Riverdale AKA Barnes/Cogswell Cemetery


Riverdale Rd. Barnes Cogswell.  South side of Riverdale Rd. west of intersection with Windsor-Mechanicsville Rd., west of Beaumont Scout Reservation.  Coordinates 41.678004, -80.911571

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ANDRUS Abigail     14/Mar/1839     82 yrs
ANDRUS David     11/Feb/1849     93 yrs
ANDRUS Eliza Ann   31/Oct/1856     19 yrs
ANDRUS Elizabeth     2/Mar/18--      
ANDRUS John     2/Sep/1878      
ANDRUS Maryette     3/May/18--   Family Stone 33 yrs; w/o John ANDRUS
ANDRUS Myra E.          
ANDRUS Rovilla C.       Family Stone  
ANDRUS Stephen     20/Jul/1860     48 yrs
ANDRUS Jr. David     20/Jul/1857   Family Stone Jr.; 77 yrs 10 mos --das
BARNES Susan M. 1826 1865   Family Stone w/o A.J.S. BARNES
BARNS John     22/Mar/18--     48 yrs
BARNS Submit     1/Aug/18--     82 yrs
BROWN Julia L.   25/Mar/1856   Family Stone 1 yr 15 das; d/o Seymour & Eliza BROWN
BROWN Loren     11/Sep/1856   Family Stone 15 yrs 9 mos; d/o Seymour & Eliza BROWN
BROWN Lorina     22/Jan/1859   Family Stone 61 yrs 7 mos 6 das; w/o Nathaniel BROWN
BROWN Nathaniel     26/Mar/1863   Family Stone 68 yrs 6 mos
BROWN Oretto N.   2/Apr/1843   Family Stone 7 mos; s/o Seymour & Eliza BROWN
BULLIS Silas     20/Mar/1863   Family Stone 72 yrs
BURGETT Allen P.   13/Jan/1858     3 yrs; s/o I & B BURGETT
CLARK Harvey     5/Oct/1840   Family Stone 27 yrs
COGSWELL Betsey   1796 1889   Family Stone w/o Henry COGSWELL (BARNS-COGSWELL)
COGSWELL Henry   1795 1875   Family Stone  
COGSWELL Henry     24/Oct/1875     80 yrs & 6 mos
COGSWELL Lovina     11/Jul/1863   Family Stone 61 yrs 9 mos 12 das; w/o Henry COGSWELL
COPP Syrena     20/Feb/1833   Family Stone 44 yrs; w/o Rev. John B. COPP
DAVIS Charlotte A.         w/o William Davis
DODGE Mira A.   22/Feb/1862   Family Stone 7 yrs 8 mos 19 das; d/o William & L.A. DODGE
EASTMAN Alexander R. 1819     Family Stone  
EASTMAN Alma D. 1854 1861   Family Stone d/o Alexander R. & Samantha E. EASTMAN
EASTMAN Carrie L. 1860 1862   Family Stone d/o Alexander R. & Samantha E. EASTMAN
EASTMAN Mary L. 1852 1861   Family Stone d/o Alexander R. & Samantha E. EASTMAN
EASTMAN Samantha E. Brown 1823 1890   Family Stone w/o Alexander R. EASTMAN
HORTON Henry     19/Feb/1867   Family Stone 68 yrs 2 mos 23 das; 
HORTON Lydia   25/Jun/1798 11/Aug/1874   Family Stone 76 yrs
HUNT Harmon     22/Nov/1834     26 yrs 2 mos 21 das
HUNT Orlando     6/Sep/18--   Family Stone 26 yrs; s/o Joseph & Corinthia HUNT; Post 458 G.A.R.
JOHNSON Elizabeth     30/Apr/1861   Family Stone 36 yrs 9 mos 1 da; w/o William JOHNSON
KEITH Polly     24/Mar/1857   Family Stone 70 yrs; w/o Roswell KEITH
KEITH Roswell     2/Mar/1851     77 yrs
LIVINGSTON Perry     9/May/1851     8 yrs 10 mos; s/o P.S. & Susan LIVINGSTON
MURWIN Ann   9/Aug/1778 4/Sept/1838   Family Stone 60 yrs 25 das; w/o James A. MURWIN  Born in Nova Scotia
MURWIN Thomas J.   30/Jul/1860   Family Stone 35 yrs 4 mos 8 das
PAYNE Aurel E. 1827 1908      
PAYNE Orrin T. 1793 1883      
POOL Nathan     4/Feb/1844   Family Stone 21 yrs. 
POOL Sally Ann   23/Sep/1846   Family Stone 39 yrs; w/o Albert POOL
STEWART Jonathan     29/Aug/1853     31 yrs.
SWEET Catherine E.   5/May/1861     41 yrs; w/o Francis SWEET
TOWNSLEY Mary Ann   2/Sep/1851   Family Stone 26 yrs; w/o Daniel TOWNSLEY
TOWNSLEY Moses     8/Sep/1851     69 yrs 7 mos 18 das
TOWNSLEY Orange E.   17/Sep/1851   Family Stone 11 yrs. s/o D & M. A. TOWNSLEY
TOWNSLEY William E.         s/o D & M A TOWNSLEY
UNKNOWN Elizabeth     18/Jun/1850   Family Stone  
WAIT Elva M.   31/Dec/1856   Family Stone 1 yr 10 mos; d/o D.D. & C.A. WAIT
WALDEN Freeman            
WALDEN Mansfield C.   25/Dec/1850     19 yrs; d/o Asa & Mary WALDEN