1896 1959      
WINDER Knight K.   13-Nov-1887   Family Stone Aged 68 Y's 6 M's & 5 ds.
WING Paul Andrew 1922 2008   Family Stone Forever in our Hearts
WING Rilla Jeanne 1924 2011   Family Stone Forever in our Hearts
WISER Maynard L. 3-Oct-1928 7-May-1985 War Veteran Family Stone  
WISER Betty J. 23-Jun-1930     Family Stone  
WODEN Darwin N. 1938        
WODEN Nancy L. 1941 2014      
WODEN Richard   1960 1979      
WOLF Lisa M. 1964     Family Stone  
WOLF, Sr. Wilbur J. 28-Mar-1945 16-Nov-2003   Family Stone  
WOLFE Hazel D. 1895 1987   Family Stone  
WOLFE Harry H. 1884 1963 World War I Family Stone  
WOLFE Howard R. 26-Jan-1928 13-Jul-2006 World War II Family Stone Pvt  US Army
WOOD Daisy M. 1918        
WOOD Herald K. 1907 1967      
WORTMAN Jennie B. 1872 1891      
WORTMAN Glena     1891     Aged 6 Mos
WORTMAN Will B. 1862 1891      
YOAK Miranda E. 1869 1941      
YOAK Elizabeth Ann 1917 1981      
YOAK Albert Clarence 1901 1972      
  Laura L.   9-Apr-1855   Family Stone Daughter of
  A.         Family Stone  
  David V. 2-Aug-1955       Married Mar. 22, 1975
  Judy A. 9-Aug-1955       Married Mar. 22, 1975