Gould - Pierpont Twp.



Ashtabula County Genealogical Society  - Gravestone Photos

East side, well away from road on Stanhope-Kelloggsville Rd. south of intersection with State Rt. 167.

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Last First Middle DOB DOD Military Family Stone Comments
B. J, N.       Family Stone  
BOLEN Mary      21/Dec/1858   Family Stone Agd 42 yrs  Wife of R. H. BOLEN
BRAZEE A.     24/Jul/1886   Family Stone Age 89 yrs  Rev.  Of U. B. Church W. Res. Con.
BRAZEE Anna May Moore 1860 1887     Wife of Chas. BRAZEE
BRAZEE Frances         Family Stone  
BRAZEE Frances     15/Oct/1854   Family Stone Rev.   Agd 32 yrs 11 mos & 22 dy
BRAZEE John N.   13/Nov/1859   Family Stone Aged 25 yrs 5 mo 9ds
BRAZEE Luceetia   1813 1896   Family Stone His Wife
BRAZEE Mary A.   23.Dec/1898   Family Stone Age 78 yrs  His Wife
BRAZEE Orrion         Family Stone  
BRAZEE Peter   1810 1897   Family Stone  
BRAZEE Polly         Family Stone  
BROWN George D.   8/Oct/1851   Family Stone AE 4 yrs 3 ms   Son of Gad S. & Elizabeth BROWN     
BROWN Orra H.   28/Sept/1851   Family Stone AE 2 years   Daughter of Gad & Elizabeth BROWN
BURR Calvin   1816 1910   Family Stone  
BURR Phyena M. Jacobs 1827 1910   Family Stone His Wife
CHAPMAN Alton   1855 1903 War Veteran Family Stone  
CHAPMAN Candis W. 1824 1905   Family Stone His Wife
CHAPMAN Chauncey   20/Sept/1803 23/Mar/1881   Family Stone  
CHAPMAN Elnora   1841 1925   Family Stone His Wife
CHAPMAN Geo.   1836 1915 Civil War Family Stone Co F. 7 Ohio Inf.
CHAPMAN Henry Mills 1873 1925   Family Stone  
CHAPMAN Sterling       Civil War Family Stone Co. B.  29 Ohio Inf.
CHAPMAN Sterling   1823 1905   Family Stone  
CHAPMAN William   25/Mar/1838 25/Sept/1853   Family Stone  
CLARK J. G.     Civil War Family Stone Co. K.  111 Pa. Inf.
CRAFT Hannah     11/Oct/1869   Family Stone Aged 52 years & 19ds.  Wife of William CRAFT
CRAFT Ira     28/Sept/1871   Family Stone Aged 37 yrs 9 mos
D. E.         Family Stone  
D. F. P.       Family Stone  
DAVIS Edwin     23/Oct/1852   Family stone AE 1 yr 9 mos  Son of Pordon & Phitura DAVIS
DAVIS Pardon   1822 1893   Family Stone  
DAVIS Sally     1/Jul/1851   Family Stone Age 60 year   Wife of Jonathon DAVIS
DELANEY       31/Jul/1856     Aged 20 yrs 5 mo 14 ds  Son of M. P. & C. DELANEY
ERVIN Boyd E. 1887 1888      
ERVIN Martha A. 1844 1900      
ERVIN Orrison V. 1843 1932      
F. W. W.       Family Stone  
FOLENSBEE Ruama     5/Mar/1869   Family Stone Aged 69 years  Wife of Moses J. FOLENSBEE
FOLENSBEE William W.   25/Sept/1851   Family Syone Aged 8 yrs  Son of Dexter & Isabell FOLENSBEE
G. W. I.       Family stone  
G.   O.          
GAULT Joseph   1868 1894   Family Stone  
GAULT Richard S. 1831 1901   Family Stone  
GILLETT Nelson       Civil War Family Stone Co E.  29 Ohio Inf.
GOTTWALD Clary K. 1844 1912   Family Stone His Wife
GOTTWALD Henry C. 1837 1877   Family Stone  
GRAHAM Infant         Family Stone of M. L. GRAHAM
GRAHAM Mletta H.   8/Oct/1852   Family Stone Aged 1 yrs 8 ms   Daughter of Harvey & Laura GRAHAM
GRUEY Ann            
GURMOND Harriet S.   28/Mar/1849   Family Stone AE 31 yrs 7 mos   Wife of Barton GURMOND
H. D.            
HAWES Cora E. Stoliker 1866 1891   Family Stone Wife of Alvin HAWES and Mother of Ralph HAWES
HAWES Ralph            
HEWIT Daniel E.   12/Dec/1870   Family Stone Aged 54 yrs 6 ms 19 ds
HEWIT Wilber E.   25/Feb/1863     19 yrs 10 days   Son of Daniel & Hulia A. HEWIT  Killed by a Falling Tree
HOSKINS Sarah Gould 1818 1868     Wife of Ezra HOSKINS
J. V. B.       Family Stone  
JACOBS Aaron   1796 9/Oct/1863   Family Stone 67 yrs
JACOBS Lillie V.   10/Apr/1857     Age 1 yr 6 mos  Daughter of A. G. & F. M. JACOBS
JACOBS Lucy     31/Dec/1882   Family Stone Aged 81 yrs 2 m 5 ds   Wife of Aaron JACOBS
JACOBS Vesta B.   15/Jan/1855   Family Stone Age 12 yrs 5 mo & 3 dys  Daughter of Aaron & Lucy JACOBS
KURPLE Anna   4/Dec/1883 5/Mar/1970      
KURPLE Annie   19/Jan/1916 8/Mar/1984      
KURPLE Dmytro   1/Nov/1887 15/Jan/1930      
KURPLE Wasyl W. 14/Jan/1926 26/May/1990      
LEONARD John W. 1883 1906      
LEPP Betty Ann 14/Jan/ 1938 9 Sept/1983     Mother  Missed and Loved Dearly  You Left us so Young for the Eternal Paradise   Love your Children
McCORMICK       26/Sept/1861   Family Stone Age 2 yr 4 m 23 d  Son of A. & E. McCORMICK
MEEK Bemebro     29/Aug/1865   Family Stone Aged 1yr 2 ms & 4ds   Only Son of J. H. & H. J. MEEK
MILLS Eva     15/Sept/1892   Family stone Aged 4 Mos. & 25d   Dau. of K. R. & M. E. MILLS
MILLS Henry   1873 1925      
MILLS Kingsley R. 1843 1917 Civil War Family Stone Co. H. 16 O. Inf.
MILLS Mary  E. 1852 1937   Family Stone  
OTT           Family Stone R M
POTTER Ida May 1856 1905   Family Stone  
POTTER Lois             
POTTER Olive            
POTTER William A. 1860 1940   Family Stone  
ROSE Earl   1893 1909      
ROSE James   1849 1912      
ROSE Sally A. 1845 1942      
ROSE Thomas   1814 1888      
S. C. W.       Family Stone  
SHAVER Peter   1820 1896      
SKOK Catherine Tade 26/Jul/1918 25/Oct/1996      
SMITH Loisa B.   24/Feb/1868   Family Stone Aged 31 yrs  Wife of David J. SMITH
STOLIKER Harriet Whitcomb   25/Apr/1868   Family Stone Aged 27 ys 2 ms & 3 ds   Wife of Wm. STOLIKER
STOLIKER L.  C.     Civil War Family Stone Co. H  125 Ohio Inf.
STOLIKER L.  A.   16/Feb/1871     9mos 9 days
STOLIKER Lila I.   16/Apr/1872   Family Stone Aged 4 yrs 11ms.   Children of M. C. & O. K. STOLIKER
STOLIKER Mary  C.   12/Jul/1873     Family Stone Aged 29 Years  Wife of O. K. STOLIKER
STOLIKER Nathaniel     11/Jun/1861   Family Stone Aged 58 ys 10 ms 19 ds
STOLIKER O. K.     Civil War Family Stone Co. E  2 Ohio H. A.
STOLIKER Orson V.   16/Feb/1871   Family Stone Aged 9 Mo's 9 DS  Son of O.K. & M. C. STOLIKER
STOLIKER Prusie Hopkins 1801 1855     Wife of Nathaniel STOLIKER
STOLIKER Stephen     11/Oct/1873   Family Stone Aged 5 ms.   Children of M. C. & O. K. STOLIKER
STOLIKER William       Civil War Family Stone Co. E  2 Ohio H. A.
STONE Job S.   15/Jan/1864   Family Stone Aged 11 Months   Son of J. W. & O. S. STONE
SWARTS Charles W.   23/Jan/1853   Family Stone AE 5 ys 8 ms & 6 ds  Son of David & Dorothy SWARTS
UNKOWN James         Family Stone  
UNKOWN Wilber         Family Stone Son of H. R. & J.
UNKOWN         War Vetran    
VAN CAMP Thomas   1813 1897   Family Stone Father
VAN CAMP Washington     14/Jul/1866   Family Stone Aged 21 ys 11 ms
WHITE Bently   1857 1897   Family Stone  
WHITE Ernest   1860 1877   Family Stone  
WHITE Mary    1854 1876   Family Stone  
WHITE Olive Chapman 1829 1897   Family Stone His Wife
WHITE Stephen A. 1826 1891   Family Stone  
WOODWORTH Addie   1837 19--     His Wife
WOODWORTH Anna   1844 1858   Family Stone  
WOODWORTH Hiram   1831 1907      
WOODWORTH John   1842 1876   Family Stone  
WOODWORTH Martha   1822 1890   Family Stone His Wife
WOODWORTH Thomas   1818 1874   Family Stone  
WOODWORTH Willie L.   4/Jun/1876   Family Stone AE 6yr 11 ms 10 ds   Son of H. & A. WOODWORTH