Hayes Cemetery, Wayne Twp., Ohio

Ashtabula County Genealogical Society  - Gravestone Photos

Hayes.  East side of Hayes Rd. north of intersection with US Rt. 322 at Wick Corners.  Coordinates:  41 32 57.7 N, 80 38 47.6 W
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NOTE: The cemetery reading is not complete.
Last First Middle DOB DOD Military Family Stone Comments
BARBER Abbie M.   28/Feb/1872     Aged 15 Yrs  Daughter of Billings & Emily BARBER
BARBER Abby     28/Mar/1857     Aged 28 Years
BARBER Alice M. 1861 1915      
BARBER Billings     17/Sept/1881     Aged 35 Yrs
BARBER Elizabeth     14/May/1879     Daughter of B. & E. E. BARBER
BARBER James N.   17/Oct/1863     Aged 81 Yrs
BARBER Joseph B.   Apr     Aged 57 Yrs
BARBER Joseph B. 1881 1969      
BARBER Maude M. 1886 1970      
BARBER Paul H. 1889 1918 World War l   Pvt 1/0 Co B 148 U.S. Infantry Killed in Action Sept 30 1918 in the Argonne Cierges France Buried at Argonne American Cemetery Romagne Soys Montfaucon Meuse
BARBER Raly V.   2/Jan/186?     Aged 10 Yrs 7ms 21ds  Daughter of B. & E. E. BARBER
BARBER Sallie     10/Jan/1892     Aged 88 Yrs
BARBER William J. 1859 1892      
CAMPBELL William     1/Jun/1867     Aged 54 Yrs
CLARK Adelia E. Platt 1836 1896   Family Stone Wife of W. J. CLARK
FOBES C. Alexander 5/Jul/1832 &/May/1890      
FOBES Euneoia   6/Sept/1837 28/Aug/1911     His Wife
FOBES Wm. P.          
GIDDINGS Almira Jones 27/Sept/1808 8/Apr/1895   Family Stone Wife of H. F. GIDDINGS
GIDDINGS E. Sidney          
GIDDINGS Elisha     9/Aug/1855     Aged 28 Yrs
GIDDINGS Frederick M.   21/Apr/1863 Civil War Family Stone Aged 28 yrs 6ms  Died in Murfreesboro Tenn.  Co. A. 105 Regt. O.V.I.
GIDDINGS Horace F. 24/Jan/1805 22/Feb/1903   Family Stone  
GIDDINGS Laura D. 1852 1917     His Wife
GIDDINGS Polly     12/Jul/1866     Aged 38 Yrs  Wife of E. Sidney GIDDINGS  
GIDDINGS Walter K. 1880 1917      
GIDDINGS Warren W. 1880 1902      
GIDDINGS Zachary T. 1850 1921      
MORSE Alice F. 1895 1976      
MORSE Howard E. 1916 1967      
MORSE W. Guy 1885 1962      
PLATT Andrew H. 1830 1898   Family Stone  
PLATT Caroline E. 1840 1909   Family Stone  
PLATT Caroline     23/Apr/1872     Wife of Hezekiah PLATT  Aged 59 Yrs 5 Ms 23 Ds
PLATT George H. 1868 1948   Family Stone  
PLATT John Sherman   15/Feb/1890   Family Stone Aged 56 Years
PLATT M. Hezekiah   2/Dec/1863   Family Stone  
PLATT Margaret   1872 1922   Family Stone  
PLATT Mernette D. 1852 1928      
PLATT Permelia     9/Feb/1810   Family Stone His Wife  Aged 37 Years
PLATT Sherman         Family Stone  
PLATT Spencer H. 1828 1923      
PLATT William S.   13/Apr/1866     Aged 41 Yrs 2 Ms 1 Ds
PLATT Willie S. 1856 1923