Hall Road, Pierpont, Ohio

Ashtabula County Genealogical Society  - Gravestone Photos

North side of Hall Rd., east of intersection with Creek Rd., south of Pierpont
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BAKER Emerson   1809 12/Oct/1853     Jr.; ag 44
BENJAMIN Almira     18/Jun/1861   Family Stone 2nd w/o Reuben BENJAMIN; ag 53
BENJAMIN Ansel     12/Sep/1832     ag 32 yrs 8 mos 3 das
BENJAMIN Asa     28/Dec/1825 Rev. War Family Stone ag 72 yrs
BENJAMIN Eli P 1831 11/Sep/1854     ag 23 yrs 4 mos 7 das
BENJAMIN Emily L. 1829 14/Feb/1850     d/o Reuben & Almira BENJAMIN; ag 20 yrs 7 mos 15 das
BENJAMIN Lydia   1796 28/Aug/1826     w/o Reuben BENJAMIN; ag 32
BENJAMIN Polly     10/Aug/1845     w/o Asa BENJAMIN; ag 82
BENJAMIN Reuben     30/Jan/1861   Family Stone ag 71
BROWN Betsy     30/May/1843   Family Stone w/o Samuel BROWN; ag 57
BROWNER Sarah     26/Dec/1844     ag 26 Wife of Arlineus Brower
CLEAVELAND George C.   15/Dec/1848   Family Stone s/o C.E. & Olive CLEAVELAND; ag 20 yrs 6 mos 15 das
CLEAVELAND Priscilla     27/Dec/1850     w/o Asahel CLEAVELAND; ag 54
COLE Mary     24/May/1830     w/o Ezra COLE; 17 yrs
COLE       1830     infant
CURTIS Mary Elizabeth   28/Aug/1855   Family Stone d/o Ancil & Elizabeth CURTIS; ag 18
DEWEY Nancy A. 1790 16/Apr/1816     ag 25 yrs 6 mos
ELLIS Cornelius   1777 20/Apr/1819     ag 32
ELLIS Deidamia     3/Jan/1816   Family Stone w/o Manoah ELLIS, Jr. ag 42
ELLIS Manoah     15/Oct/1837   Family Stone ag 87
ELLIS Manoah   1775 4/Jun/1832     Jr.; ag 57 yrs
ELLIS Susannah     21/Jul/1836   Family Stone w/o Manoah ELLIS; ag 83
GAUT Alexander     5/Apr/1841   Family Stone ag 70
GAUT Elizabeth           their daughter
GAUT Elizabeth     27/Nov/1850   Family Stone w/o Alexander GAUT; ag 76
GAUT Hannah S.   29/Nov/1847   Family Stone w/o John GAUT
GAUT Henderson     19/Jan/1849   Family Stone ag 24 yrs 4 mos 6 das
GAUT John   1799 20/Sep/1855     ag 56 yrs 3 mos 27 das
GAUT Phidelia     Sep/1850     d/o H & B GAUT; ag 1 yr 10 mos
GAUT Rufus     15/Feb/1848     their son; ag 1 yr 14 das
GAUT Sylvanus D.   2/Mar/1858   Family Stone s/o John & Hannah GAUT; ag 14 yrs 1 mo 14 das
GAUT W. H.   29/Oct/1862 Civil War Family Stone ag 21 yrs; Co G 105th O.V.I., wounded at Perryville, KY 03 Oct. 1862
HOLMES Aaron     29/Aug/1847     ag 62
HOPKINS Gilbert M.   17/Apr/1850     s/o G & R HOPKINS; ag 2 mo 8 das
HOPKINS Lydia   1823 10/May/1839     d/o S & M HOPKINS; ag 16 yrs
HOPKINS Mary   1783 15/Apr/1847     w/o Stephen HOPKINS; ag 64 yrs 21 das
HOWARD Lucy     20/Jul/1811   Family Stone w/o Moses HOWARD; ag 40
HUNTLEY Amos     16/May/1828   Family Stone ag 81
HUNTLEY Hiram   1802 26/Sep/1834     ag 32
HUNTLEY Lois     2/Mar/1855     ag 78
JOHNSON Ellen Pratt   23/Feb/1866     w/o A.J. JOHNSON; ag 23 yrs 23 das
KINNE Rufus   1774 6/Apr/1843     ag 69 yrs 2 mos
LEONARD Asa   1769 29/Jan/1816     ag 47
LEONARD Esther   1780 27/Jun/1839     w/o Asa LEONARD; ag 59
LEONARD       17/Apr/1841     s/o M.A. & H.L. LEONARD; ag 1 da
MARVIN Rufus K.   1844   Family Stone s/o John & Emily MARVIN; ag 18 mos
PALMER Abigail   1802 17/Nov/1859   Family Stone w/o E. PALMER; ag 57
PALMER Alta L.   7/Mar/1861     ag 2 yrs 5 mos 2 das; d/o M & A PALMER
PALMER Isabella     13/Dec/1863   Family Stone ag 1 yr 9 mos 29 das; d/o M & A PALMER
PALMER Israel     3/Jun/1856   Family Stone s/o J & Polly PALMER
PALMER Joseph D.   20/Jan/1845     s/o E & A PALMER; ag 6 yrs 1 mo 8 das
PALMER Sarahann     25/Oct/1878   Family Stone d/o E & A PALMER; ag 47
PRATT Cornelia     6/Feb/1863     d/o C & Phila PRATT; ag 18yrs 8 mos
PRATT Cornelius     29/Sep/1867   Family Stone ag 54 yrs 1 mo 7 das
PRATT Ethian     9/Jan/1858     their son ag 4 yrs 3 mos
PRATT Lucretia M.   11/Dec/1816   Family Stone ag 27 yrs 9 mos; w/o William PRATT
PRATT Philena     31/Oct/1872   Family Stone w/o Cornelius PRATT; ag 52 yrs 2 mos 4 das
RICE Elizabeth   1779 26/Jan/1843     w/o Paul RICE; ag 64
ROWE Mary     9/Sep/1849   Family Stone w/o Eli ROWE; ag 34 yrs 6 mos 2 das
TURNER Allen   1822 1/Jun/1848     ag 22 yrs 3 mos 27 das
TURNER Anna   1790 14/Aug/1856     2nd w/o Sion TURNER; ag 66
TURNER Carmi   1784 6/Jul/1842     ag 57 yrs 9 mos 12 das
TURNER Jesse   11/Apr/1782 8/May/1836      
TURNER Polly   18/Jun/1794 4/Jan/1875      
TURNER Polly   1781 19/Jul/1815     w/o Jesse TURNER; ag 34
TURNER Sally   1788 30/Apr/1818     1st w/o Sion TURNER; ag 30 yrs
TURNER Sarah L. 1803 5/Sep/1811     d/o N & M.H. TURNER; ag 8 yrs
WHEELER Jesse L. 1849 1877 Civil War Family Stone  
WOODARD Emeline P.   6/Jul/1882   Family Stone (PALMER); W/O I.H. WOODARD; 54 yrs 9 mos 29 das
WOODARD       12/Mar/1869     infant son
WRIGHT Caroline     9/Apr/1847     w/o  Lampson WRIGHT; ag 39
WRIGHT Edwond     14/Aug/1855   Family Stone ag 60
WRIGHT Ewins     1/Aug/1831   Family Stone Emigrated to Pierpont, O 06 Mar 1810 1st permanent settler; ag 64
WRIGHT Oren B. 1831 10/Dec/1849     s/o Silas & Polly WRIGHT; ag 18
WRIGHT Silas H. 1804 17/Sep/1837     ag 33
WRIGHT Speedy   1774 12/Nov/1861     w/o Ewins WRIGHT; ag 87