North-St. Peter's Church - Rome Township

North side of Laskey Rd. at intersection of SR 45, north of Rome. Coordinates:  41 37 10.8 N, 80 51 57.8 W

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Last First Middle DOB DOD Military Family Stone Comments
ALDERMAN Della M. 1860 19--     His Wife
ALDERMAN Frank E. 1857 19--      
ANDERSON Margaret T. 7/Apr/1931 21/Sept/2003   Family Stone I Have Been Blessed    Wind Beneath My Wings
ANDERSON Walter L. 16/Oct/1936     Family Stone I Have Been Blessed    Wind Beneath My Wings
BURR Walter     8/Mar/1849   Family Stone Adopted Son of A. S. & A. WILLY   Agerd 5 yrs & 4 ms
C. S.         Family Stone  
CHAMPION Caroline     25/Jan/1850   Family Stone Age 29 yrs  Dau. of S. & L. CHAMPION
CHAMPION Lucy     5/Jun/1852     Aged 61 yrs  Wife of Sebra CHAMPION
CHAMPION Sebra     1/Mar/1861     Age 76 years
COLLINS Carol  R. 21/Nov/1934 25/Feb/2007   Family Stone  
COLLINS Charles G. 5/Jan/1925 31/Aug/2000 World War II Family Stone S1 US Navy
CONE Sylester     4/May/1865   Family Stone Aged 78 years & 19 Days
CONGDOM A. H.       Family Stone  
CROWELL David     20/Dec/1808   Family Stone Son of Wm. & R. CROWELL  Ag 3 yrs 8 mos
CROWELL David     30/Sept/1857     Aged 47 ys 8 ms 9 ds
CROWELL Emma A.   21/May/1846   Family Stone Ae 2 ys & 6 ms   Only Daug. 0f D. & L. CROWELL
CROWELL Franklin J.   10/Oct/1816   Family Stone Son of Wm. & R. CROWELL  Ag 11 mos
CROWELL Jairus     28/Feb/1814   Family Stone Son of Wm. & R. CROWELL  Ag 11 yrs 24 dys
CROWELL Lucinda     7/Feb/1849     Ae 31 yrs. & 8 mos.   Wife of david CROWELL
CROWELL Ruth     12/Jun/1856     Agd 84 yrs. 8 mon & 23dys
CROWELL Wm.     12/Jun/1856   Family Stone Wife of Wm. CROWELL  Agd. 84 yrs. 8 mos & 23 dys
CROWELL Wm.   1771 15/Jul/1851 War of 1812 Family Stone Immigrated to Ohio 1806  Aged 80 years and 5 day
FLOWER Ellen   13/Feb/1849 20/May/1862   Family Stone  
FLOWER Florence M. 4/Feb/1853 30/Jan/1856   Family Stone  
FLOWER Harriet E. 12/Aug/1844 15/Jul/1845   Family Stone  
FLOWER Harriet J. 11/May/1846 2/May/1849      
FLOWER Permelia R. 31/Aug/1824 17/Apr/1876   Family Stone His Wife
FLOWER William G. 22/May/1820 25/Feb/1891   Family Stone  
FLOWER William   17/Sept/1863 12/Feb/1864   Family Stone  
FRAZIER B. B.       Family Stone  
FREDERICK Anna   1917 1984      
FREDERICK Stephen R. 1917 1986      
GAGE Franklyn L. 30/Nov/1928 6/Sept/1999     Frank    Forever in Our Hearts
GAGE Helen I. (Renee) 30/Aug/1941       NEE LANGHEID    Forever in Our Hearts
GATES Phebe     7/Feb/1833   Family Stone Aged 76 years
GATES Rachel     16/May/1832   Family Stone Aged 28 yrs
H. G. A.          
HALL Amanda         Family Stone  
HALL Clarissa Ann   18/Nov/1850   Family Stone Aged 33 years  Wife of Edward HALL  Arise ye and depart for this is not your rest.
HALL Daniel         Family Stone  
HALL Hannah     8/May/1835   Family Stone Aged 85 years  D. HALLS Mother
HALL Sophia     10/Apr/1886   Family Stone Aged 90 yrs      His Wife
HALL Capt. Daniel     2/Mar/1851 War of 1812 Family Stone Aged 69 years  
HILL Earl   28/Sept/1912       Married Feb. 8 1951
HILL Mae F. 10/Aug/1917       Married Feb. 8 1951
LEE George         Family Stone  
LEICHER Richard S. 8/Jan/1963 12/Feb/1983      
LESLIE Orin B.   22/May/1867     Aged 26 ys
MOGG Carol   1924 1986   Family Stone  
MOGG George   1921 1985   Family Stone  
MOGG George   1888 1957   Family Stone  
MOGG Myrtle   1890 1977   Family Stone  
MOGG Nann F. 1918 1997   Family Stone  
MOGG William R. 1915 1986 World War II Family Stone  
ROCKWELL Maria L.   20/Nov/1845     Aged 12 yrs   Dau of J. W. & H. ROCKWELL
RODGERS Electa     20/Mar/1849     Aged 36 y's  Wife of Geo. RODGERS
RODGERS Geo.     20/Feb/1881     Aged 73 y's
RODGERS George C. 1834 1923      
RODGERS Katie     24/Feb/1858     Aged 9 y's  Dau. Of G. & E. RODGERS
RODGERS Marion L.   3/Jun/1860   Family Stone Aged 1 yr 1 mo 17 ds Son of G. C. & S RODGERS
RODGERS Matila     28/Mar/1867     Aged 73 ys 1 m 22d  Wife of John RODGERS  Born Lyme CT
RODGERS Sarah M. 1833 1887      
RODGERS Dr. John S.   28/Dec/1860     Aged 61 ys 8 ms 13 d    Born Lyme Conn  Died Rome Ohio
ROTH Roger L. */Aug/1939 12/May/2006 Vietnam Family Stone Pfc US Army
S. S.   1801 1882      
SHINKLE Daniel Wesley 26/Dec/1986 4/May/2007     Beloved Son and Father
SHINKLE David A. 10/Apr/1939 23/May/1997      
SHINKLE Nancy F. 6/Sept/1942        
STONE Catharine J.   18/Apr/1866     Wife of C. R. STONE  Died at Walklrion Ind.  Aged 27 yrs.
STONE Ellen R.   4/May/1848   Family Stone Aged 10 yrs & 9 mos.   Dau of S. & H. STONE
STONE Frank M.   15/Oct/1863     Son of S. & H. STONE   Aged 17 yrs
STONE Harriet R. 1803 1895   Family Stone Born Broom N. Y.   Died Orwell  O.
STONE Howard S.   22/Jul/1872   Family Stone Age 9 yrs 8 mos  Son of C. R. & C. J. STONE
STONE Pearl     22/Jul/1873     Dau. of C. R. & C. J. STONE
STONE Stukley   4/Jul/1801 15/Oct/1882   Family Stone Born Milford Otsego Co. NY.   Died in Orwell O. in His 82 Year   A believer in the Religion of the Bible
STONE Wilber H.   16/Oct/1864 Civil War Family Stone Son of S. & H. STONE   Aged 22ys. 2 mo  Died Knoxville, Tenn. of disease contracted in the service of his country.
STORMER Jeffery Alan 1/Oct/1963 14/Jun/2009   Family Stone  
SUPPLEE Baby     1924      
SUPPLEE Baby Mitchell   1938      
SUPPLEE Charles G. 1889 1939      
SUPPLEE Charles C. 15/May/1941       Married July 11 1960
SUPPLEE Donna R. 15/Nov/1942       Married July 11 1960
SUPPLEE Earl S. 6/Nov/1919 27/Mar/1982 World War II Family Stone Father  Married March 7, 1953
SUPPLEE Frances   7/Oct/1919     Family Stone  
SUPPLEE Geraldine D. 26/Sept/1929     Family Stone Mother  Married March 7, 1953
SUPPLEE Lydia   1890 1970      
SUPPLEE Walter C.   1954      
SUPPLEE Walter H. 28/Aug/1917 26/May/2009 World War II Family Stone Tec 4 US Army
UNKNOWN Maggie           Mom
UNKNOWN         Veteran    
WESSELL Dale W. 1938 1983     Rest in Peace
WESSELL Ruth Ann 1939       Rest in Peace
YARISH Kenneth James 2/Oct/1932 3/Nov/1979 Korea Family Stone T Sgt US Army